NJPW G1 Climax 27, Day 15

NJPW G1 Climax 27, Day 15

From August 06, 2017

NJPW G1 Climax 27, Day 15

Juice Robinson & David Finlay vs Tomoyuki Oka & Katsuya Kitamura - 4.5/10

Seems like both Juice and KItamura have learned morse and we're trying to call the spots using their pecs, now that I think about it, that would be awesome. The young lions started with some momentum, then the experienced guys got the match back and Finlay pinned Oka for the win.

Michael Elgin & Hirai Kawato vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & Hiromu Takahashi) - 4/10

EVIL and Elgin did big lad's spots, Takahashi submitted Kawato. Really short match, but it got its point across.

TenCozy vs Bullet Club (Tama Tonga & Yujiro Takahashi) - 4/10

Tonga kept this thing of stealing people's entrance attire and using it during the match, at first he took Kojima's robe, then he took Tenzan's mask and went for the mongolian chops. In the same vein, Tonga tried to use Kojima's lariat, so Kojima just used the same counter everyone else uses at him at least one per match. I think by this point Tonga knows he's eliminated and just doesn't care anymore. Tonga did get the pin on Tenzan at the end. Well wrestled meh match.

Bullet Club (Kenny Omega & Chase Owens) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA & BUSHI) - 5/10

BUSHI had an entrance mask resembling Frightmare, i liked it a lot. Bullet Club got the heat on BUSHI for a while, he got cut off for what felt like more than half of the match, he finally made the tag to SANADA who ran wild, but also had his interaction with Omega which does get me really excited for the things these two man may be able to do in their match. SANADA submitted Owens for the win with the Skull End.

CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada, Gedo, & Toru Yano) vs Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado, & Taichi) - 5.5/10

Okada's neck and shoulders are all taped up from last night's match, so we know what Suzuki will be targeting. The Suzuki vs Okada part of this match was really good, everything else was ok. When Yano came in, he got a good pop, and that whole heated stuff between Okada and Suzuki just became a comedy match between Taichi and Yano. Finish saw Yano tear Taichi's pants off and roll him up. 5.3 of this match was all Suzuki vs Okada. After the match, Suzuki threw water on Honma who is doing commentary.

G1 Climax 27 Block A
Yuji Nagata (0) vs Zack Sabre Jr (8) - 9/10

Last show was a night of wrenches and upsets, Kojima fucked with SANADA's standings, so I'm not surprised anymore that Nagata finally got his first win and screwed Sabre's standing. Personally, I would had waited for the final show, or at least do Nagata's before Kojima, just for the surprise.Having said that, this was the PERFECT match for Nagata to win.

This was a usual Sabre match, he worked and twisted Nagata's arm until Nagata made a comeback, and forced Sabre to go into striker mode which he is still pretty deadly. Nagata's comeback saw him working on Sabre's arm and neck with similar submissions to Sabre's, so it became a really balanced match with equal strengths since it wasn't about age anymore, and more about wrestling proficiency. Tons of counters and both Sabre and Nagata were in the same danger throughtout the match, so it really doesn't take anything away from Sabre for losing. Finish was Sabre falling to the Backdrop Hold.

G1 Climax 27 Block A
Kota Ibushi (8) vs YOSHI-HASHI (4) - 8/10

Back and forward match with both men working each other's head/neck. I had been liking YH matches for a while now, to it was about time that I'd be down with one of his matches. At one point in the match YOSHI had Ibushi in a guillotine, which Ibushi got out of but he kept a hold on YOSHI's wrist going for hisKamigoye. YOSHI would however start headbutting Ibushi, ending with countering Kamigoye into a powerbomb. Finish was YOSHI-HASHI kicking out of the Last Ride and Ibushi hitting the Kamigoye for the pin.

G1 Climax 27 Block A
Hirooki Goto (8) vs Bad Luck Fale (8) - 8.5/10

Fale almost from the get go started working on Goto's leg, not that he needed since Goto was having a lot of trouble getting him off his feet anyway, which he did eventually do, but it took its toll. This actually ended being one of my favorite Goto matches from the tournament, primarily because of the contrast of styles between the two, it made for a different match from Goto who, I'm sorry, but tends to have really generic matches when he wrestles his own style.

There was a really weird Clothesline from Fale to Goto where Goto kinda got stuck on Fale's arm and he ended up twisting in a weird way and actually pulled Fale back. Minute later Fale finished Goto with the Choke Lariat Slam, finish felt out of nowhere, like Goto still had some kickouts in him. This pretty much eliminates Goto from contention unless the planets align in the next show.

G1 Climax 27 Block A
Togi Makabe (6) vs Tetsuya Naito (10) - 8.5/10

Makabe jumped Naito from the get go,, which makes total sense considering how they left things last night. They brawled to the crowd for a while ending with Naito dominating the fight. Everything when Naito was under control working the neck was awesome, Naito was wrestling circles around Makabe; however, Makabe's comeback just consisted of lariats until he was able to setup Naito for the Spider German Suplex and try (and fail) to hit the King Kong Knee Drop. Naito at the end hit some Destinos for the win. After the match, Naito kept antagonizing Honma, poor Honma.

G1 Climax 27 Block A
Hiroshi Tanahashi (10) vs Tomohiro Ishii (8) - 9.25/10

So this time Tanahashi didn't straight up piss off Ishii, but Ishii already came in with the mentality to make Tanahashi prove why he calls himself the Ace. Ishii's offense was his usual strikes and working the head, while Tanahashi worked on Ishii's leg; in addition to Ishii's work, later in the match Ishii started working Tanahashi's legs with a bunch of submissions and dragon screws. The last few minutes of the match, both guys were just going all out on their offense, they were just spamming finishers and kicking out at ones, all leading to Tanahashi dropping two High Fly Flows for the win. Both guys looked dead at the end of the match, like scary beat.

I'm not sure if Tanahashi's pants ripped and he is wearing golden underwear (totally plausible), of he just has a golden crap stain in his design (totally plausible too).

Post-match - Tanahashi was so beat up, Oka had to literally carry him while Tanahashi cut his winner's promo. No stupid air guitar, so awesome.


Well, we survived the show without all these upsets on group A, which actually, in a weird way makes Nagata's win less memorable. I really liked this block's matches, Nagata/Sabre and Tanahashi/Ishii are definitely worth checking out. Time to start doing some math.

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