PWG Man on the Silver Mountain

PWG Man on the Silver Mountain

By Big Red Machine
From June 16, 2017

PWG Man on the Silver Mountain


A bunch of chairshots but Chuck, but a grand total of zero DQs from the ref. Other than that, this was pretty good.


The best way to describe this would as a well-paced spotfest, but some of the "we each hit the same move" stuff got grating after the first two or three times they did.

KEITH LEE vs. LIO RUSH - 6.75/10

The fans chant for a test of strength because I guess they hate Lio Rush and want to see him get embarrassed (on commentary, Chuck Taylor noted that "Lio will need to get a ladder from under the ring to get up there").

The story here was the vast size difference between the two men, and how Lee did not seem to be taking Rush seriously because of it. They told a good story for most of the match, getting both humor and drama out of Rush's attempts to prove that he could still beat Lee while always sticking true to the story. Then they ruined it all with the goofy "kick out and one and start the Hogan comeback and then fall down" spot that Rush did. Twice.


Big men doing big-man stuff.


I guess weapons are legal in this one, too. I don't know what Sami did but he managed to make Matt Sydal. That's a hard thing to do. These guys had a very hard-hitting match, with some sick bumps and great reversals, plus a little story with Sami taking advantage of a mistake on Sydal's part to work over his knee and get the win. Awesome match.

JEFF COBB vs. TRENT? - 5.75/10

This match really didn't work for me. We started off with Cobb totally dominating Trent? with his power, with Trent unable to do anything whatsoever aside from two random chairshots that he wasn't disqualified for even though they were right in front of the referee. Then, after getting no offense whatsoever all match in a match where the story was that Cobb was so much larger and stronger than Trent?, Trent? just picks him up and hits a piledriver on the apron. Trent? would eventually hit a piledriver in the ring as well (Cobb kicked out of both) and then locked in a crossface but Cobb escaped and we went right back to Cobb dominating with his size and power until Trent? randomly hit the Dudebuster for a nearfall, and then they started doing a strong-style strike exchange until Cobb hit the Tour of the Islands for the win. None of this meshed together well at all.

ZACK SABRE JR. & MARTY SCURLL vs. reDRagon - 9/10

EXCELLENT babyface vs. heel tag team wrestling. Kyle in particular was just plain awesome tonight, with that big Superman comeback he made towards the end. A wonderful showing for reDRagon in what will probably be their final match in PWG.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Good. Zack and Marty went to attack reDRagon again, but Chuck Taylor came out to make the save. He challenged Zack Sabre Jr. to a PWG World Title match next month, and even offered the stipulation that if he loses, he can never receive another title shot again. Zack responded by telling Chuck to suck his dick.

Final Thoughts
A pretty great show from PWG, with a decent undercard, an awesome Sami vs. Sydal match, and a very fitting finale (although we didn't quite know it at the time) for reDRagon.

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