GFW Destination X

GFW Destination X

From August 17, 2017

GFW Destination X
Lashley arrived with his whole camp. Jarrett was on screen. Tonight all champioships are getting replaced with new GFW Championships.

McKenzie tries to interview Bruce Prichard. Someone opens the door, we don't see who it is, but McKenzie teases we're in for a treat.

GFW Knockout's Championship
Gail Kim vs Sienna (C) w/KM - 6.5/10

Match was a bit too much Gail Kim for my liking. This is a match that could have gone back and forward, and make Sienna look like a good champ while you can still allow Kim to have the clear pin before getting screwed. Towards the end, Gail Kim hit the Eat Defeat when suddenly Angelina Love(?) attacks Gail Kim.

HOLY SHIT! That was Taryn Terrell! Sienna capitalizes and drops Kim with the AK-47 for the win. Damn, Taryl looks hot.

JB and Josh tease that Prichard will address the title situation later tonight. I keep thinking that this is a work and part of Prichard's turn.

Matt Sydal Promo - "I move in fast forward and see in slow-motion" I thought that line was awesome.

Bruce Prichard Addresses The Title Situation - Prichard has a prepared statement. Alberto is officially stripped, Patron voluntarily vacated the title. Prichard announces that he can revert the title back to a former champion, and thus he returns the title to Bobby Lashley.

OH WOW, WHAT THE FUCK! Bobby Lashley doesn't show, instead, FUCKING "Mr. Killing the Business" Himself! Jim Cornette!

Cornette announces that since Anthem is barely getting their feet wet with the wrestling industry, they had mismanaged some situations in the past, and so they needed someone with some wrestling experience, and thus Anthem has brought in Cornette to REPLACE Prichard!

Cornette says that Patron didn't give up the title, he was STRIPPED. Dang, Cornette is shooting on Patron. He also announces that next week there will be a 20 Man Gauntlet match for the vacant championship. Cornette was fucking awesome!

Suddenly, LAX come out. Low Ki is own a title shot. Konnan says that Low Ki should be the No. 1 Contender to whoever wins the gauntlet. I don't know why Cornette doesn't take it, it sounds reasonable and an easy decision. Cornette makes it up to Low Ki by giving him entry number 20. Konnan and Cornette talking shop is a promo class everyone in developmental should be watching.

This was a crazy segment.

Super X Cup Finals
Dezmond Xavier vs Taiji Ishimori - 7/10

The match was surpisingly slow paced, like the spots were executed quickly, but the pacing between spot and spot was slow, they would just walk around instead of the quick follow ups. Aside from the pacing, this was somewhat of a PWGesque match, with Ishimori and Xavier starting the match testing each other, a little bit of submission work, a little bit of my turn, your turn striking, and then came the big spots. Finish saw Xavier finish Ishimori with a Pele Kick from a back spring. I looks cool, but the impact is not finisher worthy.

Post-match - Dezmond is awarded the trophy, cuts a great promo and calls out whoever wins the X-Division championship tonight.

Josh during commentary announces that Global Force Network and the GFW Channel is coming to PlutoTV. They're going to Germany and somewhere else in Europe. Not sure what all that means exactly, but seems like GFW will have some announcements soon.

Prichard and Karen Jarrett scream at each other backstage - Karen Jarrett screaming is not good for business.

GRADO is saying goodbye next week on Impact, I guess he couldn't get that yes after all.

X-Division Championship Ladder Match
Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt (C) - 7/10

As Trevor was coming out, he signaled someone in the back to 'stay there", nice tease. Match started with Sonjay controlling the match, when the ladder finally came out, Trevor Lee got the upper hand on Sonjay. Lee brought a table to the match, Sonjay then brought in another ladder to the match.

Sonjay took out Lee and when he's close to winning the title, Caleb Konley came out and put Dutt through the table. Konley is trying to get Lee up, and suddenly PETEY FUCKING WILLIAMS! Canadian Destroyer to Konley! Sonjay Dutt and Lee fight on top of the ladder, Dutt drops Trevor down and grabs the title. Sonjay retains and Petey Fucking Williams is back!

Lashley Interview - Lashley was fucking awesome. He didn't acknowledge the title situation.

Ohio Versus Everything vs Jason Cade & Zachary West - Squash

Nice! Jason Cade! JB's way to put over OVE is by saying that the first time he saw these guys was OVE defeating The Young Bucks. Crist brothers are wearing make-up, they look kinda weird. The jobbers got too much offense in, but I still consider this a squash. OVE won with a modified version of the Total Elimination.

Moose/ECIII/Drake/Adonis/Cornette Segment - Just tons of people confirming they're in the gauntlet match next week. Drake talks himself into the no 1 position. You know, Eli Drake would be an awesome upset new champion.

Winner Receives a Championship Match of their Choosing.
"Walking Armageddon" Lashley vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 8/10

Lashley dominated Sydal from the get go and it lasted for a while, he was just playing and tossing Sydal around, bunch of cocky pins. At one point Sydal did make a comeback, but Lashley cut him off as Sydal was going for the SSP. Sydal fights him off and is able to hit a Meteora and finally brings Lashley down.

Lashley once again regained control and kept destroying Sydal, but he couldn't put him down, so Lashley goes for a chair, right infront of the ref, Sydal hits a VanDaminator and finally goes for the SSP, Lashley counters, but a minute later Sydal rolls up Lashley for the win.

Post match - One of the MMA guys grabs one of the refs and chokes him up, what the fuck! ROID RAGE!! There was some commotion, but suddenly we get a video package.... HOLY SHIT! Johnny Impact is coming to GFW!

During the commentary, JB and Josh are really selling the story that Dan Lambert doesn't want Lashley doing pro wrestling and wants him to focus on MMA. This could end up going somewhere.


Great show for Impact, really eventful show with tons of people coming back, some debuts, and tons of good wrestling. Commentary tonight was lacking Pope, and it was really great, Josh and JB are a great team when they're not fighting each other.

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