AAA Triplemania XXV

AAA Triplemania XXVAAA Triplemania XXV

From August 26, 2017

*** Pre-Show ***

La Llave A La Gloria Semifinals
Ashley, Dragon Solar, Pardux & Solaris vs Chicano, Bronco Gonzalez & Fetiche to advance in La Llave a Gloria - 4/10

Vampiro, Faby Apache, and La Parka as judges on the ground. This are all rookies trying to get a spot in the AAA roster. This matches are going on while the fans make themselves into the arena, so it's completely quite, but every now and then the fans would pop. Dragon Solar took the win for his team, I was particularly impressed by Ashley.

La Llave A La Gloria Semifinals
Tiger Boy, Villano III Jr., and Angel Mortal Jr. vs Angelical, Vikingo, and The Tiger - 5/10

The cool thing we see here is that even someone from a family like the Villanos has to earn their spot in the AAA roster. Angelical and Vikingo were the most impressive for me. The team of Vikingo took the win with an awesome finish with one going doing a 450, SSP, and an imploding 450. Crowd popped for that.

** Main Show **

Awesome intro video with the history of AAA. It's still pretty bizarre to me that Joaquin has passed on. There was a whole ceremony to remember Antonio Peña and Joaquin Roldan.

Relevos Atomicos
Mini Psycho Clown, Hiedra, Mamba, & Hernandez vs Estrella Divina, Dinastia, Mascara de Bronce, & Big Mami - 3/10

Hernandez ad Big Mami working together is one of those things you never thought you would see and you never get accustomed to it. At one point in the match Mamba accidentally hit Hernadez, and then Hernandez just wanted to kick Mamba's ass. The big thing of the match was everyone taking turns flying outside building up to the Big Mami flight. After this there was a spot when Hernandez just carried Bronce to the back, kicked his ass, and then Hernandez never came back, not even because his team got the win when Mamba gets the pin on Mami after Hiedra hits her with a chair. Your usual mixed clusterfuck match.

Reina de Reinas Championship Match
Rosemary vs Ayako Hamada vs Lady Shani vs Sexy Star (C) - 3.5/10

Rosemary looks really different today, her hair has grown and is blonde now, only half painted face. Vampiro has mandated that this match is No DQs. This was a total clusterfuck, it's a 4-way, but the match is pretty much 3-on-1 on Sexy Star, Shani especially looked stiff. Eventually Sexy just walked out and hanged out ouside while Rosemary, Shani, and Hamada kinda did stuff inside, Rosemary and Hamada teaming on Shani.

Once Sexy made it back to the ring, they all just did spots on each other, the finish being Sexy taping out Rosemary to an armbar. Shani was seriously shit in this match and I kinda felt bad for Rosemary that had to put up with this shit match.

Post-match - Marta Villalobos came out to award Sexy Star with the title, she had trouble walking down the stairs, but she was awesome. Even Sexy kinda marked out to this. It was a good feel moment, but tons of people hate Sexy Star.

La Llave a La Gloria Winner Announcement - Since this was a legit announcement of the winners they didn't leave it to a match since the winners' reaction would be spoiled. Winners are Ashley, Hijo del Vikingo, and Angelical. Vampiro then reveals that the rest also deserve and get a contract with AAA. Vampiro announces the new AAA school and these guys are the first generation. I want to think that the winners at least get a bit more recognition when they start getting booked.

AAA Tag Team Championship Match
DJZ & Andrew Everett vs Psycho Circus vs Aerostar & Drago vs Cuervo & Scoria (C) - 6.5/10

I think this is DJZ's return match since his whole medical scare months back, he comes out dressed as a villain of The Running Man. Everything not involving Psycho Circus was really awesome, all fast paced action and cool looking spots, but when the big guys would come in and make things awkward. Towards the end of the match, things got really overbooked, but at least Circus were more in their environment without having to deal with flippy spots.

There was a huge spot with Aerostar getting himself on the fucking light structure, which was FUCKING high, and he kept asking to go higher. He took a while to jump while the match was still going own down in the ring. When he finally did it, it was awesome.

At one point, El Poder del Norte interfered in the match and started taking out everyone. Raptor came out for the save and helped Drago and Aerostar take them out, they however brawled for the rest of the match and never made it back. Dave Clown also came out when Scoria and Cuervo seemed to have the match won, Hjo de Tirantes told him to fuck off. Marty The Moth then came out and took out Cuervo and Scoria to help Psycho Circus, which led to the win when Murder dropped a plancha on C&S.

