KC's Guest Booker With Jim Cornette


By Big Red Machine
From November 30, -0001

This was decent. Obviously the standard shoot interview part was great, with Cornette being his usual knowledgeable entertaining self. The Guest Booker part was eh. When he when on tangents about booking in gernal or the state of the business and whatnot, it was interesting, but the stuff Jim was booking, IMO, wasn't that good. The stuff Cornette books is extremely worked-shooty, WAY too much for me to be comfortable with. He basically has Vince come out and say (paraphrasing) "I'm going to turn all of you WCW guys into jobbers," and the WCW guys (led by Flair) responding by saying (paraphrasing here, too) "you can tell us who is supposed to go over, but that doesn't mean we can't shoot on your guys in the ring in an attempt to hurt them." IMO, you should never acknowledge (on-air, or in any other kayfabe medium) that wrestling is scripted.

Another major point against this for me is that, while what Jim books is certainly interesting, it feels, at times, a lot more like a brand-rivalry with a lot of hate than an invasion. My third major point against this DVD is that he uses people whom WWE didn't have access to at the time (of course the Invasion would have been more awesome if it had Taker vs. Sting... but that wasn't possible because Sting didn't want to work for the WWF). Other Guest Bookers that have used "fantasy rosters" have done so in ways that made sense, or because that was the parameters of what they were being asked to book. When Gabe was rebooking ECW, he took talent from the WWE roster at the time, and only took talent he thought that he would have been allowed to take (i.e. he didn't say "I'll take RVD, Benoit, HBK, Taker, Triple H... gee this is easy. How did WWE screw this up?") When Greg Gange booked the opposition to Vince, it made sense that he would be able to choose whoever he wanted from the big promotions at the time. With Cornette, he just took guys whom he wanted to use, whether or not WWE could have used them at the time.

Anyway, an interesting DVD, but not good as a Guest Booker DVD.

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