NJPW G1 Climax 27, Day 12

NJPW G1 Climax 27, Day 12

From August 02, 2017

NJPW G1 Climax 27, Day 12

Tomoyuki & Shota Umino vs Katsuya Kitamura & Ren Narita - 4.5/10

As always, an enjoyable match everytime I can see Kitamura beat the shit out of people, his chops are so stiff they would make Roddy cry. Oka and Kitamura stayed away from each other this match, but it was Oka that made

Hirai Kawato & Yuji Nagata vs Kota Ibushi & Tiger Masx IV - 5.5/10

Two babyface teams facing each other, match was all competitive. Ibushi and Nagata worked most of the match, with both Ibushi and Nagata trading momentum. Final minutes of the match were all Kawato vs Tiger Mask, where Tiger would drop a Tiger Driver from the top rope on Kawato for the pin.

Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Chase Owens, and Yujiro Takahashi) vs CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii, & YOSHI-HASHI) - 6.5/10

Yujiro's girl tonight may or may not be drunk, she's definitely on something. Ishii and Fale started the match and they played out that nothing in Ishii's usual arsenal works on Fale that much. After Ishii and Fale did their thing, we started getting constant tags and 3-man spots, mostly all of Bullet Club working on one of the CHAOS guys. Finish saw YH tap Owens out at the end. Fun match. After the match Ishii talked shit to Fale.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, & Hiromu Takahashi) vs Suzuki-Gun (Zack Sabre Jr, El Desperado, & Taichi) - 7/10

BUSHI surprised the match by doing a tope suicida when Suzuki-Gun were barely walking around the ring. All the juniors did their thing all match, but the biggest thing coming out of this was Sabre started working Naito's arm, and Naito started working Sabre's head/neck. BUSHI and Taichi were the last in the ring, Taichi dodged the MX and hit BUSHI with the mic, roll up for the win. I really liked this match, LIJ and Suzuki-Gun have some great heat together.

Post-match - Taichi put on the BUSHI mask he had stolen a few days ago, and as he is strying to steal another one, Hiromu makes the save. Sabre and Naito faced off outside the ring.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jyushin 'Thunder' Liger vs Togi Makabe & David Finlay - 6/10

Ok, so this got me worried for their next match, I enjoyed Makabe vs Liger and Tanahashi vs Finlay more than I did Makabe vs Tanahashi. The match was good overall, but thing special either. Tanahashi pinned Finlay for the win. After the match, Liger was marking out for Tanahashi for some reason.

G1 Climax 27 Block B
Juice Robinson (2) vs SANADA (6) - 7/10

Slow paced match with SANADA working Robinson's injured leg, and Juice working SANADA's head. There was a cool spot with SANADA locking in the Figure 4 (which they called The Skull Lock), Juice would reverse it, but then SANADA would reverse it again and roll all the way to the outside where he kept the submission applied. Towards the end, they kept reversing each other's finisher over and over again, ending with SANADA taking out Juice's leg one last time and locking in the Skull End to choke out Robinson and sealing the deal with the Rounded Body Press.

G1 Climax 27 Block B
Toru Yano (2) vs Michael Elgin (4) - 5/10

HAHA! Yano pulled an Eddie and tricked the ref into DQing Elgin for a fake low blow. Match was going good in Yano standards, as in all comedy. Elgin was cutting off Yano in most of the cheats that Yano was going for, but then they started racing for low blows, Yano found it easier to fake one. Yano is now 2-0 vs Elgin in G1 matches.

G1 Climax 27 Block B
Minoru Suzuki (6) w/El Desperado & Taichi vs Satoshi Kojima (0) w/Satoshi Kojima - 7.5/10

Every year, the two wrestlers with zero (or lowest) points at the end of the G1 should face one-one-one and the loser has to do a ROH tour, or you get banned from next G1 tournament. Match started like a usual Suzuki match, with Suzuki and Kojima brawling, Desperado and Taichi getting involved, Tenzan fighting them both off to a huge pop, some chair shots on Kojima, and FINALLY back in the ring. The match was mostly Suzuki dominating and Kojima making a valiant effort to stay in the match. Suzuki put him down with the Gotch Piledriver. Suzuki has finally defeated Kojima in a G1 Climax.

G1 Climax 27 Block B
Kazuchika Okada (10) vs Tama Tonga (4) - 8.5/10

Once again Tama Tonga jumped Okada and stole his robe, this time Okada caught him while Tonga was posing in the corner and so Okada just kicked his ass. Match was all back and forward, Tonga had some good offense against Okada, and while he was really never close to winning, he gave Okada a good battle, and as I wrote that, there was a 2.99 near fall. The last 2-3 minutes were awesome, just tons of counters ending with a Rainmaker for the pin. Tonga looked great, Okada looked undefeatable, good match.

G1 Climax 27 Block B
Kenny Omega (8) vs EVIL (8) - Perfect 10/10

No shirt, wet hair, and black tights Omega, we're getting main event Kenny, and did they fucking deliver. Early in the match, EVIL removed the padding outside the ring, which Kenny ended up dropping him in, followed by Kenny dropping EVIL on the announcers table, which didn't break. They continued inside the ring with Kenny somewhat having control, but EVIL got some offense in too.

At one point, they started brawling outside a lot, EVIL did his chair batting spot, Kenny returned it by not only dropping a foot stomp on a table that was over EVIL, but we was gonna hit a Tiger Driver from the apron to what was left of the table, instead, EVIL countered and hit a rock bottom through the table! EVIL is busted open right next to the eye. Kenny made it to the ring at 19.5.

Once inside the ring, they were giving it everything they had, both going for their biggest moves. Kenny hit some V-Triggers, EVIL locked in his Banshee Muzzle. One V-Trigger Kenny hit did legit knockout EVIL, that final minute Kenny couldn't keep EVIL steady to hit the finish, so he just powered him up on his shoulders and dropped the OWA for the pin. That last part was kinda scary.

Amazing match! This was a career making match for EVIL, he was a total babyface and a heel in this match. Kenny was a killer!

Post-match - Kenny cuts a promo shooting saying that he'll be back to back winner. Good stuff. Backstage he cut another promo shooting on Seth Rollins for stealing his moves. "When EVIL meets and angel, a warrior of light, there was no way the darkness can overcome it"


Up and down all around, but that fucking main event was awesome! We're closing in to the final shows, we're starting to see the points come into play, Kojima and Juice are technically out of the tournament, Omega closes in on Okada, but EVIL, SANADA, and Suzuki are still in the game. Okada is also coming close to going undefeated on a G1.

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