PWG Man on The Silver Mountain

PWG Man on The Silver Mountain

From June 16, 2017

PWG Man on The Silver Mountain
Trevor Lee vs Chuck Taylor - 7/10
Match started with Trevor almost getting a quick upset win when Chuck wasn't totally ready for the crossbody counter, but once he realized how things were, he got careful and got control of Lee. Chuck and Lee traded momentum throughout the match, even towards the end of the match, it was mostly back and forward. Chucky T won with the most random crossbody that Trevor couldn't counter.

Jason Cade vs Dezmond Xavier vs Jake Crist - 8/10
Crist and Xavier are both from Ohio, so the team up on the NYC kid Cade. These guys came in thinking we're gonna flip tonight, there was a spot with about 8 consecutive dives to the outside. The match was mostly 3 men spots, we rarely saw someone leave the ring to allow one-on-one pairings, but when we did, it mattered like the time Crist hit a Double Underhook Canadian Destroyer from the top rope. Finish saw Xavier puck up his first win after a Cancun Tornado. This was a great singles showing for Crist and great debut for Cade.

Lio Rush vs Keith Lee - 8.5/10
Match starts with Lee challenging Rush to a test of strengh, Rush tries to jump him and Lee just carries him around like the little child that he is. After Lee treats him as a child enough, Rush mans up and slaps him trying to show he's a man, but the fans just chant "You Fucked Up". As you can imagine, this was Spiderman vs Juggernaut, this was Nightcrawler vs Blob, if Attack on Titan was a wrestling match, this was it. All speed vs power. The match was mostly dominated by Keith Lee, ending with a cool finish sequence that saw Lee hit a frog splash (yeah), Rush kicking out at one hulking up, but then just passing out, leaving easy pickings for Lee to put down.

Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs War Machine - 7.5/10
So what's better, a machine that won't fucking break, or machine made for war? This was a tag team hoss fight, all lariats and slams and your usual high flying spots from Hanson and Cage. It was all back and forward with the exception of a small babyface in peril segment from Hanson. Good fight.

Sami Callihan vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 7/10
The ugly destruction-derby-spit style of Callihan vs the crisp perfectly timed and execute offense of Sydal. Story of the match was that Callihan brought out the dark side of Sydal and he definitely wasn't all Namaste tonight. Match was back and forward, they brawled outside, brought in chairs (even Knox did, so he didn't DQ anyone), big spots towards the end, and finished when Sydal tapped out to the Stretch Muffler. Fans hated the finish.

"Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb vs Trent? - 8/10
This was Jeff Cobb's unstoppable strength vs Trent's never say die attitude, in other words, this was the complete and utter dominance of Cobb over Trent. Cobb completely killed Trent in every inch of the ring, tossing him, bending him, tossing him. Trent had a huge hope spot when he hits a piledriver on the apron and proceeds to hit the Crunchy inside the ring for near fall, but then he thought it would be ok to spit on Cobb, but it wasn't, Cobb go pissed and finished Trent with the Tour of the Islands. Awesome one-sided match.

LDRS vs reDragon - 8/10
A Bullet Club guy and a Suzuki-Gun guy teaming up, this world man, I tell ya. Kicky and Strikey try to go toe-to-toe with submissions with the LDRS and get their asses handed. Surprisingly for 2017, this match stayed as a tag team for most of the match, it only became a tornado at the last minutes of the match and not how most matches everywhere tend to do. The match was back and forward.

There was a cool sequence towards the end when Sabre has a submission on KOR and Scurll on Fish, and then both parings start reversing moves over and over. Finish saw Sabre verbally submit KOR, Scurll had taken out Fish with the umbrella beforehand, but in reality, neither men were THAT involved on the finish anyway, maybe Scurll breaking KOR's fingers.

Post-match - LDRS keep attacking KOR, but Chuck Taylor that was in commentary makes the save. Chuck grabs the title and a mic and challenges Sabre to one final match, if he can't do it, that's it, he won't bother him again.

Great show, but the first half of the show was considerably more entertaining than the second part, it was all awesome wrestling, but the main event at least did feel like it dragged on time to time.

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