NJPW G1 Climax 28 - 7.21

NJPW G1 Climax 28 - 7.21

From July 21, 2018

NJPW G1 Climax 28 - 7.21

YOSHI-HASHI & SHO vs Michael Elgin & Ren Narita - 5/10

Not much to this match, Elgin felt really overpowered during the whole match that it seem dumb that he would tag in Narita to get pinned.

EVIL & BUSHI vs Bad Luck Fale & Tanga Loa - 4.5/10

Not that awesome of a match, a lot of brawling around the hall into the rafters and smashing each other to walls. BUSHI lost to Loa's Apeshit move.

Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado vs Jay White & YOH - 7/10

This was an incredibly awesome dynamic of a match. Jay White came off as a complete entitled little prick, to the point that he made Suzuki and Desperado look like babyfaces trying to get their hands on him. First thing we saw on the match was White get in Suzuki's face and say I have 6 points, to which Suzuki simply responded with a slap on the face.

So most of the match, White and Suzuki were kept apart, and most of the match saw Desperado fight off White, or YOH (or Komatsu as White refers him as) fight off Suzuki. After a lot of White running away from Suzuki, we got to the climax, when Suzuki had YOH set up for the Gotch Piledriver, calling for White to come and stop him, but White simply looked on as Suzuki killed YOH and pinned him. Awesome visual.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay vs Hangman Page & Chase Owens - 6.5/10

I'm starting to see some weird sportsmanship between Bullet Club Elite and Taguchi Japan guys that kinda bothers me, I don't care that they're both babyfaces, but they're still different stables. You don't see Hiromu and KUSHIDA give each other imaginary guitars.

Match was all back and forward, Tana and Page did some cutesy comedy at first, but later on, we did get a more serious Tana trying to win and hitting his big spots. Finish saw Page and Finlay fighting, while Owens took out Tana with the Jewel Heist, Page hit the Rite of Passage on Finlay for the win.

Kazuchika Okada & Gedo vs Togi Makabe & Toa Henare - 4.5/10

Another no match, nothing really going on here other than seeing that Makabe can overpower himself out of a Rainmaker and kick Okada's ass for a bit, but since we got joke Okada here, it doesn't really matter anyway. Match saw a lot of Henare and Gedo, so I spaced out and only came back to life when Makabe dropped the King Kong Knee on Gedo for the win.

G1 Climax Block B Match
Toru Yano (0) vs Kota Ibushi (4) - 8/10

I loved this match, it was fun as hell. This felt like DDT Ibushi. The overall story I got here is that Yano has been losing matches for playing properly, but he's starting to learn how to mesh both styles and in this case, it worked for him.

Toru Yano has one of the quickest (if not the quickest) upset in G1 Climax over Ibushi with the 2015 50 second win, so this match started with some quick near falls with Yano rolling up Ibushi. We got both Ibushi and Yano untying the corner pads, all legal, ending with Yano whipping Ibushi to the exposed turnbuckles on several occasions. On another Yano-ism, he tied down Ibushi's hands together, but for a while, hand-tied Ibushi was kicking Yano's ass, he hit a standing moonsault for god's sake!

Finish saw Yano throw hand-tied Ibushi to the ref, who took a small bump, giving Yano the chance to low blow and roll Ibushi for the win.

G1 Climax Block B Match
SANADA (2) vs Zack Sabre Jr (2) - 9/10

Another fun match, this time the story is that SANADA had Sabre's number in Sabre's own game, so Sabre got frustrated and it ended up costing him the match.

Early on, SANADA kept reversing everything Sabre had into a Full Nelson, which is when Sabre started getting frustrated. At this point it was established that SANADA could keep his own against Sabre's technique. In Sabre's frustration, he went for the striking game, but that is one that SANADA is just plain better at, so he once again kicked Sabre's ass. Sabre started going for the Zack Driver, but SANADA reversed it into a Skull End, but after some other reversals and near falls, it was SANADA hitting the O'Connor Roll on Sabre, bridging it, and pinning Sabre for the win.

G1 Climax Block B Match
Tetsuya Naito (2) vs Juice Robinson (2) - 8.5/10

Naito continued his work from yesterday, he had two plans going in to this match, one was to destroy Juice's hand, and the second to push him to the limit with hopes that Juice would DQ himself by using the casket. Most of the match saw Naito work over Juice's hand,

G1 Climax Block B Match
Kenny Omega (4) vs Tama Tonga (2) - Dud!

This was underwhelming in the amount of heat I expected, I just wanted these two to go all out, but the match ended up being good for what it was. This has the same issue as the Fale vs Tanahashi match from last night where the BC OGs pushed the ref soo much that at the end, Red Shoes found himself making a moral stand against Tama Tonga as he was about to drop Omega with a Styles Clash onto a chair, but Red Shoes kicked the chair away and pushed back at Tama Tonga. The match was being good tho, tons of fast paced action, tons of counters. Kenny with this DQ takes the lead of the table with 6 points.

I'm giving this a dud because I want to see a full out fight between Omega and Tama Tonga, one that goes all the way and quite honestly, this felt like a dud firework.

At one point, Kevin Kelly said that apparently AJ Styles said he was siding with the BC Originals, which explains why Tama Tonga could start using the Styles Clash as well as Anderson's Gun Stun.

Post-match - BC OGs tried to Pillmanize Kenny's head, but Ibushi, Page, and Owens all made the save. Ibushi vs Tama Tonga should be heated.

G1 Climax Block B Match
Hirooki Goto (2) vs Tomohiro Ishii (2) - 10/10!

Fucking HELL of a fight. This was Strong Style to the finest. These guys started the match with a milloin shoulder blocks and strikes, and as the match went on, they escalated to lariats and power moves, and at the end, both men are chasing their finishers. Goto got a GREAT Shouten Kai and Ushigoroshi for near falls, but he couldn't seal the deal with the GTR, and at the end, it was Ishii that managed to land the Brainbuster for the win.


Once again, Block B brings the goods. I initially wondered why Goto vs Ishii was the main event in a show with Naito vs Juice and Omega vs Tama Tonga, but god damn, now I'm glad they went that way. Awesome show.

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