PROGRESS Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre

PROGRESS Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre

From October 29, 2017

PROGRESS Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre
Jim Smallman Intro - I miss the Metallica intro, it used to get me hyped. It's been a while since the last show. There was a minute of claps for a fallen fan. Don't Be a Dick!

Pete Dunne Announcement - Everyone knows this is Dunne's last appearance in PROGRESS for a while, and so the fans are completely accepting of him. He cuts a perfectly babyface promo thanking the fans, apologizing for the bad things he did.

Grizzled Young Veterans come out, spit on Seven and Bate, so they chase them off to the back, in the ring, Joseph Connors debuts attacking Dunne from behind and taking him out. And just like that British Strong Style are babyfaces.

Never Say Die & Connor Mills vs Aussie Open & Omari - 5/10

NSD's intro song is like a 90s sitcom song, it's terrible. We have 6 guys that have been around PROGRESS before, but they're all still new to the business and trying to make a name for themselves and thus there were some rough edges here and there, plus a lot of spots, but overall a great opener. Both teams had a chance to play a hot tag and then it was all tornado tag and getting their shit in. Davis pinned Mills with a interesting looking powerbomb. Aussie Open were fun to watch, Davis' one handed powerbomb was awesome, but Omari will be huge, mark my words.

Strangler Davis vs Timothy Thatcher - 7/10

If you ever thought Thatcher is a scary looking motherfucker, wait til you see him wearing an eye patch, and i'm highly disappointed in the PROGRESS fans chanting 'Pirate Thatcher', since he definitely looks more like a Bond villain.

This match started all as catch wrestling, they went a while with Davis really going toe-to-toe with Thatcher, until Davis gets tired and headbutted Thatcher. From that point on, Davis worked via strikes and slams and such, because when your opponent is missing an eye, it's harder to counter strikes than submissions. I shouldn't even have to mention, but yes, Davis did target the eye. Thatcher would have some comebacks, would Davis would regain control over and over again by targeting the eye. The finish saw Thatcher and Davis race to lock in their sleepers, but in a close call to a ref bump, Davis low blows Thatcher and locks in the Strangler and drops to the mat, and while he's choking Thatcher, I think he grabbed the bad eye and the ref called it a loss via ref stoppage. Great match, but finish kinda sucked.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match
Grizzled Young Veterans vs CCK (C) -

Brookes grabs the mic and announces that Lykos is not cleared to wrestle tonight, and while he is perfectly ok taking on them both, PROGRESS has a replacement, and thus...

Non-title Match
Grizzled Young Veterans vs Chris Brookes & Jimmy Havoc w/Kid Lykos - 6.5/10

Gibson was incredibly pissed that this match had been turned into a non-title, he tried cutting his promo before the math, but Brookes and Havoc kicked him dead. The babyfaces started the match with control, they did some spots here and there, but soon after GYV got the heat on Havoc working Havoc's injured shoulder. Brookes had a really underwhelming hot tag, and the babyfaces just started kicking GYV's ass like a 2006 X-Division match, with tons of those 2-on-1 spots, this ended with Havoc putting on a Lykos mask and hitting the Sick Fucking Tag Move, but Gibson broke it up.

The match went on and at one point Lykos cost a pin to the GYV, and so they started to chase down Lykos, they had him and Gibson was going to work on his arm, but as Havoc tries to save him, Gibson moves away and Havoc accidentally hits him hurting his arm, really similar to how the whole Havoc vs Haskins feud started. Drake takes advantage of the distraction, and GYV take out Havoc for the win WHILE Brookes is distracted checking on Lykos. There was definitely dissension between Brookes and Havoc at the end.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match
WALTER (C) vs Wolfgang - 6.5/10

This is one of those matches where someone like Wolfgang comes in thinking they stand a chance against WALTER, and then they don't. This was a big lads match if you've ever seen one, they did tons of tackles, tons of chops, some more tackles, and then they started to toss each other around and hit clotheslines. Finish came after a dropkick to the corner and a powerbomb from WALTER to Wolfgang. Good effort by Wolfgang, but he never stood a chance, and that kinda took me off from the match.

Mustache Mountain vs Sexy Starr - 7/10

Not that Sexy Star, this is the combined powers of David Starr and Jack Sexsmith. I wonder if Sexsmith gets picked up by WWE, could he go around kissing fans, both male and female, on the mouths on his NXT entrance. Seven and Bate are back to the Mustache Mountain shtick, I'm gonna get tired of this babyface run really quick, especially since they came out with their shitty WWE song that sounds more generic than a participant from a 2008 TNA Gauntlet Match. During the announcement of the team of Starr and Sexsmith, David was about to break Smallman's arm.

Match was super babyfaces vs newly turned babyfaces, so it was tons of comedy at first. MM worked Sexsmith for a bit, then Starr got a hot tag and ran wild for a while. The tornado tag part of the match was good, some good spots from both teams, ending with Seven hitting a reverse DVD and Bate the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. All men embraced and kissed at the end of the match. I'm not joking.

Post-match - Sexsmith was gonna start cutting what sounded like a goodbye promo, but out of nowhere, Mark Haskins' sons played, up the ramp came out Vicky Haskins with a spiked bat, Haskins jumped Sexsmith and Starr from behind. Jimmy Havoc is out for the save, but WTF! Havoc grabs the bat and spikes both Sexsmith and Starr. They proceed to beat the shit out of them with chairs. Good angle and good surprise, but it was kinda weird that they targeted Sexy Starr.

If we're gonna have a new shitty babyface Mustache team, may as well balance out with a kickass Haskins & Havoc team! Plus Vicky is always nice to have around.

PROGRESS Women's Championship Match
Toni Storm (C) vs Charli Evans - 6.5/10

Dahlia Black on commentary. Evans won the one night tournament to crown a No 1 contender to the title when she defeated Jinny. Storm was in control to begin the match, Evans turned it around outside the ring where they brawled a bit, once back in the ring, Evans kept control and worked on Storm's back, she didn't stop until she had the Cattle Mutilation locked, which Storm managed to get out of. Storm made her comeback soon after, they fought for about 2 minutes more and Storm hit her piledrivers to successfully defend the title. Evans was greenish, but brought a good fight and good energy.

PROGRESS World Championship Match
"The Kiwi-Buzzsaw" Travis Banks (C) vs "Limitless" Keith Lee - 9/10

To think that you went through hell to win the world championship and then your first defense has to be against Keith Lee, who defeat Banks in a previous show (thus Banks is looking to get his win back). Story of the match was that Banks had to hopes against Lee's power, so Banks had to work and kick Lee's legs off in order to get him down when he could finish him via kicks.

Keith Lee chopped Banks, he tossed Banks around, he headbutted Banks, and even stepped on him, but Banks kept kicking out, and while he had trouble getting offense in, he never gave up attacking and Lee never got tired of putting him down. As time went on, Travis offense started to pile up on top of Keith Lee, enough for Banks to finally get Lee where he wanted him to kick him in the head enough time and drop him with a Kiwi Crusher for the win. Awesome match.


Noteworthy show since we had to big turns, but i'm not sure if it was the time off or what, but some stuff was underwhelming, or maybe my hopes were bigger. I'm also not looking forward to babyface MM.

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