CMLL 85th Aniversario Show

CMLL 85th Aniversario Show

By Big Red Machine
From September 14, 2018

CMLL 85th Aniversario Show

Jarochita, Marcela & c. Princesa Sugehit vs Reyna Isis, Metalica & c. Dalys - 4.5/10

Not sure if I just found myself with the Porra Ruda, and this will come up for other matches, but the ruda team of Isis, Metalica, and Dalys was way over with the crowd. First fall went to the tecnicas as Sugehit submitted Dalys with an Octopus Stretch that she locked as Dalys was going for a double Suplex. Second fall went to the rudas as Metallica took out Marcela with a Senton, and Isis hit a Springboard Vader Bomb on Jarochita. Third fall went to the tecnicas again with a double submission with Marcela locking La Tapatia on Isis, and Jarochita the Muta Lock on Metallica. Crowd was hot this being the opener, Dalys was over, but people drooled over Isis, having said that, the match wasn't all that good.

Audaz, Niebla Roja, & c. Angel de Oro vs La Peste Negra (Felino, Mephisto, and c. Negro Casas) w/El Perico Zacarias - 6.5/10

The tecnico side are a great athletic and skilled group, the rudo side are great bases and Negro Casas is awesome, and thus this match was a good match up. First fall went to the tecnicos as both Oro and Roja brothers submitted Casas and Felino with Campanas. Second fall, the rudos dominated the win with a double pin as Felino took out Audaz and Mephisto took out both brothers. Third fall, the tecnicos made their comeback, Felino submitted first, then Audaz submitted Mephisto for the win.

La Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Forastero, Cuatrero, & c. Sanson) vs Atlantis, Soberano Jr, & c. Mistico w/Ke Monito - 7/10

This was a great match. Dinamitas took the first fall when Forastero submitted Soberano with an armbar, Cuatrero pinned Atlantis. Second fall was for the tecnicos with a submission and pin on Forastero and Cuatrero. Third fall was probably the best, Atlantis had a great tecnico comeback fighting off against all Dinamitas, tons of dives from all men, and at the end, it was the captains getting at it in the ring. Finish saw Sanson get Mistico in the Torture Rack, but turn it into a Sit-out Powerbomb for the pin.

CMLL Trios Championship Match
Los Guerreros Laguneros (Gran Guerrero, Euforia, & c. Ultimo Guerrero) (C) vs Klan Kaoz (Scharly Rockstar, The Chris, & c. Ciber The Main Man) - 4/10

So if those terrible names don't ring a bell, Scharly (yes, that spelling) is the former Charly Manson, The Chris (yes, just Chris) is the former Zorro, as you could tell with his jacket and tights, and finally, Ciber, is indeed Cibernetico. Not sure if they're officially the 2018 Hellbrothers.

This was a pretty bad match, mainly because the rudo side is just not that good, they were ok in AAA because they're all brawlers, but in CMLL, going against bases, they just can't hang with true luchadors. First fall went to the rudo team when they all ganged up on Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber pinned him for the fall. Second fall saw the 'tecnicos' make a comeback, ending with Euforia submitting The Chris and Gran Guerrero submitting Rockstar with a Stretch Muffler.

Third fall was shit, it was super short. There was a initial flurry from the tecnicos doing a bunch of dives and spots, but at the end, it was Ciber and Ultimo in the ring and Ciber simply hit a quick spear and pin with his feet on the ropes. It took a crowd a second to react, but they hated the title change and shit finish.

Diamante Azul, King Phoenix, & c. Penta El Cero M def Caristico, El Hijo de L.A. Park, & c. L.A. Park - 7.5/10

Both Park's wore Predator masks to the ring. Park father was incredibly over. Match was great, more of brawl since Park was here, and we had some visibly weapon use in front of the ref, but the rest of it was great.

First fall saw the Park father and son team get pinfalls over Phoenix and Azul, Doble Underhook Driver and Spear respectively. Penta had been taken out into the crowd with a tope by Caristico. Second fall started with the Park team killing all other guys around the ring, this brawl went to the crowd, Azul did ramp dives, Park took off his belt and slapped the shit out of everyone, Phoenix especially took an ugly one. Lucha Bros made a huge comeback, they botched a spot and the fans reacted, but they quickly got them back re-doing it as it turned out to be Phoenix hitting a Top Rope Frankensteiner on Penta ON TO their opponents outside the ring. In the ring, Azul surprisingly submitted L.A. Park to take the fall.

Third fall saw even more high spots and a ton of near falls. Park did a Tope Suicida. Hijo de L.A. Park hit a huge Flying Crossbody. Finish of the match saw Penta and Phoenix hit the Foot Stomp/Fear Factor combo on Caristico, so Penta pinned Caristico, and then Phoenix hit the Fenix Driver on Hijo de L.A. Park for the deciding fall. After the match, all men stood tall and embraced.

Double Hair vs Hair Match
Rush & Barbaro Cavernario vs Volador Jr. & Matt Taven - 8.5/10

Rush came out in perfect Ingobernable white suit attire. Most of the fans were behind Rush and Cavernario, and unfortunately for Volador, his support was cut in half since there was really no one supporting Taven.

First two falls went on quickly to bring in the long third fall. First fall went to Cavernario and Rush pinning Taven and Volador respectively. Second fall went for Volador And Taven, who made a comeback from the Rush/Cavernario dominance, fall finish came when Volador hit a Frankensteiner and Taven Frog Splash on Cavernario for the pin, and then a Superkick by Taven on Rush and a Backstabber by Volador for the pin.

Third fall finally came and it was great, just tons of moves, tons of heat with near falls. Both teams traded momentum on several occasions, leading to those near falls. At one point Taven hit a Top Rope Moonsault to the floor and Volador hit an Asai Moonsault, they followed with a Frog Splash for a near fall. There was a huge spot with Volador hitting a Crossbody INTO the crowd where Rush and Cavenario were. Finish finally came close on a spot when Volador missed a Tope and hit Taven accidentally, Taven seemed to be hurt, but he was quickly pushed into the ring and Cavernario submitted him with La Cavernaria to eliminate him. Volador came in and hit a Canadian Destroyer to pin Cavernario and eliminate him.

Rush and Volador went for the sudden death. Taven came in to try and help Volador, but as he went for he Disaster Kick, he accidentally hit Volador, leaving Volador open for Rush to hit the Jay Driller for the final pin.

Post-match - Taven realizing that he lost, he immediately turned on Volador and tried to join Rush so he wouldn't get shaved, but as he tried to run away, Volador ran after him, took him out, brought him back so he could get his hair cut (not shaved on the ring). Volador then offered his hair, he got it cut and it was mostly Cavenario celebrating the win as Volador got shaved.


This was a great show, surprisingly good considering the hype for the show fell through. We had two kinda bad matches, but at least they were hot throughout. We unfortunately didn't get some of the heavy hitters like Dragon Lee or Valiente, but I think the show was packed enough to make it a good watch.

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