Lucha Underground S04E20: Seven To Survive

Lucha Underground S04E20: Seven To Survive

By Big Red Machine
From October 24, 2018

Lucha Underground S04E20: Seven To Survive

Seven To Survive

Jake Strong vs. AeroStar vs. Dante Fox vs. Hernandez vs. P.J. Black vs. King Cuerno vs. Big Bad Steve (w/Famous B) - 7.5/10

Fox pinned Hernandez with a backslide. Strong made Black tap out, then broke his ankle anyway. He was later going to do the same to AeroStar but King Cuerno broke it up (after AeroStar had tapped out, of course). I liked the usually more mercenary, "looking out for #1" King Cuerno stopping Strong from breaking AeroStar's ankle here because it served as a subtle reminder that they are working together to hide the Gauntlet of the Gods from The Order. Before being eliminated, though, AeroStar hit a big corssbody off of a forklift that Drago was driving. Huh. I didn't realize Drago knew how to drive. I figured he just flew or teleported in a burst of flame to get from place to place like they have implied he is capable of doing.

Anyway, AeroStar did this big dive from way high up off of the platform on this vehicle and perfectly nailed Big Bad Steve and someone else. What I liked so much about this was that after AeroStar did his big ridiculous dive, he actually got to pin Big Bad Steve off of it rather than it just being a spot. The final three were Cuerno, Strong, and Fox, and they went quite a while, with Fox pinning Cuerno after a Fox Catcher before eventually tapping out to Strong's ankle lock. There was lots of big spots in this match and I thought it was paced pretty well, and I have no idea how Dante Fox didn't break his tailbone off of that dive of his, but the match never really felt like it had a sense of urgency to it. I normally love longer matches and this one went over thirty, but it the match never quite felt like it got into that final gear. Also, it would have been more enjoyable if Matt Striker hadn't been filling it with his inane prattle.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Hated it. Strong snapped Fox's ankle while four referees just stood there and watched. So Fox came back from his mysterious absence, and now he's back on the shelf with a broken ankle, and no hint of any kind that we will ever find out where he has been all season.

AEROSTAR VISITS JOHNNY MUNDO ON THE ROOF - Mundo is training for his match with Matanza, but AeroStar warns him that no amount of training will prepare him for Matanza. Johnny insists that he must face Matanza to get revenge for everything Matanza has done to him, his wife, and his friends. AeroStar tells Johnny that he must let him help him. Johnny is resistant, so AeroStar summons Drago, who arrives bearing The Gauntlet of Gods.

They convince Johnny to put it on, and it does its electricity thing and Johnny's eyes go all electric and he says "I feel... like a god." Then he thrusts his fist in the air and shouts "THIS... IS... INCREDIBLLLLLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and lightning comes down from the sky and zaps him and makes him even more ripped. Johnny tells them "I never want to take this thing off," and while Johnny does practices throwing jabs with what looked to me like enhanced speed (but not, like, The Flash or anything), Drago asks AeroStar "are you sure this is a good idea?" and AeroStar responds "only time will tell."

Final Thoughts
This was a fun episode of Lucha Underground. This was a literal one match show, and that match was certainly great, even if I thought it could have been better. Take that and add that final segment to it and you've got a very good show, even if it fails in just about every was as a traditional go-home show for the biggest show of the year.

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