WrestleCon Presents: Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground

WrestleCon Presents: Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground

From April 06, 2018

WrestleCon Presents: Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground
On commentary tonight, we have Matt Striker and Josh Matthews. I'm already annoyed at Striker.

Melissa Santos and Michelle McKenzie are hostess tonight, most fans are chanting Lucha while they boo Impact. Melissa dropped the first 'fucking' of the night. I have a feeling that I'll hate the fans by the end of the night.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs "The Monster" Matanza Cueto vs Jack Evans vs Moose vs Caleb Konley vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 5/10

Jack Evans shaved his head, was there a hair vs hair match that I missed? Matanza doesn't look that impressive outside the temple. When Moose came in, he got face to face with Matanza, once again making Matanza look small.

The match once it started, immediately built to Moose vs Matanza. After their 1 minute fight, they moved into Sydal vs Evans, and lastly, the pairing of Chavo and Caleb. Everyone did dives to the outside. Sydal and Evans had another good little thing that made me wish they would have a singles match instead. Matanza won with the Wrath of the Gods over Caleb.

The match was arguably bad, Chavo and Caleb were botchy, Moose vs Matanza was a terrible pairing because neither could properly shine against each other, and like I mentioned, Jack vs Sydal was great and SHOULD had been its own match.

Post-match - Chavo cut a small promo putting over both promotions and introduced a teaser trailer for Lucha's Season 4.

Impact Wrestling Knockout's Championship Match
Taya Valkyrie vs Allie (C) - 6.5/10

Impact's Taya came out, not World Wide Underground's, so it's just an Impact match when they could have done a Impact vs Lucha one. We can pretend they're different people. Commentary did say they're the same person, just different personalities that they bring out of themselves.

Match was all power vs heart, Taya dominated Allie early on with strength and kept that heat for a while. After a LOT of punishment, Allie finally made a great comeback, but once again, Taya found herself on the upper hand, but Taya just couldn't put Allie down. After failing to hit Road to Valhalla, Allie finally manages to get the upper hand and hit a code breaker for the win. Fans booed the babyface Allie for valiantly defending her championship.

Teddy Hart and Scott Steiner vs Ohio Versus Everything - 6/10

Oh boy, whoever thought of putting Teddy and Steiner together in a team must be a gambling man. Talk about Team Wildcard.

As expected, the moves were spectacular, the planned match was a clusterfuck. Steiner and Hart just did whatever the fuck they wanted. OVE worked over Teddy for a while (who sold for shit), they literally had to stay in the corner because Steiner kept getting in. Eventually Teddy Hart did make a small comeback to get the tag on Steiner, who ran wild, looked great actually, and submitted Jake Crist with the Steiner Recliner. Not really a good match, but I guess it was something that you just needed to see for yourself to believe.

King Cuerno, Aerostar, & Drago vs DJZ, Andrew Everett, & Dezmond Xavier - 7/10

Cuerno pretty much just came out dressed as Hijo del Fantasma with the Cuerno mask. Aerostar is wearing all black, he looks like evil Aerostar. First pair ups in the ring were Everett vs Drago, Aerostar vs DJZ, and Xavier vs Cuerno, who was cut in the nipple pretty bad.

Everyone did their dives, except for Cuerno that was stopped by Everett for some heat, and I thought they would just built to it, but after a lot of fighting and spots, Cuerno just submitted Everett with a Deathlock out of nowhere. Really lackluster finish, but overall a good spotty match, it was just really underwhelming considering the talent involved. Cuerno wasn't LU Cuerno, yet he was the most over guy in the match. Aerostar and Xavier were arguably the MVPs of the match.

Post-match - Everyone embraced. I think Cuerno wanted a mic, but got no time.

Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley vs Famous B -

Famous B came out dressed in a suit, he introduced himself, he did his shtick about 423 - GET - FAME. He says that since Tervor came out with back up, then Famous B brought someone to not only back him up, but to replace him. And so we get...

Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley vs Marty The Moth w/Famous B - 6.5/10

This match actually sounds pretty awesome. Initially Marty was gonna run over wild, but Caleb's distraction soon enough gave Trevor control of the match. Commentary are selling both men as being really similar to each other, just Marty being slightly crazier than Trevor Lee. After a while of heat, Marty made a comeback and came close to winning, but Trevor did the old small package pin for the win. Ok match, could had been better.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
LAX w/Diamante vs Killshot & The Mack - 8.5/10

Fuck Yeah! Diamante Is Back!! Konnan I just assume that is not here because he is FUCKING DEAD IN LUCHA UNDERGROUND! Anyway, this match was great, at times I even wondered if they had shoot heat with each other because Santana has a small mouse under the right eye, and sometimes, it seemed like LAX and Strickland were just stiffing each other.

Match saw Killshot and Mack cut the ring on Santana for half of the match. Ortiz came in with the tag and from there on, it was all back and forward between the two teams. As the match went on, they started to make their moves bigger and better reaching some great near falls with a double footstomp into a powerbomb by the challengers, or some double moves by LAX. Finish saw LAX finally put Killshot down with the 5150 for the win. This was a great match.

Eli Drake vs "They call him..." Cage - 7/10

Before the match, Drake cut a promo on the fans booing Impact, and some dumb fans started the old 'fuck that owl' chant. Get with the times. Drake's promo was great. In commentary, Josh was killing Striker. After Cage had made his entrance, Drake tried to talk Cage into working together to take over the wrestling world, unfortunately, Drake is a man of short patience and tried to cheap shot Cage.