Marisela Peña Speech - She thanks the fans, she introduces a video for the names that have passed away 'recently'. It's a nice touch and everything, but I personally think they kinda need to stop doing all the Peña stuff on every big show, it's sad, but you gotta move on and stop parading his ashes on every show. Anyway, video included names like Roldan, Peña, Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr, Abismo Negro, Texano, Hector Garza, Hijo del Perro Aguayo (biggest pop), Mini Chessman, El Brazo, and El Apache. During her speech, Marisela made notice of the people whistling on her speech, and so everyone started doing it and made her look worse.

Torneo Triplemania 25
10-Way Trios Lumberjack Match
Estrellas de los 90s (Ricky Marvin, Heavy Metal, & Lanzelot) vs Relevos Mixtos (Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Australian Suicide) vs OGTs (Averno, Super Fly, and Chessman) vs Los Vipers (Psicosis, Histeria ,& Maniaco) vs Guapos VIP (Scorpio Jr, Zumbido, & Decnis) vs Los Perros del Mal (Mr Aguila, Halloween, & X-Fly) vs Mexican Powers (Joe Lider, Crazy Boy, and Niño Hamburguesa) vs La Parka & Friends (La Parka, Argenis, & Bengala) vs Leyendas (Blue Demon Jr, Cobarde, and Pirata Morgan) vs Team GFW (Lashley, Jeff Jarrett, and Moose) - C.L.U.S.T.E.R.F.U.C.K.

There are 30 men in this match PLUS Lumberjacks, which are the Vatos Locos, Sangre Chicana, Polvo de Estrellas, Cobarde Jr, Mascarita Sagreada, and Los Payasos, this is gonna be a clusterfuck, Oh, and the Lumberjacks have straps since they're all old and can't wrestle. Teams come in Rumble style every 90 seconds. Elimination.

3rd team in are OGTs. 4th team are Los Vipers, Psicosis (not Nicho) came out with a python, which he threw on Averno. PETA would be pissed. At this point in the match, there's not much happening on the ring, just people randomly hitting each other and Pimpi kissing men. 5th team was Los Perros del Mal, which was the crap Familia de TIjuana version, Mr Aguila was cosplaying as Avatar.

Faby Apache eliminated Decnis at this point. The Faby was eliminated. Next team in was Mexican Powers. Aguila and Hamburguesa were eliminated here. Next team are the Legends. Vipers are all eliminated. AND finally, Team Global Force, but only Lashley came out. Lashley alone makes everyone look bad physic alone.

Countdown kept going and out came ....out came.... was it a botch count? Oh Moose finally came out. At this point all the lumberjacks just took off and there were tons of eliminations that I never saw nor the commentary addressed. I don't know why every GFW guy had their own countdown, that is terribly against their benefit. Jarrett finally came out last, he brought tortillas for the fans, he looks really aged from the last time he was in the ring.

At this point Legends, OGTs, Team Parka, and Team GFW are still in the match, but as Jarrett came in, Moose and Lashley just took off, not eliminated, just took off. Jarrett ran wild for a wild hitting everyone with low blows (legal) until La Parka finally made a comeback and took him out and eliminated him. Legends were eliminated next, and finally we're down to two teams, but Bengala and Argenis are eliminated soon after leaving OGTs vs La Parka. Chessman eliminated Super Fly and then Averno low blows Chessman and eliminates him (it is a rumble after all), but then Parka just rolls Averno up. Latin Lover made his return to award Parka the tournament championship.

I'm pretty sure this match was awesome live just because we saw everyone come in, but fuck this match inside the ring. Between Hernandez, and now Lashley and Moose, it's pretty fucking annoying that the americans just take off instead of taking a loss.

Street Fight
El Mesias vs Pagano - DUD!

Could Pagano have a worse song given his gimmick? I mean, maybe, but it's already pretty bad. Mesias goes after Pagano during the entrances and the brawl begins. Pagano is a glorified deathmatch guy (this is coming from someone from his hometown), and everyone coming in to this match thought that it was gonna be a bloodbath, yet it took them forever to start using weapons. They mostly just had a normal match inside the ring, and it wasn't bad as a wrestling match, just not what people were expecting.

Eventually Pagano did bring in some barbwire, did one spot and that was it. They kept doing normal wrestling, kinda botchy. They kept wrestling and at one point Mesias has a leg injury, doctors came out and Mesias is being taken out on a stretcher, and suddenly Rey Escopion comes out, takes out Pagano and attacks Mesias, ref throws the match off. No one recognized him. This was shit. A fucking 20 minute dud!

