PWG All Star Weekend 13, Night 1

PWG All Star Weekend 13, Night 1

From October 20, 2017

PWG All Star Weekend 13, Night 1

"Mr. GMSI" Brian Cage vs "Flash" Morgan Webster - 7/10

Cage was booed tonight. Cage is coming in with some loses from BOLA, Webster is trying to get some momentum as he starts his PWG run. Match was obviously big man vs small man, power vs speed, with a little bit of comedy. Cage was a roadblock every time Flash would get momentum with quick moves, Cage would eventually just find a spot where he could catch him or block him. Cage worked on Webster for a while until the Brit was able to make a comeback. A great looking Senton Atomico for a near fall, and another with a reverserana where Cage just threw himself on top of his head. Cage is getting ready to kill off Webster with the series of powerbombs, but Webster rolls up Cage for the pin. Good opener.

Adam Brookes vs Mark Haskins - 8/10

Brookes is being a heel, being a total dick to Haskins, while wrestling, he kept going for Haskins' hair, not exactly to hurt him, but more as a means to stop him and piss him off at the same time. Brookes worked over Haskins head for a long while. Haskins made a great comeback, but was stopped when Brookes straight up gashed at Haskins' hair and eyes. Big spot of the match was Springboard Canadian Destroyer into the ring apron, it was slightly botched, but looked great nonetheless, Excalibur sold it as Haskins tried to block it and so Brookes didn't have all momentum, this only led to a near fall. Getting annoyed from that, Brookes went for a chair that Justin took away, but still managed to low blow Haskins for another near fall. Finish came next with Brookes kicking Haskins, but Haskins counters one of the knees into a TIGHT sharpshooter for the submission win. Great match.

"Bad Boy" Joey Janela vs Trevor Lee - 7/10

Trevor Lee is pissed that Excalibur started introductions before he was even in the ring, and as a result, he jumped Janela. This is officially the first match in PWG (at least) where the ring introductions are done after the ringbell has sang and the match has started.

Janela dominated the start of the match, he hit a bunch of dives and while working on Lee outside the ring, Lee eventually took out Janela with a punt kick when Janela was starting his unnecessarily showy spots. Janela made a comeback and took it to Lee for a while, and eventually, after kicking the rope under Janela's nuts, both men started going at it back and forward. Finish saw Trevor Lee go for one of his usual roll ups, as he grabs the tights, the momentum rolls Janela over and Joey ends up pinning Lee instead. Ok match, nothing special.

"Limitless" Keith Lee vs Jonah Rock - 8/10

Hoss fight in all its glory! Early in the match Keith Lee went ahead and told Rock that HE is the best 'big man' in professional wrestling, and regardless of that, Keith Lee can stay as the top babyface. Match itself was back and forward from the get go, a lot of shoulder tackles and strikes at first, some of them actually looked pretty bad since these guys are not actually trying to run over their opponent, and most importantly, the ropes. The level of moves increased as the match went on going into the Frog Splash levels and Spirit Bombs, but neither man could keep the other down for the 3-count. After tons of huge spots, Keith Lee finally puts Rock down with a Powerslam. Awesome fight.

Flamita vs Sammy Guevara vs Rey Horus - 7.5/10

First part of the match felt really choreographed, some spots you can really see the guys just waiting for their spot. As the match went on, the action did get a lot better, especially when they started doing dives and fighting outside the ring, there was more unpredictable action. Something good about this match was that even though you have two Mexican masked men, both babyfaces, it never felt like a two on one. There was one pretty bad botch from Horus where he broke his own pin to botch a submission, and then when Flamita locked his own submission on him, Horus was selling in a way that was a clear tap, but Knox didn't call for it. Guevara won with a 630 Senton. Good match aside from that one botch.

Ricochet vs WALTER - 9/10

This was the story of a really good wrestler, really fast wrestler that can dodge anything, going up against a dude that once he catches you, it takes one chop to destroy your whole game. This being the newly heel Ricochet, he heeled his way into breaking WALTER's momentum and start working over WALTER's legs. WALTER made a quick comeback, but Ricochet kept the focus on the leg throughout the whole match. They went back and forward for the rest of the match, WALTER with his chops and looking for the Sleeper submission, Ricochet kept using his agility to fight off WALTER. Finish came when WALTER had the Sleeper locked in, Ricochet grabbed Knox and low blowed WALTER with a kick, WALTER didn't let go, but when he dropped to the mat to lock in the legs, Ricochet quickly rolled over and pinned WALTER. Great match, Ricochet kinda had to win since he's going for the title tomorrow.

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match
Lucha Brothers (C) vs The Chosen Bros - 9.5/10

Pentagon and Riddle are still doing their BOLA thing, I'm actually guessing that's how this whole title shot came about. Match was back and forward from the get go, and pretty much a tornado tag since there weren't many tagging happening nor cutting the ring in half. This was all action with some really impressive spots that you'd had to see to really appreciate. As they slowly started getting closer to the finish, we got more and more near falls with great spots. Finish finally came when Riddle god rid(dle) of Penta with a DVD on the apron, inside the ring Cobb countered a cutter from Fenix, grabbed him and threw him into Riddle's jumping knee for the pin. We got new champions!


Another great show for PWG and a great start to the weekend. We got us a title change tonight, so it may foreshadow another turn for tomorrow.

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