Lucha Underground S03E22: The Cup Begins

Lucha Underground S03E22: The Cup Begins

By Big Red Machine
From June 14, 2017

Lucha Underground S03E22: The Cup Begins

The Cup Begins

DARIO CUETO IS LOOKING AT THE BIG BOARD FOR THE CUETO CUP - PENTAGON DARK SHOWS UP! Both of his arms are looking nicely healed up, so I guess this means that the Black Lotus Triad and Dragon Azteca Jr. are going to be having some very unpleasant experiences in the near future. He is looking for Black Lotus first but Dario says she has gone back to Hong Kong. Pentagon Dark makes some threats, both verbal and physical. This results in him being put into the Cueto Cup. Before leaving, he makes one last very interestingly-worded threat: "If I don't leave Ultima Lucha III with Aztec gold, it is your bones I will be breaking." Not "the Lucha Underground Title." "Aztec Gold." Hmm...

CUETO CUP FIRST-ROUND MATCH: Mala Suerte vs. The Mack - 6/10

Fat Steve Austin wanna-be defeats comedy jobber. Off to a good start so far.

DARIO & CAGE CHAT IN THE GYM - Dario very strongly suggests that Cage go talk to his friend Councilman Delgado tonight. Cage says he's not interested because he's too busy admiring his new, powerful gauntlet. Dario says he should go and gives Cage Delgado's address.

CUETO CUP FIRST-ROUND MATCH: Argenis vs. Pentagon Dark - 6.25/10

Very good for the time it got.

CUETO CUP FIRST-ROUND MATCH: El Texano Jr. vs. Famous B (w/Brenda) - no rating, great segment.

I forgot how entertaining Famous B and Brenda were. "We love horses!" was my favorite line.


CUETO CUP FIRST-ROUND MATCH: AeroStar vs. Drago (w/Kobra Moon) - 6.5/10

Drago is back in chains, which is extremely weird when you consider that he wasn't in chains before he had proved his loyalty. He is also now dressed in red. They told their story well.

CAGE GOES TO MEET COUNCILMAN DELGADO AT CITY HALL - Delgado was a big giant idiot and was all like "hahahahah you'll be working for me soon" rather than showing any sort of intelligence or tact. Cage punched his face in with the gauntlet, killing him. He stepped on Delgado's eyeball on the way out. I thought the way Delgado was written here was very out of character.

Final Thoughts
A good show from LU to kick off the coveted Cueto Cup.

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