TLC Match for The AAA Megachampionship, AAA Cruiserweight Championship, and AAA Latinamerican Championship
Texano Jr vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Johnny Mundo (C) - 7.5/10

All titles are hanged from a little PBC pyramid. A PBC PYRAMID! That shit is gonna break! Anyway, you only need to grab one title to take all three titles, so if it doesn't break, I can also see each guy getting one title and that would be how they start to break the Triple Crown off into different people. Mundo is definitely the bad guy in the match, but Texano and Fantasma are fighting more between them since Mundo is just running about outside the ring. Within the first minutes, Fantasma's mask is already torn up.

They took turns wrestling inside the ring, mostly Mundo and Texano, Fantasma selling his back outside. They did most of the table spots outside the ring, one of which busted open Fantasma pretty bad. Moments later, Texano got busted opened too, bad too, whoever is doing the blade job sucks at his job. Johnny was the first to try going for the titles and was dropped from the ladder to a table outside, so since he doesn't blade, he sells his leg to equalize the match.

Inside the ring Texano and Fantasma went at it all bloodied up, Fantasma had the win but Kevin Kross came out and took him out. He was gonna get the titles for Mundo, but Mascara de Bronce came in to take him out, which brought out Hernandez. Bronce took out Hernandez, Fantasma took out Kross, but this was an opening for Mundo to get back in the match. Finish saw all three men on top of the ladders fighting to get the titles, first to fall was Texano onto a table, Mundo and Fantasma battle it out, but Mundo manages to kick Fantasma off and take the titles. Good match, but a bit too bloody for my liking. I feel like they gave the fans the blood they didn't get in the previous match.

Post-match - Mundo says that this is the biggest moment for AAA. Mundo calls out Vampiro to crown him personally. Calls him several mexican swear words. Johnny has pretty good spanish.

Vampiro comes out. Eats his pride and puts the title on Mundo's waist. Mundo keeps provoking Vampiro up until he slaps him. After taking so much, Vampiro drops Mundo with a chokeslam. Vampiro grabs the mic and tells Mundo he is gonna kick his ass. I hated this, this was the booker getting one over the World Champion, there are waay too many promotions to point out how this is a bad idea.

After Mundo left, Fantasma and Texano got in the ring again and started hitting each other with unprotected chair shots to the head, at this point it's really unnecessary to keep building their feud, they could have just done it some other show or backstage.

Mask vs Mask, No Disqualifications
Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr - 8/10

Big part o the crowd are behind Wagner, but seems like the kids are behind Psycho. Wagner started the match dominating Psycho, he took him around the crowd, ripped his mask, busted him open. This being a huge match between two huge masks, I can understand it getting bloody and violent, but I hated that Wagner III was around and getting involved, both Wagner and Psycho fans hate this. As expected, Psycho made a comeback and also went for Wagner's mask, from the point on, the match got considerably better.

The match kept going back and forward, both men hitting some big spots. Wagner came close to winning after hitting several Falcon Arrows, but Psycho made a comeback and hit Code Red for the pin. Wagner has lost his legendary mask. This is bullshit. The match was good, but if AAA wants to sell this as the 'Match of the Decade', then go watch Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero and learn how to fucking book a mask vs mask match.

Unless Wagner retires or focuses on building his son from now on, there is really zero reason for Wagner to lose the mask to Psycho Clown of all people. Psycho is young, his mask is shit and a fucking joke, his whole family has lost their masks, he is young enough that he could easily make a career without it, he could go with clown facepaint. I wouldn't even put it past they did this to make it up to the Alvarado family with the hopes of signing Maximo and Mascara.

Post-match - Maximo and La Mascara come out to celebrate with Psycho. Wagner cuts a promo thanking his fans and acknowledging that Psycho won fair and square. Wagner gives the mask to his son saying that the name and legacy stays with him. Wagner III should one day take Psycho's mask. Psycho takes the mic and puts Wagner over. Wagner probably just sentimental, he walks away.

Wagner unmasked as Juan Manuel Gonzalez Barron, age 52, from Torreon, Coauhila.


This show was really built on two matches, but in reality, it was just one that mattered. It was a shit show, straight forward, everything except the last two matches were clusterfucks and the one that could had been, wasn't. I hated the booking of everything that mattered and at this point it has been confirmed that Sexy Star shot on Rosemary and dislocated her arm. Fuck AAA.

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