PROGRESS Chapter 65: Have Some Faith In The Sound

PROGRESS Chapter 65: Have Some Faith In The Sound

From March 25, 2018

PROGRESS Chapter 65: Have Some Faith In The Sound
Jim Smallman Intro - It's PROGRESS' 6th birthday. There's an older lady in the show, I believe she's a nun, so it just seems appropriate that the Sumerian Death Squad should return today. Don't Be A Dick.

"Battletested" Rob Lynch vs Doug Williams - 6.5/10

Gotta start rebuilding Lynch again now that the whole London Riots' feud went to shit. This was a student vs teacher match, so since they're kinda re-introducing Lynch, he got a chance to display some mat hold-by-hold wrestling with Doug. This was back and forward start to finish with little resting time, it wasn't long, but it was all action packed. Lynch won with a spear, which I'm guessing it's the finisher he'll be going with. Ok opener.

Millie McKenzie vs Session Moth Martina vs Chakara vs Charlie Morgan - 4.5/10

As always, Martina's entrance is something to behold, Jinny's face during all the entrance was great. This is a 4-way, but obviously, House of Couture is gonna team up, at least until the inevitable spot where they get in each other's face for taking each other's pins. Likewise, Millie and Martina also teamed up, but this was until Millie got into Suplex Machine Mode and ended up hitting a German on Session Moth. Finish came when Chakara and Morgan double teamed on Millie with Morgan getting the pin over McKenzie. It was a fun match due to Martina, but not a well wrestled one.

No Disqualification Match
TK Cooper vs Chris Brookes - 8.5/10

Once again that stupid cheating Wolf is out there. This was a violent battle from the get go, TONS of weapons used in this match, and some of them were making me cringe like the Hammer to the TK's teeth, stapling TK's tongue, or Brookes taking a powerbomb to an open chair on it's side. There was an awesome Spanish Fly from the apron to a table on the floor, but the stupid Wolf pulled the ref to break the pin, at this point Lykos had been interfering a lot, so Cooper took him out by hitting a Scissor's Kick while Lykos' head was on the chair. Finish saw Cooper tap out to the Calamari Stretch to give those cheaters the win.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match
WALTER (C) vs Rampage Brown - 8.5/10

The first ever Atlas champion comes back with hopes of regaining his championship, but little does he know that PROGRESS is a different place now, governed by WALTER. This was a big lad's match if you've ever seen one, tons of chops, shoulder tackles, and throws, and overall, WALTER was always in control. The match was long, which was the only thing that made Rampage look slightly better than WALTER, as he has better cardio, but still, WALTER's dominance showed when he choked out Rampage to win the match.

Natural Progression Series V First Round Match
Danny Duggan vs "Dragonheart" Danny Jones - 8/10

Whose bright idea was to book a Danny vs Danny match? So apparently, Duggan, who has trained in Japan now, has joined the new NJPW LA Dojo, so he'll be studying under Shibata. The match was nicely wrestled back and forward fight with Jones working over Duggan's legs, and Duggan working on Jones' head. At one point, Eddie Dennis came out and while cheering for Jones, it distracted him, giving Duggan the opening to roll Jones out for the win.

Post-match - Dennis blames everything on Mark Andrews because Mark is Jones' mentor and instead of being here for him, he's out there in the WWE. Dennis pushes Jones until Jones just walk away.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Elimination Match
Grizzled Young Veterans (C) vs Sexy Starr vs Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins - 8.5/10

Gibson's extra long intro promo tonight had extra heat since he interrupted David Starr's usual long introduction.

Sexy Starr and H&H have problems going back several chapters, so they go straight for each other at the start of the ring bell, and after a while fighting, Sexy Starr hit a Meteora/German pin combination to eliminate H&H from the match. Soon after the hit the same move on Drake, but Jimmy Havoc pulls the ref for the near fall, just before leaving to the back. Match went on with both teams going back and forward. Grizzled Young Veterans won clean in the middle of the ring pinning Starr. Good match, it felt like it went really fast.

PROGRESS World Championship Match
"Kiwi Buzzsaw" Travis Banks (C) vs "Flash" Morgan Webster - 8/10

Webster tells Vicky that she should go to the back, he wants to do this by himself. Vicky does so. Because of this, Banks is acting a lot more heelish tonight, trying to make Webster the underdog. Banks jumped Webster at the start (with Roman Reigns' Superman Punch, cocking and all) and just kicked his ass all over the place, fans booing him a lot. Glenn and Dahlia saying that Banks is unusually cocky tonight. Also remember that Banks won his Chapter 64 match with a questionable move.

Match saw Banks dominate with some hope spots for Webster, but Banks always brought it back. At one point, while Webster has Banks in a Guillotine, Banks rams Webster into the turnbuckle, making a sandwich out of the ref that was in the middle. The ref bump led for Cooper to come out, take out Webster, but Webster makes a comeback and gets rid of Cooper and hits Banks with a Senton and pins him. New ref counts 3 and it seems like we have a new champ, Jim calls it on the mic, and Banks even walked to the back (Banks conceiding the win should stand IMO), but the other ref reverses the decision saying that Banks' feet where under the ropes (which was true, second ref sucks), and so match is restarted, fans hearts broken, and Banks quickly pins Webster for the win.

Post-match - If at this point you're not sure Banks has turned heel, he cuts a promo asking the fans for his "Travis our Champion" song and says that this is his yard now. He says that month in, month out he kicks everyone's ass, and thus the only other man who has a proper claim of the 'yard' comes out. WALTER!

WALTER just challenges Banks to a fight, Banks tries to hit him with the Superman Punch (cocking and all), but WALTER drops him with a chop. Banks runs away and WALTER is left dominant in the ring. Awesome angle, Atlas and World Champions are in a collision course.


Awesome show by PROGRESS, especially good now that we're going into that dead zone called WM weekend and SSS16 where most stories get weird or put on pause because of the use of American talent.

I'm not sure how to feel about Banks's turn, on one side I love it because Bank's title reign had been getting stagnant over the last few chapters, he never really had anything going on other than just fighting everyone and when he had small story going on, it was all about Cooper vs Brookes (and that stupid wolf). As a heel, we open the doors to Banks going more stuff and Cooper getting involved more, I'm guessing SPPT vs Ringkampf or CCK is now imminent.

Now the thing that I don't like is that the last champion was a heel champ, and a long reign at that, leading to the rising of a babyface champion. Not that it was not long ago and we can't go back to another heel champ, but I kinda feel that PROGRESS should had built some singles heels to properly take on Banks, since he never really fought that many heels, and having that one heel dude defeat Banks would had been a tremendous push for the new heel and a great way to have Banks come back some chapters later looking for this title.

Finally, if Sexsmith is challenging at 69, I hope WALTER wins at 68.

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