Lucha Underground S03E28: Booyaka! Booyaka!

Lucha Underground S03E28: Booyaka! Booyaka!

By Big Red Machine
From July 26, 2017

Lucha Underground S03E28: Booyaka! Booyaka!

Booyaka! Booyaka!

CUETO CUP SECOND-ROUND MATCH: El Texano Jr. vs. The Mack - 5.75/10

Which idiot came up with those "El Texano Jr. Section" signs? They are so pathetically Cesaro Section rip-offs that it makes the whole promotion come off as second rate. Have some f*cking creativity. Call yourselves "Team Texano" or "Texano's Troopers" or something like that and change the color scheme on the signs. That took me a grand total of fifteen seconds to come up with.

They had a decent match. Famous B came out and distracted The Mack, and El Texano Jr. took advantage of The Mack distracting himself with Famous B to get the win.

SON OF HAVOC/SON OF MADNESS BACKSTORY TEASE - Good stuff. We learned that Son of Havoc is a deserter from their motorcycle club, which is called "The Invisible Cult." Son of Madness vowed to make his life hell unless he returned, and basically told him that if he didn't return, he would kill him. This all took place as they were trading armlocks in a bar. After El Hijo del Madness left, El Hijo del Havoc angrily broke some stuff.

THE RABBIT TRIBE BACKSTAGE - Okay... Mascarita Sagrada shows up with a present. Paul London begs him to not be angry with them for failing in the Cueto Cup. Mascarita Sagrada left the present and walked away. It was a rabbit's foot, for good luck.

CUETO CUP SECOND-ROUND MATCH: Pentagon Dark vs. Drago (w/Kobra Moon) - 7/10

Great match!

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - GREAT... except for one REALLY ANNOYING detail. Because he's Pentagon Dark, he decides he is going to break Drago's arm. Kobra Moon comes in to try to save her servant (and also presumably prevent her team from being stripped of the tag titles) but she gets super kicked. Pentagon Dark once again goes to break Drago's arm, but this time AeroStar makes the save... by running right past Pentagon Dark to then hit of the ropes so that he can then run at Pentagon Dark (who had to sit there and not do anything while watching this guy) to hit him with a Canadian Destroyer. If he was so concerned about saving Drago, why didn't he just hit Pentagon Dark from behind?

AeroStar put out his hand in a sign of friendship to Drago but Drago attacked him and laid him out with a big Face Eraser type of move. Then Pentagon Dark came over and broke AeroStar's arm while Drao just stood there and watched.

CATRINA & PENTAGON DARK MEET IN A HALLWAY - The gist of this was that Mil Muertes hasn't forgotten that Pentagon Dark cost him Aztec Warfare II, and it sure would be interesting and exciting if they met in the Cueto Cup finals, hint hint.

REY MYSTERIO JR. vs. P.J. BLACK - 6.75/10

Striker said the following:
"It looks like P.J. is trying to start a chapter of working on the midsection of Rey Mysterio. Ribs. Shoulders. Arm. All of the appendages between the head and waist."

So Striker clearly doesn't know what an appendage is, but he tried to use the word anyway because he wants to sound smart. And that first part... that is just so horrendous that it makes me want to throw things. This is why everyone hates Matt Striker. If the producers of this show have anything that even resembles a finger on the pulse, they'll replace his insufferable ass for season four.

Stuff happened. It was good. We got a ref bump, then run-ins by the Worldwide Underground. Dragon Azteca Jr. ran in to help Rey but got taken out temporarily by Taya, but came back with a chair to chase them off. Rey won.

REY MYSTERIO PROMO - Fine babyface promo.

Final Thoughts
A great episode of Lucha Underground.

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