Style Battle S1 E5

Style Battle S1 E5

By Big Red Machine
From June 16, 2017

Style Battle S1 E5

Anthony Henry vs. Matt Tremont - 5/10

If the guy Gabe has been using this promotion to build up loses in the first round to a deathmatch guy I think that's enough evidence to call the police and tell them that Gabe has been abducted and replaced by a shapeshifter (who is also, apparently, a CZW fan).

Please don't yell at me. I know there is a new boking regime in CZW (I've been meaning to watch the first show but haven't found the time yet) and I realize that Tremont can do more than hit people with objects. That being said, there is a part of me that thinks it would be kind of cool if he got DQed for using a weapon here, then cut some sort of promo at tomorrow's FIP show asking why it's called "Style Battle" if his style isn't welcome there, leading to some sort of angle where we get a hardcore match or two in Style Battle.
They had a nice little match using the size difference between the two competitors to tell the story. MAJOR props are also due to the announcers for laying out how Tremont's deathmatch experience might help him in a more... um... how shall I say this?... plunderless, Gabe-ish context.

ANTHONY HENRY PROMO - Good, although he probably should have reminded us about the vow he made at the last show that if he doesn't win tonight's tournament he'll never appear on another Style Battle show again.

Joey Janella vs. Jimmy Lloyd - 4.75/10

The match was decent for the time it got. This was my first exposure to Lloyd, and I'd put him in the same category as Deonna Purrazzo where I like the stuff he does but he is just missing that in-ring charisma so his matches feel more boring than they should. Also, maybe don't miss a moonsault and then be on your feet a second later.

JOEY JANELLA PROMO - Bad. He came across like an over the top cartoon character, although I will admit that the FIP tie-in did a good job of making him seem like a more viable contender for tonight than he otherwise would have.

Francisco Ciatso vs. Teddy Stigma - 3.75/10

Ciatso is doing a mobster gimmick (complete with knockoff Godfather music and logo) while Stigma is trying to do an early 2000's crazy angry hardcore guy gimmick. This should be quite the battle of styles. The match wasn't much, but the way the weapon factored into the finish could lead to some interesting stuff for Stigma going forward, whether in Style Battle or possible in the larger WWN (for example, they could use his attempted weapon use and shoving a referee to have him banned from Style Battle and use that to get his character over in the rest of the WWN).

FRANCISCO CIATSO PROMO - Loud and generic.

Fred Yehi vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman - 7.5/10

Friedman is a great heel and worked over Yehi's arm while Yehi was the never say die babyface we all love him for being. GREAT match!

FRED YEHI PROMO - Very good. He wants to win a Style Battle because between that, being the FIP World Heavyweight Champion and one half of the EVOLVE World Tag Team Champions, that would make him "the face of the WWN."

MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN PROMO - Excellent heel promo.

Anthony Henry vs. Joey Janella - 7.25/10

The story here was simply Janella throwing everything he had at Henry but Henry refused to stay down due to his vow to win tonight's tournament or else not show up in Style Battle ever again.


Fred Yehi vs. Francisco Ciatso - 3.75/10

This was good for the time it got, which wasn't much, as Yehi picked up the quick submission victory.

FRED YEHI PROMO - short and sweet.

A.R. Fox vs. David Ali vs. Tommy Maserati vs. Alan Angels vs. Leon Ruff vs. Kavron Kanyon - 7.5/10

First A.R. Fox cut a promo putting over his students and his school. One thing they don't seem to teach there is how to pick a ringname that doesn't sound lame, as the only one of his five students here (six if you throw in his best-known student, Austin Theory) who doesn't have a lame a ringname is David Ali. I didn't like this speech at all, as it felt very much like it was straddling that line of kayfabe where you're flat out saying "this is a performance," and that's a shame because that definitely colored my perception of this match, making it harder for me to suspended by disbelief for things that I normally would have no problem doing so, which is a shame because without that promo I think I would have liked this match a lot more, and I already liked the stuff they did quite a bit.

Matt Riddle vs. Martin Stone - 7/10

Both guys worked over the head. This would have been a 7.25/10 if they hadn't decided to have Riddle basically no-sell a Canadian Destroyer.

Anthony Henry vs. Fred Yehi - 7/10

An intense battle between the two men to whom this tournament seemed to mean the most.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - A good promo by the winner, and an angle good enough to get me to check out tomorrow night's FIP show.

Final Thoughts
A good show from Style Battle, but, in an odd way, the competent completion of Anthony Henry's story has made it less likely that I'll keep paying attention to them, as one of the two storylines I cared about has now been payed off. I'll probably still check out the next one unless the lineup seems weak. I'm hanging onto them by a thread, but hanging on nonetheless.

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