From August 13, 2017

Jim Smallman Intro - Place looks a lot more PROGRESSy than the NYC venue, hopefully the same happens with the crowd. Jim was airing some grievances with life with Dunne and TK's injuries, their transportation problems, and what not. There are also a lot of 14yr kids in the crowd tonight. But you know what, Don't Be A Dick!

Mark Andrews vs "Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb - 6.5/10

Big power man vs little puny fast man, Jeff Cobb dominated most of the start of the match until Andrews was able to use his speed to get some offense in and hurt Cobb enough that the match-up was more balanced. The size difference was so much that this was one of those matches that a lot of Andrews' offense seemed like they were really not hurting Cobb that much but he was selling anyway; however, because of this size difference, a lot of Cobb's 'tossing around' looked extra impressive. Shortish match, Cobb won with the Tour of the Islands.

They did another marriage thing and there was a dick booing the couple for getting married. Seriously, what is so hard to get about "Don't be a dick" ?

Jinny vs Dakota Kai vs Deonna Purazzo - 7/10

Purazzo and Jinny didn't even pretend to had been a tag team last night, as in tradition of a 3-way dance, they went straight at it. This was a shortish match too, they started with one-on-one pair-ups and then they started doing more 3-way spots. Dakota Kai won with a foot stomp from the top rope. Really good match for the time it got. Also, apparently, the team between Black and Kai last night was called "South Pacific Power Kick", that was awesome.

Travis Banks vs "Gentlemen" Jack Gallagher - 6/10

So this geek is still here, go back to your mini's division at the big corp wrestling! This was a really technical wrestled match that later on escalated into a strong style match. The pacing was slow during most of the submission work, making me thing that they should have kept this match for later on after a high paced flippy match. Finish saw Banks going for the kill, but Pete Dunne came out to distract him and giving Gallagher an opening to finish Banks and pin him. Not my favorite match.

Post-match - Gallagher puts over Banks on the mic. When the promo was getting good, Pete Dunne attacked them both and hit a pedigree on Banks.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match
Martin Stone vs "King of Bros" Matt Riddle (C) - 8/10

Early in the match while Riddle and Stone were doing some mat wrestling, Stone did something similar to the Scurll finger snap on Riddle's foot, but it didn't really play out that much since they just proceeded to chopping each other. This was a really stiff looking match when it came to all the strikes these guys exchanged. Stone was kicking out of everything Riddle had, he kicked out of the Bro to Sleep AND the Tombstone Piledriver, but at the end Riddle got him to submit to a vicious Bromission. Good match for Stone that got a chance to look a LOT stronger than he usually does.

Post-match - Riddle said nice things to Stone and told Thatcher (and everyone really) to bring it!

No DQs Match
"King of the Goths" Jimmy Havoc vs Zack Gibson - 7/10

Jimmy brought two chairs to the ring, ref immediately took them away, don't know why, but it made Havoc look like a geek. The Gibson promo booes were incredibly loud considering how low the mic's volume was. A few minutes into the match, the ref had been trying to avoid the use of weapons, they're allowed, but he was discouraging the use of them, eventually ref just said, fuck it, kill each other, and from that point on, Havoc and Gibson really started bringing it with chairs.

The match was kinda short once it started, but overall if you count the Gibson promo, this was long enough. Havoc won with the Acid Rainmaker. Gibson was really good in this match, he looked credible bringing it to Havoc.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match
British Strong Style (C) vs Ringkampf - 8/10

Thatcher has a Atlas shot at Ally Pally, WALTER deserves a rematch at the Atlas, AND they're getting tag title shots, good for Ringkampf! Match started with BSS taking turns on Thatcher, but Thatcher dominating every single exchange with submission work, then he made the tag to WALTER and all was lost for BSS, they eventually had to cheat to get the upper hand on Thatcher and gain some control on the match. Similar to Cobb vs Andrews, I felt that Ringkampf's dominance at the start of the match made the BSS offense later on seem less credible. Finish saw Thatcher have Bate in a submission ready to tap, but behind him Seven rolled up WALTER for the pin, some fans chanted that WALTER wasn't even the legal one, and considering how chaotic tag matches tend to get, it is totally plausible.

Post-match - They showed some distention between Thatcher and WALTER, who cut a promo saying that Ringkampf deals their problems inside the ring and since he and Thatcher both have deserving title shots at Riddle, he says that Ally Pally, Thatcher vs WALTER vs Riddle for the Atlas.


Good show, lot better than NYC, but still not at the level of the UK shows, the crowd is better, the production is better, and some of these matches just seem like throwaways, like everything Havoc did these shows didn't do SHIT for the Havoc vs Haskins feud which should be red hot.

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