PROGRESS Chapter 47: Complicated Simplicity

PROGRESS Chapter 47: Complicated Simplicity

From April 23, 2017

PROGRESS Chapter 47: Complicated Simplicity
Jim Smallman Intro - And this is the first time I heard a "Virgin Mary" chant, and the Virgin Mary would definitely agree, DON'T. BE.A.DICK!

James Drake vs Eddie Dennis - 6.5/10

Drake attacks Dennis during his entrance, but Dennis is not a small dude like the ones that Drake has been putting down the last months, so Dennis gives him a hell of a fight. Drake has a '93' written in his forehead, and if I know my Frighteners correctly, he will be Johnny Bartlett's 93rd victim.They really played it like this was going to be Drake's first loss in his streak, but eventually he found an opening to take out Dennis for the one, two, three. While it wasn't, this definitely felt like if Drake had to roll up Dennis. There was no jaw-breaker spot tonight.

National Progression Series IV Semi Final Match
Laura DI Matteo vs Alex Windsor - 6.5/10

Alex's hair looks weird tonight, not sure if extra puffy or what. This was a small gal vs big gal match, Di Matteo's quickness and submission profficiency kept giving her openings and she kept outmanuvering Windsor, who could in return, break everything with her strength and mean streak, eventually Laura's babyface fire and constant hits start to bring down the giant and put her down via submission. The whole Di Matteo story, from Jinny to tonight, makes me think she will take the title come SSS16 weekend, when she meets Jinny and Toni Storm.

Mike Bird vs 'Flash' Morgan Webster - 7/10

Mike Bird is one half of the ICW tag champs AND Morgan Webster's trainer. Story of the match is that Bird is not only his teacher (thus he knows Webster quite well), but he's also stronger and eager to bully his former student into a W in the record books, so Morgan Webster finds himself trying to outsmart the professor and prove that he knows more than what Bird taught him and he has more fire than Bird gives him credit for. Match started mostly with Bird dominating, later on Morgan making a good comeback. At the end Bird is choked out with a guillotine as he flips the Bird (no pun intended) to the fans. After the match we're all expecting him to give credit to his pupil, but in return Bird spits in Morgan's face.

Post-Match - Webster thanks the fans for the support. As he is heading to the back, James Drake attacks him from behind and goes for the Jaw-breaker forearm. I guess Webster may take some time off ?

London Riots vs South Pacific Power Trip - 9.5/10

This is SPPT's final match together, Black and Cooper are leaving PROGRESS tonight, and so, my heart is broken, it's unfortunate that visas have to get in-between the rise of the most over team in Europe, match hasn't even started and they're already getting a standing ovation, and Black and myself are crying, Riots and Banks broke some kayfabe and clapped for them too. In the same vein, I miss Riot's older song.

Match stated out friendly and nice inside the ring, some comedy, all emotions, but minutes later all hell broke lose and people started flying and a brawl started around the fans. Once back in the ring, we saw tons of double team moves, they did that spot where one man takes someone out and then gets taken out until all 4 are lying down, except all moves where top rope moves. Both teams stole each other's team finishers, but at the end is SPPT's finisher that puts Lynch down, with Banks getting a good wi towards SSS16. Emotions aside, this was an amazing match.

Post-Match - Standing ovations, Crying, Curtain Calls, quite emotional. Black thanks the fans and PROGRESS. I can't remember a match being this emotional start to finish since Punk: The Last Chapter.

While they cant' wrestle in England anymore, management offers SPPT a PROGRESS tag team title match anywhere else in the world. This brings out British Strong Style to some huge heel heat. In a really douchbag way, Trent Seven offers the title shot now, but it's all a ruse, as Dunne takes out Banks. Seven takes out Cooper, and while Bate is holding off Dahlia, Seven pillmanizes Cooper's leg, so he and Dahlia have matching boots.

