PWG Only Kings Understand Each Other

PWG Only Kings Understand Each Other

From February 18, 2017

PWG Only Kings Understand Each Other

Trevor Lee vs Cody - 7/10

Like always, a PWG show starting at a 100 mph, Lee german suplex Cody from the top rope during his entrance. Lee's heel antics went up to 11 tonight with him shitting on Dusty Rhodes, stealing Goldust's taunts, and loading up the Bionic Elbow. Meanwhile, Cody was all babyface fire here, working against that first suplex that started him in the wrong way. Finish saw Knox get knocked loopy and he couldn't count a Cody pin that went up to 10, while checking in on him, Lee hit the small package suplex for the 'upset' win.

After the big Reseda fire that took the old PWG ring, tonight's ring is super wonky.

Trent? vs Rey Fenix - 8.5/10

There's a really loud lady in the crowd that has been following La Rebelion. This was a lucha shit vs not lucha shit, with Fenix going for tons of high fly moves and overly exaggerated armdrags, in return, Trent was dropping him on his head over and over again.

The Chosen Bros vs Unbreakable Fucking Machines - 9/10

They did the suspended vertical suplex tag thing on Jeff fucking Cobb! This was four behemoths throwing each other around like nothing. Fucking awesome finish! Just go watch this match!

"King" Ricochet vs "The Young Gun" Lio Rush - 9.5/10

Lio Rush fighting his own Pokemon evolution. What better way to follow up one of the biggest hoss fights ever? well, let's go watch one of the fastest, most athletic matches you can find now a days. I didn't count, but I'm sure there were more dodges than hits in this fight. Match was about two men having something huge to prove, Ricochet proving that he won't be replaced, Rush proving that he IS the top prospect of professional wrestling. That had to be one of the best underdog finishes I've ever seen, total babyface fire. Once again, just go watch this match.

"The Villain" Marty Scurll vs Jay White - 7/10

Thank god for this match, I really needed a less intense, somewhat funny match to rest from the last three matches and to get ready for the final two matches. Marty was all over the place, feuding with fans, the ring, and obviously White. The wrestling was great, but Marty has soo much charisma, that it kinda overshadowed White (who does kinda lack charisma) in his debut, he really looked stale even when becoming a villain himself, this was really contrasting with Rush, who came off as a superstar and took Ricochet to the limit, meanwhile White just had a match which he never was close to winning.

OI4K vs Superkliq - 9/10

Superkliq brought out Cody as a ring announcer, the same Cody that was a babyface two hours ago, or maybe he was a heel, and Lee was just heeler, anyway, great intros, at the end he ate a triple kick from OI4K. Excalibur confirms that this is a Texas Tornado, so no tags required. Match was tons of crazy spots in and outside the ring, I'm re-watching this show after the Wrestlemania weekend, and tons of spots from that weekend were taken from this match. Superkliq wins with total dominance.

PWG World Championship Match
Zack Sabre Jr (C) vs Chuck Taylor - 9/10

PWG's greatest underdog babyface finally challenging for the title, months building up Chuck's win streak finally comes to this. Chuck came in completely focused, as the man that has called several Sabre matches now, he had studied him and had counters on him, he wasn't leaving any openings, he was hooking the leg, he wasn't showboating, he was all business. Chucky T worked Sabre's neck building towards the Awful Waffle, meanwhile, Zack worked Chuck's arm towards the armbar. Match was all back and forward, with tons of great near falls towards the end, until Sabre manages to lock in triangle choke and Taylor loses consciousnesses.

Post-match - Marty Scurll comes out, he antagonizes the fans saying they should be ashamed of themselves for crapping on the best technical wrestler in the world. He attacks Taylor, Zack joins him, LDRS have reunited in PWG! Trent comes out for the save and him and Chuck embrace as LDRS run away.


Show of the year contender. The end of a great underdog rise, and the beginning of a blood feud between the LDRS and the Best Friends. Go watch this show.

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