WWE UK Championship Special

WWE UK Championship Special

By NWK2000
From May 07, 2017

WWE UK Championship Special

Wolfgang vs Joseph Connors - 7/10

Great opener: Connors worked the ribs of Wolfgang until he made a comeback and won

TJP and Brian Kendrick vs Dan Maloney and Rich Swann - 5/10

Decent tag team wrestling with some comedy spots thrown in. The camera completely missed TJP throwing Swann into the steps, and Kendrick executed a sloppy roll up hooking the tights for the win.

Pete Dunne/Trent Seven Video package - This shows us that Dunne assaulted Seven during his interview segment re-injuring his shoulder

WWE UK Championship No 1 Contender's Match
Pete Dunne vs Trent Seven - 8/10

Seven came out to a new theme. BOO! Bring back Arena Nation Rock. HOLY S-IT Dunne has the Progress World title with him Dunne controlled most of the match with Seven making fiery comebacks but Dunne prevailed in the end. Special props to Dunne's facials. He has the uncanny ability to go between "sneering 12 year old boy" and "Evil psychopath"

Post match - Dunne cut a short but sweet promo about how he's coming for whoever's the champ.

WWE UK Championship

Tyler Bate (c) vs Mark Andrews - 9.5/10

This match was great. The pacing was exquisite, they told the story of the advantage going to Bate whenever it required grappling or striking, and Andrews whenever it came to high flying. Bate looked physically impressive, walking to the ropes while in an octopus hold. Tyler Bate is great at everything and whenever he did something he wouldn't normally do (IE: suicide dive through the second rope) it looked unsure and sloppy. The two went for about 20 minutes and one Tyler Driver '97 puts Andrew away for the win. The only thing that's preventing this from a perfect 10 is that Andrews didn't look competitive till about the second half of the match, and there were like two contrived looking spots (albeit, two small spots in a 20 minute match)

Non-wrestling highlight of the night - during the opening to Andrews/Bate some guy (in support of Andrews I guess) started a TNA chant and was promptly booed by his entire section. I cackled.

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