Out of nowhere, RINGKAMPF MAKES THE SAVE!! Thatcher, Dieter Jr, and WALTER run off BSS and Cooper is looked by the staff. Overall, this was a hell of a send off that writes off Cooper, builds off BSS vs Ringkampf, and in a way, I'd say pushes Banks to the future.

(I had to take a 10 minute break after that emotional roller coaster)

Jim Smallman brings out Pastor William Eaver and announces that he is the first entrant to the Super Strong Style 16.

PROGRESS Championship No 1 Contendership Match
Mark Andrews vs Mark Haskins - 8/10

I wonder if WWE will ever hire Andrews and repackage him as El Hijo del Connor McGregor. This was a babyface match if you've ever seen one, all wrestling, barely no striking, tons and tons of counters, overall a great competitive match. The finish saw Haskins lock a triangle hold on Andrews who pinned Haskins at the same time, thus ending in a draw. Jim Smallman calls for the draw and gives both men a shot at the next chapter.

SSS16 Qualifier Match
Jack Sexsmith vs Paul Robinson - 6.5/10

Well, another man that is finishing up with PROGRESS tonight, unfortunately, this one is permanent and due to health issues, kayfabe-wise, Robinson said that if he loses tonight, he's gone from PROGRESS, just like his buddy Ospreay last show. Sexsmith jumps Robinson from behind during his entrance, they have been trash talking each other since the match was announced, but it's still a heel move to jump him, and to makes things worse, stupid Sexsmith loses the upper hand within minutes. This feud is all about Robinson being intolerat with the LGBT community, so Sexsmith is extra motivated tonight and spots like the Cock-O or Sexsmith kissing Paul got him soem good pops. Robinson hit the Essex Destroyer, the Curb Stomp, a Shooting Star Press, even the OzCutter, and Sexsmith kept kicking out. At the end, Sexsmith counters a curb stomp in an awesome way and locks in the Cock-face for the submission win and qualifies to SSS16. Robinson didn't get an emotional send off.

All PROGRESS Championships On The Line
British Strong Style (C)(C) vs Ringkampf - 9/10

And yes...Another man leaving PROGRESS, this one sold his soul to the devil to be repackaged as Bad News Dieter in WWE, or so the rumors say, unfortunate that we didnt' get to enjoy more trios Ringkampf in PROGRESS, in a positive not tho, Dieter may still beat the living shit out of Bate in WWE for the UK belt. I find it really awesome when Jim makes introductions in the wrestler's native language. Actual stipulation is that if anyone from BSS gets pinned, him/they lose the titles only to whoever pinned them, in the case of the tag titles, the winner picks his partner to be tag champs. I kinda wished it would had just been title shots instead of title change, since it telegraphs that BSS is likely winning.

Match started with Ringkmapf schooling BSS on the mat, but through cheating, BSS gets the upper hand on Thatcher, they got the heat on him for a while until the rest of Ringkampf got the hot tag and the chaos started. There were some good combinations during the match, it seemed like at one point they were building Dunne vs Dieter and Thatcher, WALTER's stuff with Seven was good, Bate's stuff stuff with Dieter Jr was great too. Tons of 3-on-3 spots, and even with the stipulation, some great near falls. Finish kinda sucked because it came from Dunne hitting WALTER with the belt after a ref distraction, but it really goes BSS and how they win their matches. Overall a great match.

Post-Match - Ringkampf receive a standing ovation, Thatcher and WALTER leave the ring to Dieter Jr, so he can say goodbye.

Post-Show - We get Paul Robinson's goodbye speech, he has a health condition and this means he can't compete at the standard anymore and thus has to retire. He gets a standing ovation. Jesus, this was an emotional show.


A really really emotional show, PROGRESS took a big hit this show losing TK Cooper, Dahlia Black, Paul Robinson, and Dieter Jr. Wrestling-wise, show had some great matches, particularly both tag matches, we got new no 1 contenders to the PROGRESS title, and finally, we're headed towards SSS16 and the NPS IV finals.

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