PROGRESS Chapter 54: Go To Your God Like A Soldier

PROGRESS Chapter 54: Go To Your God Like A Soldier

From August 27, 2017

PROGRESS Chapter 54: Go To Your God Like A Soldier
Jim Smallman Intro - He mostly put over the US shows and did the usual shtick, I didn't pay much attention honestly. Don't Be A Dick tho...

Connor Mills vs Strangler Davis - 5/10

The newly heeled up Jon Davis is now going by Strangler Davis, a UK version of Hangman Page, cooler version actually. Match saw a Davis that came out here to punish and hurt someone and a Mills that is trying to make a name for himself and is not willing to give up; in other words, Davis had most of the control and Mills had some hope spots and wouldn't give in. Davis won with a Standing Strangle Hold, original, right? Ok match, not much of a squash, but not balanced enough for a good match either.

Flash Morgan Webster's LIVE "Webster's Wrestling Friends" with Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins - Haskins and Havoc come out and when it all seems to be getting heated, Havoc and Haskins hug it out and chill. Haskins ask the bar for some service. Havoc apologizes for getting Vicky involved, Haskins apologizes because of how he reacted. However, when Haskins brings up wanting to get HIS title back, Havoc responds, well, it's actually MY title. Havoc brings up that Haskins let go of the title while he (Havoc) had be get his ass kicked to let anyone take it. Webster manages to keep everything under control. Suddenly..

Travis Banks comes out. He just wanted to remind everyone that come Alexandria Palace, the Kiwi Buzzsaw will be the next champion. And so out comes Mr. Young and Bitter, Pete Dunne. In the final match that Dunne gets to book for Banks, he books Banks vs Havoc vs Haskins. Banks in return has also prepared Dunne's match, Dunne vs Havoc vs Haskins. Jim Smallman says fuck it, Dunne and Banks will team tonight vs Havoc and Haskins, talk about Relevos Increibles!

All three guys (Webster, Haskins, Havoc) were awesome in this, it was like funny, but real. Great performing by all of them. As the go home show for Alexandria Palace, it was good to have all these guys getting some mic time.

Winner chooses ONE stipulation for Tag Team Title Match at Chapter 55.
Kid Lykos vs Tyler Bate - 7/10

Fans chant "Small Lads Wrestling" and Bate felt disrespected, then why would he even consider going to WWE? Match was back and forward, but Tyler always seemed to be the strongest of the two. Finish saw Tyler drag the ref away giving Trent Seven a chance to nail Lykos. Bate then hit Lykos with the Tyler Driver for the win. Good match, but somewhat of a one sided match.

Post-Match - Trent Seven does the talking, after talking for ages, the first stipulation they pick is a Punjabi Prison Match. Just kidding, the stipulation they picked was a 2-on-2 normal tag match with pins count anywhere INSIDE the ring.

PROGRESS Women's Championship No 1 Contendership Match
Jinny vs Dahlia Black - 7/10

Dang, these ladies went straight for the brawl! In NYC, Jinny tried to re-injured Black's leg, and so Black is now extra pissed. Jinny in this match just killed Dahlia, she worked her leg for most of the match, but then did some neck work too towards the end heading to the rainmaker. Dahlia made a comeback landing Jinny on the top of her head with a sick looking DDT. They would go a bit back and forward at this point, ending with Dahlia Black rolling up Jinny for the surprise win.

Winner chooses ONE stipulation for Tag Team Title Match at Chapter 55.
Chris Brookes vs :Six" Trent Seven - 8.5/10

Seven cut his usual "WWE" promo before the match, Brookes went for the knee KO and almost got it in less than Riddle's record, but Seven unfortunately kicked out. TONS and TONS of chops, I don't know how Brookes' chest is not bleeding. Match was back and forward from the get go, Seven mostly worked chops, Brookes mostly worked with Knees, some germans here and there. Finish saw Bate come out and between him and Seven, distract the ref for Seven to hit a low blow and as Bate was going for the pedigree, the ref caught him red handed and threw him out of the ring, this new distraction gave CCK an opening to hit Seven with an assisted codebreaker and the pin.

Post-match - Chris Brookes announces that their match at Alexandria Palace, the tag titles are being defended in a LADDER MATCH!

Grizzled Young Vets vs F.S.U. - 7/10

I like this new GYV team name. Good to see Eddie Dennis back in the tag division and away from the world title, he really doesn't belong over there. Match started with the babyfaces doing babyface stuff, soon after GYV cut off Andrews and got the heat on him for a while. Eddie with the hot tag, they went back and forward, but GYV always kept a slight upper hand. Finish saw GYV take the win with the Ticket To Mayhem on Eddie Dennis. Good match to come back from intermission.

Doug Williams vs Timothy Thatcher - 8.5/10

RRRRASLIN' The level of technical competition in this match was so much that these guys were not going for the ropes to break submissions, but rather find a counter even when the rope was inches away. Thatcher worked the arm of William's, in every way he could, he would target the arm leading up to the armbar to which Williams would end up submitting to. Awesome match. Williams looked in great shape and gave Thatcher a hell of a fight.

Travis Banks & Pete Dunne vs Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins - 9/10, but a 10/10 overall story

So as the match is beginning, Dunne tags himself out and goes sit down in the commentary table, pretty much making this a handicap match against two of the toughest motherfuckers in PROGRESS. Haskins and Havoc quickly go into killer mode and start destroying Banks outside the ring, they also go into competition mode and start trying to one up each other in some spots.

The dissension between Havoc and Haskins also slowly escalated as they started to change tags for slaps and eventually one slap was one slap too much for Haskins and him and Havoc just started brawling. When this happens, Banks of all people breaks the fight between the two, and proceeds to start kicking both them. Havoc and Haskins as much as they hated each other at this point, still had to work together and beat Banks who wouldn't go down.

Eventually at one point Dunne came back and offered the tag, likely gonna swerve him, but Banks being as awesome as he is will rather flip Dunne and fight 2-on-1 than depend on Dunne. Travis Fucking Banks everybody!

Post-match - Dunne says some words, Banks and him get in a fight. BSS attacks, CCK makes the save. And when you thought we were down, Dunne appears in the stage with a sledgehammer in one hand, and Dahlia Black on the other by the hair, this distraction is enough for BSS to destroy CCK & Banks. Dunne kicks Black on her injured leg and stomps her, Dunne walsk back to the ring and proceeds to finish what he started in Chapter 53. Take out Banks with the sledgehammer. BSS reigns supreme as the show goes off.


I felt the first half of the show dragged a bit, and this is saying much since we didn't see the likes of Office Dunne, Jack Sexsmith, or Chuck Mambo. It was a tremendous go home show for Ally Pally, it covered most of the big matches that we have going on in chapter 55. I really liked the Webster segment and the closing segment.

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