This was similar to the Moth vs Lee match, with Cage starting strong, but Drake quickly getting the better of Cage and managing to work over him for a big chuck of the match. Drake as he went on, got cockier and cockier with his dominance, working the fans and all, and all that eventually led to Cage getting more openings, enough to make a comeback. They went for some finishers and kick outs, but the one that actually did it was supposed to be a discus lariat, but it was botched and it looked bad.

With this win, Josh sold that Cage took out ECIII out of Impact, defeated Lashley twice, and now defeated the man with both title shot cases and former champ. Striker was really pushing that he should get a title shot and Josh kept putting the idea off saying that Impact right now has a ton of people in line already.

I Quit Match
Eddie Edwards vs Jeremiah Crane - 8/10

During his entrance, Eddie took a sign from a fan and ripped it, I couldn't read what it said, but judging from Eddie's face, that fan is a dick trying to get himself over. That same kid was applauding Crane and Crane just looked at him with disgust.

Eddie started the match diving on Crane and they proceeded to brawl around the ring. They brought in chairs and turnbuckles early on, they did apron spots. They did several spots targeting each other's eyes and head, building up to Eddie sharpshooting chairs into Crane's head, but Crane wouldn't give in, the last one being a Boston Knee Party into a chair in Crane's face. After surviving that, Crane started his comeback trying to Pillmanize Eddie's neck and driving him with a DVD through a chair. Dumb fans started an NXT chant because Eddie made a joke about Solomon Crowe. Around this point, Crane brought in a steel barricade, who he ended up going through powerbomb straight up bending it. Eddie didn't allow the ref to ask Crane as he wanted to hurt him more.

Eddie kinda wants to hit Crane with a chair the same way that Callihan did with the bat, but OVE came out and with their help, Crane took out Eddie and he went to hit Eddie with the bat again. The ref tried to stop him and got taken out, and finally, when everything was lost for Eddie, Don Callis came out and threw in the towel for Eddie. Crane was still gonna kill Eddie, but Moose came out to chase him off. The match was great, but it was completely ruined by Striker and the fans. And you know what, that finish was the right thing to do, this is a feud that should end on an Impact show, not a crappy ass WrestleCon show.

Striker was insufferable this match, trying to make the argument that 80% of the fans bought a ticket to see Crane hit Eddie with a bat again. Trying to make a case for Crane saying that he became famous and made a name for himself. Josh, the voice of reason, had to raise his voice and straight up tell him he can't defend taking a bat on the face. This was a legit argument between Striker and Josh. When the ref took the bump at the end, fans chanted YES. Nothing worse than drunk stupid fans.

Pentagon vs Fenix is taking place at Impact Wrestling: Redemption. Fuck Yeah!

Pentagon Jr vs Fenix vs Austin Aries - 7.5/10

So guess what, Patron no showed and this is now a 3-way. Fans started chanting "Fuck Del Rio", they can't even get the name right, typical fans that always live in the past and stupid Striker trying to make not of Patron's absence which Josh kinda turns it into saying that Patron missed the show so Aries would go against two guys before their Redemption match. Pentagon wasn't Pentagon Dark, he wasn't the champion either, he just came out like normal everyday Penta 0M.

Match was a three way and we did see Penta and Fenix fight each other here and there, but for a lot of the match, it felt like we were seeing Aries vs Penta and Fenix instead, which kinda led to the finish when they took out Aries and proceeded to fight each other, ending with Pentagon pinning Fenix. Good match, all three men were great, but the match itself was somewhat short.


I never realized how good Josh is on commentary, when you pair him up next to Striker. I know, I know, low standards, but Josh sounded soo smart and on the spot all show that you really have to appreciate it.

The show was arguably bad, it broke Lucha kayfabe, it kinda broke Impact stories (depends if they mention stuff next Thursday), and while you can tell that this was more of an Impact show, Striker had really no idea about Impact stories and was just trying to make Lucha references when they made no sense making them, to the point that he was calling for title changes in non-title matches. Some of the wrestling was good, but a lot was also botchy, lot a mistiming between the guys that don't usually work together, or it could be the fact that most of these guys have already wrestled about 5-6 matches in the last 2 days and right now they have to run to another show. This is the bad side of WM weekend, yeah, tons of shows, yay, but not everyone can have a good match 8 times on a weekend with tons of different people with minimal planning.

I think the idea of Impact vs LU, even with the whole kayfabe breaking, could have a lot more potential with a better venue, better announcing, and just a little better thought put into booking the matches. None of tonight's matches were dream matches and for the most part, a lot of them didn't make sense. And I don't necessarily have a problem with Drago/Cuerno/Aerostar teaming, but why do it when LU actually has trios, probably cheaper trios like the rabbit tribe or getting Dante Fox for the trios champions. Why was Matanza, one of the biggest LU stars in the opener jobbing to Moose? Why not just have Matanza squash Abyss in a monster vs monster, or the usual Abyss vs Muertes since those guys know each other for ever. I really don't know who to blame here, Impact brought all their champs, they were most definitely invested in this show. I know Callis and Roldan were both there, but someone really didn't give many fucks.

Production wise, we had bad live audio, but video was good, graphics were ok, commentary had good sound (sometimes out of sync), but I never lost the feed.

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