PWG All Star Weekend 14, Night 2

PWG All Star Weekend 14, Night 2

From April 21, 2018

PWG All Star Weekend 14, Night 2

'Flash' Morgan Webster vs Trevor Lee - 8/10

Lee once again bowed that he was walking out of the next show as champion, maybe he'll reconsider after tonight's show.
Super heel Lee jumped Webster during introductions, then grabbed the mic and made his own intro WHILE beating up Webster. This was all action with a basic heel vs babyface story. Lee won with the Small Package Driver.

Robbie Eagles vs Joey Janela - 8.5/10

This was a pairing that really helped Eagles show off more of what he has, and it actually got a match out of Janela, unfortunately, Janela also completely overshadowed Eagles in the charisma department, to the point that when Robbie would go for his chants, they came off as awkward.

Match was back and forward from the get go, they traded momentum on several occasions and they exchanged a bunch of high spots. The tide of the match turned when Janela countered a Slice Bread in the apron and turned it into a piledriver, dropping Eagles on his head on what is (trivia time!) the hardest part of the ring. Then he did it again on the floor, going for the count out win, but Eagles made it back at 19.50. From there on, the match proceeded to go into full gear with finishers and near falls. Finish was the scariest thing I've seen and I wish to never see it again, it's a Super Brainbuster, as in a Brainbuster from the top rope onto the mat. Fuck that shit!

Sammy Guevara vs Taiji Ishimori - 8.5/10

Guevara's heat is top level, some people legit dislike the kid. Match was spotty and well wrestled, This match was one of those that one person has so much heat that completely overshadows anything the babyface could have, kinda like the 'Let's Go Cena, Cena Sucks' chants that sometimes makes the other wrestler seem irrelevant. Like I mentioned, tons of big spots and dives, they kicked out of each other's finishers and countered the rest. Finish saw Sammy land the SSP knee first on Ishimori's chest for the win. Ishimori may as well be legit injured or at least losing his breath.

Post-match - Sammy was trying to cut a promo, but he couldn't get the mic, so he straight up grabbed a chair and sat in the middle of the ring and said he wasn't moving until he could get a mic. Ring announcer eventually came out. Sammy said that cut one of those babyface heel promos saying that he busts his ass every day and every match for everyone, and he only asks for one thing. He says that he won't wrestle in PWG again unless it's a title match. Everyone agrees that he just shouldn't wrestle in PWG. Nuclear heat this dude.

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match
Rascalz (C) vs Violence Unlimited - 9/10

Considering that the Rascalz got a title shot and title win after their reception in the Globe show, I totally thought that Violence had a chance at winning the titles tonight just by how over these two are. Awesome look, King is hugely over and Bateman, on his second show, got a big following now.

Match was the story of two huge dudes overpowering the Rascalz, and the smaller resilient quick guys working against the odds to topple down the giants. Rascalz won the match using the assisted Standing Shooting Star Press, which looks amazing, but who is going to believe that hurts more than a normal SSP or even a non-assisted one. Either way, PWG has not two huge teams at their disposal, and two that are not likely to get raided.

Bandido vs Rey Horus - 9/10

They are both babyfaces, but the support behind Bandido is so much that it kinda forced Rey to move and act slightly more heelish. They both worked over each other's heads, but overall it was mostly lucha libre spots. There were a million spots and the finish came when in the top rope, Bandido hit something between a Spanish Fly and Trevor Lee's Running Collision thing. Bandido defeating Rey Horus is huge as it seemed like Horus was really going to take the big masked man position in PWG, and this guy from Torreon came out of nowhere and completely stole his momentum.

After the match, they got the money treatment, that's a 3/3 for Bandido matches in PWG. They filled three pitchers worth of money.

Matt Riddle vs Timothy Thatcher - 8.5/10

Not their best match, nor any different from their usual ones. Half of the match was mat based wrestling, then they started striking each other a lot. Thatcher almost made Riddle tap towards the end of the match, but Riddle got out, locked the bromission, and Thatcher tapped out quickly. Thatcher has to be top 5 when it comes to selling.

PWG World Championship Match
"Limitless' Keith Lee (C) vs "Ring General" WALTER vs "King of Monsters" Jonah Rock - 9/10

Big Boy Season is on! A lot of people's hearts are torn here, on one side, we all love Keith Lee, on the other, we all love WALTER, why can't we have co-champions?

Match was a great combination of all of the three dude's things. Lee's big powermoves, WALTER's striking (and God Damn!), and Rock's uhhh....whatever Rock's thing is. WALTER and Lee being the big babyfaces, they wanted to get it on the most, but Rock would come in and interrupt them, and so they would all end up kicking each other's ass. There were some big spots like Lee and Jonah doing dives to the outside, or some big powerbombs that at any given point could easily break the ring again. As the match went on, Rock started working over Lee's injured neck. There was also a small story about Lee being able to evade all of WALTER's chops, but that lasted only so long as no one gets to walk away without being chopped by WALTER. Finish saw Jonah going for the Frog Splash on Lee, but WALTER kicked him out of the corner and hit his own Plancha. Lee kicked out at one, but WALTER was ready to hit a huge lariat for the win. WALTER is your new PWG Champion. Keith's reign lasted (technically) one show with zero defenses.

Post-match - Happy proud Thatcher came out to celebrate with WALTER. Jonah spat on Thatcher before leaving, Thatcher was gonna chase him, but WALTER stopped him. Keith Lee then cut a great heartfelt goodbye promo saying that he loved PWG and all, that just like Dustin had told him to be the champion he couldn't be, and that he really meant everything he said about PWG in the last show. Lee was now heartbroken and told WALTER to be the champion that time didn't allow him to be. Lee then got face to face with WALTER and straight up told him to his face that if life ever allowed it, he would be back to challenge again, but most of all, if WALTER didn't honor being the PWG Champion and elevate the title and the promotion as they moved somewhere else, he would personally come back and kick his ass.

After Lee left, Sammy came out, got in WALTER's face and got chopped to close out the show. WALTER chopping down Sammy and Trevor Lee next show is a total possibility.

While not reported as I write this review, it's not pretty obvious that Keith Lee has signed to NXT, a shame that he couldn't stay for a longer title reign.


Another awesome show for PWG, arguably better than night 1. As we go into what may as well be the final show in Reseda, CA, seeing Keith Lee lose the title was somewhat heartbreaking, but taking the direction of WALTER, one can't complain. Sammy and Trevor are the obvious contenders right now, but I can see the now former tag champs Cobb and Riddle take a shot at WALTER, as well as Thatcher at one point. Next show will be an interesting one.

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