ROH Straight Shootin' with Lance Storm

ROH Straight ShootinROH Straight Shootin

By Big Red Machine
From December 05, 2005

Overall, this was a pretty good shoot interview, but nothing too spectacular. You learned a lot about Lance himself, but that was about it. Lance comes across as very honest and open. It had a lot of information on various promotions and their backstage workings (especially WWE and ECW), but it didn't have too many funny stories. Recommended for Lance Storm fans and people who want to know more about the booking in ECW, but that is about it.

Lance talks about his training, how he got his first bookings, the veteran who helped him the most, working for WAR, working in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, the Thrill-Seekers vignettes, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, the ECW lockerroom, Chris Candido, Dawn Marie, the heat between Dawn and Francine, helping book in ECW, the urine test angle, an awesome angle he pitched for himself and Taz, Raven, drugs in ECW, the Impact Players, Tommy Dreamer, leaving ECW for WCW, his experiences in the WCW lockerroom, Johnny Ace, Vince Russo, Team Canada, comedy in wrestling, Disco Inferno, the "Canadian Rules" match at New Blood Rising, wrestling Terry Funk in Amarillo, the most meaningful moment of his WCW career, the end of WCW, the Invasion, the Un-Americans, Lance's idea for them and who he thinks might have sabotaged it, working with Hulk Hogan, the "boring" gimmick and what Lance thinks killed it, the dancing gimmick, how he became a trainer in OVW, Bradshaw, One Night Stand, MNM, how WWE creative interacts with developmental, the guy in OVW he disliked the most, why he left WWE, and why he opened his wrestling school, and working with Jushin Lyger, Hardcore Homecoming: November Reign, and ROH.

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