Lucha Underground S03E32: The Cueto Cup

Lucha Underground S03E32: The Cueto Cup

By Big Red Machine
From August 23, 2017

Lucha Underground S03E32: The Cueto Cup

The Cueto Cup

MASK VS. MASK MATCH: Sexy Star vs. Veneno - no rating, horrific segment.

Almost immediately Joey Ryan runs in and rips off Veneno's mask, revealing that he is, in fact Cortez Castro, A.K.A. Officer Ricky Reyes of the LAPD. Why did Joey do this? It gains him absolutely nothing (his brag about having been right about Veneno's identity would have been proven correct with a Sexy Star victory, so he should at least wait to see if she wins or not before taking any action), and pretty much exposes the fact that Joey is actually working for Dario, severely limiting his usefulness to Dario as a double agent.

The referee, seeing Joey and Reyes/Castro brawling, calls for the bell, presumably to disqualify Sexy Star because someone was interfering on her behalf, right? Wrong. Dumbf*ck Matt Striker said that the referee had called for the bell to signify Sexy Star's victory in this match because Veneno's mask had been removed. THAT'S NOT HOW A MASK VS. MASK MATCH WORKS! You'd think that Striker would know this, seeing as how he is the lead announcer for a Lucha Libre promotion and all, but that would presume that Matt Striker isn't a total f*cking moron, which this show has taught us all clearly isn't the case.

JOHNNY MUNDO, BENJAMIN COOK, & DARIO IN DARIO'S OFFICE - We learn that anyone who interferes in tonight's title match will be heavily fined. Mundo & Cook threatened to walk out- with the title belt- if Mundo doesn't win tonight.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark - 6.5/10

We're about thirty seconds in and I'm already absolutely sick of Striker to the point where I need to mute the show. This match did not feel anywhere NEAR as epic as the finals of the Cueto Cup should have. They did some good stuff with both guys working over the head, but the Canadian Destroyers felt like they were mostly done for the flippage and the finish felt like it came WAY too soon. Prince Puma won the match, and Vampiro got into the ring to raise his hand in victory.

Johnny Mundo(c) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. - 7.5/10

Quite simply, I think that the overbooking and the storylines that went into it really hurt this match. This should have been Rey going over cleanly, leading to Puma beating Rey for the belt at Ultima Lucha by turning heel.

Final Thoughts
A very disappointing show from Lucha Underground. Both of the matches they have been building to for almost three months failed to deliver to the level that they should have.

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