Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres, Part 3

Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres, Part 3

By Big Red Machine
From October 11, 2017

Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres, Part 3

Sexy Star vs. Taya - 6.5/10

The match hasn't even started and Striker has already gone on one of his dumb rants about how much he loves that the wrestlers here in Lucha Underground settle their differences in the ring rather than flaming each other on Twitter. If this is in fact the final season of Lucha Underground, at least I won't ever have to deal with Matt Striker on a weekly basis ever again.

The planted Sexy Star fans are back. For a show that shows us literally the same fans every week, you'd think they'd try to have these plants shown in more than just two matches throughout Sexy Star's entire three-year (so-far) run.

Sexy Star broke a bottle over Taya's head and busted her open. If that sounds familiar to you, it's probably because they did the same exact spot in last week's women's match. They hit each other really hard and a really great fight, but they didn't make good use of the stipulation to the point where it felt like it shouldn't have been Last Luchadora Standing Match. I'm not even sure they had any "nearfalls." They just beat the sh*t out of each other, then then did their one huge bump off of a camera platform through two tables and Sexy Star got up at the last second and Taya didn't and the match was over. It wouldn't be fair to call it "anti-climactic" because they did end it at the high point, but it also felt like it just wasn't enough because of the lack of any other false finishes. It felt like someone took a great brawl and then grafted a Last Luchadora Standing finish onto it.

The Reptile Tribe(c) (w/Kobra Moon) vs. Dante Fox, Killshot, & The Mack - 6.5/10

Both Killshot and Fox had their torsos taped up after that insane match they had two weeks ago. They sold their injuries well throughout the match, and they also told a good story of these two starting to gradually work together. The babyfaces picked up the upset victory, which I liked simply because the Reptile Tribe hasn't done sh*t since winning the belts.

Son of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark - 7.25/10

The usual Ladder Match stuff, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still great.

VAMPIRO (not Ian. Actual Vampiro make-up Vampiro) GIVES PRINCE PUMA A PEP TALK - Prince Puma absorbs what Vamp has to say, then leaves. Once Prince Puma is gone, a mysterious, demonic-sounding disembodied voice tells Vampiro that he has "done well." The candles in the room go out, and Vampiro responds "thank you, master."

Well... that was interesting and mysterious.

Final Thoughts
A good show from Lucha Underground, though I expect a bit more from Ultima Lucha. Next week is a two-hour show with only four matches scheduled, so it should either have some very long matches or a lot of plot development. Or, ideally, both. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

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