MLW Never Say Never

MLW Never Say Never

From December 07, 2017

MLW Never Say Never

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor vs Matt Riddle - 7/10

Lawlor chased the armbar, Riddle, the Bromission. The match was somewhat slower than I expected, especially while trading submissions.

Post-match - Lawlor's cornermen attack Riddle, but he takes them out. Riddle makes the challenge to a tag match, Riddle and Cobb vs Lawlor and whoever he wants to pick.

MVP Interview - He is saying that Brody King is a big man and so he's just trying to concentrate. Stokely interrupts checking if him and MVP are good, but MVP tells him that they're not, so Stokely talks some shit, but MVP shuts him off and tears Stokely's card up.

Saieve Al Sabah vs Parrow - 4/10

Sabah ain't that small, but Parrow being sold as a huuuge man, they played the small vs big man match. Parrow just threw Sabah around all match, at one point Sabah even lost his shoe. At the end, Sabah brought out some knuckles, Parrow almost blocked him, but when going for the Murder Bomb, he knocked out Parrow and took the pin. It was a reverse squash really.

Dirty Blondes vs Seth Petruzelli & Rhett Giddins - 6.5/10

Before the match, the Dirty Blondes tried to jump Petruzelli and Giddins, but P&G turned it around. Since early on, Petruzelli was taken out, so half of the match was Giddins pretty much working a handicap match as a babyface in peril. When Petruzelli finally made it back to the apron, he took the hot tag, great looking hot tag. At the end, they all fought in the ring and Giddins took the win after a lariat.

Barrington Hughes Vignette - His pre-match preparation is eating a lot.

Barrington Hughes vs Jobber - Squash

He just hit a sitdown on the jobber and won. The move is called Greetings from the Dirty South.

Priscilla Kelly attacks Chelsea Green - They pretended to not know who attacked her while we could all see that is was her.

Vandal Ortagun vs Jimmy Yuta - 5/10

Yuta hurt his left knee early on and Ortagun worked over it during the match. Yuta did a good comeback, nicely selling his leg. Yuta won with a flying elbow. Ok match, nothing special.

Darby Allin & Jimmy Havoc Promo - They're all spooky and shit. Talk shit to Hennigan.

Leva Bates vs Santana Garrett - 5.5/10

Bates is replacing Green that got attacked earlier tonight. The match started back and forward, both working babyface, but as the match went on, Bates went heel more and more, and it reached a high when Bates took Santana's headband and mocked Santana, giving Santana the chance to make a big comeback. They started trading near falls towards the end, Santana with a Flying Crossbody, Leva with a Tree of Woe Foot Stomp, and at the end, it was Santana's Shining Star Press that sealed the deal.

Match was kinda slow, Bate is just a slow wrestler, so some spots felt out of time because of this ,but overall a good wrestling match. I don't know why Santana is not the poster woman for all wrestling promotions in the world, she's technically Wonder Woman.

Post-match - As Santana celebrates, Priscilla Kelly came out of nowhere for the drive-by attack and then bailed before Rich and Tony were able to even recognize her.

MJF Interview - Interviewer and MJF circle jerking each other. MJF talked about being a 1%-er, defeating Yuma, and having to have Joey Ryan. This was a great interview.

Michael Jacob Friedman vs Joey Ryan - 6.5/10

During his promo, MJF had mentioned that he won't touch Joey's dick, and so the story of the match was about Joey trying to get MJF on his cock-hold. After some early tries, Joey went for the blow pop to the mouth, but the ref stopped him, and MJF took advantage and started working over Joey's arm. At the end, Joey made a comeback, had some dick offense, but when he was about to get MJF to grab his dick, the ref once again blocked Joey, allowing MJF to poke Joey's eye and lock him up for the submission win. Good match.

Post-match - Joey offers MJF a handshake, but MJF gives him the finger instead, so Joey grabs his hand, puts it on his dick, and lands the Dongplex.

Brody King vs MVP - 7/10

King wasn't exactly portrayed as a heel, but as a young monster guy who the experienced MVP had to overcome just for the size. So early on, the match spilled to the outside where MVP had to rely on chairs to take down King. As MVP started to gain that momentum, Stokely was out there and started to distract MVP. Once back in the ring, they went back and forward, with King working MVP's back, and MVP going for his signature moves to gain the upper hand. They traded near falls here and there. MVP's back selling was great. MVP won with a Shining Wizard. This was great showing for King, even in defeat.

Jason Cade vs Sammy Guevara w/Salina de la Renta - 6.5/10

This is Cade and Guevara, we had about 10 dives within the first minutes. As Sammy gained momentum over Cade, he started to show off more and more and more, reaching the point where he decided to hit a plancha from the outside stage into the ring, only to be met with a Cade superkick. As Cade is coming close to turning things around and winning, Salina interfered putting Sammy's leg on the ropes for a kick out, and that gave Sammy the opening for the roll up with the feet on the ropes for the win. Good match with good heat.

Stokely Hathaway Promo - Stokely promises that tonight, things will get interesting after MVP blew him off.

Shane Strickland vs Darby/Havoc - Shane talks about Darby and Havoc taking his victory over Ricochet away from him. Good stuff, they used In The House, In A Heartbeat by John Murphy, so that's awesome.

No DQs Match
Shane Strickland & John Hennigan vs Darby Allin & Jimmy Havoc - 7/10

First ones in were Allin and Havoc, before Strickland and Hennigan even came out, Havoc had already filled the ring with thumbtacks. Hennigan made his entrance alone and got jumped before Swerve came in, which makes me wonder why wasn't Swerve in gorilla position since he took forever to come out and came out from the other side of the entrance.

Allin and Havoc were thown into the tacks within the fist minute of the match, Allin had tacks on his face, and thus the brawl around the venue stared. Soon after, we had staple guns, chairs, cooking pans, etc. Havoc did his papercut spot with Hennigan, but he didn't have the lemon slices this time. They had a small roll where they started to do more wrestling spots, leading to Strickland breaking Allin's arm with a cool looking spot, but they played around with the audio to do it. Allin took off and Hennigan and Strickland still couldn't pin Havoc, he even got the better of them at one point, not even after a table spot, so this gives Allin enough time to wrap himself in a chair for the stupid Coffin Drop from the balcony, and even though he lands it, Hennigan and Strickland just get up and are going for a double high flying move into a table, but Priscilla Kelly comes in and takes out Heniggan, leaving Strickland alone with Havoc and Allin, who drop him through a table, hit the Acid Rainmaker, and win.

Match was going good, but everything after the arm break felt like overkill and unnecessary, it made the good guys look like geeks for not being able to defeat Havoc on a 2-on-1 advantage and considering a one-armed Allin took them out is bad too. At the end, commentary still didn't ID Kelly.

Stokely Hathaway Press Conference - Stokely says that he created MVP and that it was him that got him to NJPW and WWE, and apparently, MVP is owned by him, and so Stokely will start to book MVP's opponents in order for him to pay his debt. Stokely books MVP vs Low Ki.


I missed One Shot, but this was a good first impression from MLW. A lot of recognizable names that are coming up on the indies, so it's a nice place to check them out. Production and commentary are great. Definitely a promotion worth checking out.

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