WrestleCon Supershow 2017

WrestleCon Supershow 2017WrestleCon Supershow 2017

From March 31, 2017

Michael Elgin, ACH, & Mascarita Dorada vs David Starr, Trevor Lee, & Caleb Konley - 6.5/10

Match had some funny wrestling, but not actual like non-wrestling comedy, it was mostly the heels doing stupid spots. The heels had the heat on Mascarita Dorada for a good chunk of the match, which was followed by a really lackluster hot tag because Mascarita made his comeback against all heels, THEN he made the tag to Elgin who really just came in to punish.

Low Ki vs "King of Swerve" Shane Strickland - 7.5/10

Low Ki did a Sabu teleport entrance, he was a surprise and the crowd goes crazy for him. This was a slow and methodical match with Low Ki torturing Strickland in many different ways, Strickland would find chances to bring out the Swerve style to take Low Ki out of his game and get some offense in, but Low Ki would just go X-Division on him and bring him back to the mat. There were some sick looking foot stomps in this match including one where Strickland landed on Low Ki's back, and a tree of woe one to the outside, which actually led to the finish.

Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match
"Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb vs Bobby Lashley - 6.5/10

There was a production problem and someone wanted Lashley to come out to country music, this prompted "Fuck that owl" chants. Eventually, Lashley came out through the crowd, no song. There was a small story at first where Lashley doesn't think much of Cobb, so Cobb did some spots to make Lashley take him seriously, which worked against Cobb since Lashley got serious and started to dominate the match. There was an great spot in which Lashley had Cobb in a suspended vertical suplex, it just looked incredible to have someone the size of Cobb like that. The finish came kinda out of nowhere, so the match felt a bit underwhelming out of it.

Flip Gordon & Sammy Guevara vs Los Gueros del Aire - 7.5/10

Big pop for Angelico and Evans tonight. Gordon and Guevara are playing the cocky rookies. Even without a mic, Evans cut a mid-match promo on Guevara calling him Justin Bieber, and as Excalibur said, he does have the babiest of babyfaces. This match made honor to the name of their components, it was all flips and sky. Jack Evans was the babyface in peril for a while, Guevara and Gordon playing the young heel perfectly, with tons of spotty moves. The hot tag was great, Angelico's knees look lethal. I've seen Gordon 3 times already from this weekend, and every time I like him a bit more, I wouldn't be surprised if both these guys start to make tons of noise this year, even make it to the X-Division soon.

Team Ricochet (Ricochet, Desmond Xavier, AR Fox, Sami Callihan, and Jason Cain) vs Team Ospreay (Will Ospreay, Lio Rush, Drew Galloway, Marty Scurll, and Ryan Smile) - 10/10!

Look, this is not a technical classic or amazing storytelling, but this has been one of the funnest matches I've seen, this was like watching The Final Deletion for the first time, like watching Ospreay vs Ricochet for the first time. So stop reading and go watch this match if you haven't. Go in spoiler free and enjoy it.

Now that you had a chance, match was just a wonderful display of athleticism, wrestling, dancing, comedy, hard hitting spots, flying, it had all. There was a dance battle in between the match that kinda came out of nowhere, but it was great, kinda like those slow motion spots from PWG. After that, it was just spot after spot after spot, some times they would fly, sometimes they would kick someone in the face, sometimes you'd have near falls, but at the end of the day, they put over the younger local guy.

Post-Match - Ricochet cuts a promo saying that wrestling is awesome and wrestling is for everyone. It was a great feel good moment.

DDT Ironman Heavy-Metal-Weight Championship Battle Royale
Joey Ryan (C) vs Colt Cabana vs Kikutaro vs Underground Luchador (Matt Striker) vs "Man-Scout" Jake Manning vs George South vs Suicide vs Mr. Hughes vs Zane Riley vs 2 Cold Scorpio vs Billy Gunn vs Moose vs Swoggle vs "The Franchise" Shane Douglas vs Kevin Thorn vs Shannon Moore vs Hurricane Helms vs Abyss vs Gangrel vs Marty Jannetty - 6.5/10

Entrants are every 60 seconds, eliminations via going over the third rope, but title changes via pinfall, submission, AND going over the top rope elimination ON the current champion. Underground Luchador has the LU t-shirt and a Rayo de Jalisco mask, he immediately pins Ryan to become the new champ, unmasks and it's Matt Striker, he didn't last long after this, as Ryan eliminates him to regain the title. George South's trunks say "I Love Jesus." Billy Gunn eliminated Kikutaro, Zane, and Cabana, and then the face off with Moose came, the face off no one knew they wanted, AND it's interrupted by Swoggle. Both Douglas and Kevin Thorn prompted ECW chants, different eras tho. Moore and Hurricane came next, and it's officially a WWECW AND 3-Count reunion! It's incredible how Gangrel still gets so great pops so many years later. Marty was the last one, he looks super happy, but the fans are chanting "Marty's wasted", so I hope he is to not remember his terrible performance.

Final four are Swoggle, Moose, Gangrel, and Joey Ryan. Moose eliminated Gangrel, Joey Ryan eliminated Moose with his dick, and with the opportunity, Swoggle sneaks behind and eliminates Ryan to become the new champion!

WAIT, Joey Ryan sneaks behind, rolls up Swoggle and re-captures the title!....wait......ENTER SANDMAN!!!!

Holy shit, I haven't seen this man in ages! He looks old and thinner, but he's still The Fucking Sandman! He's smoking, he's giving beer to underage fans (I believe he's sober now, so all the beers go the fans now), and everyone is singing, he's a fucking legend.

Match was a huge clusterfuck, just like every other legends battle royale, but at least the surprises were good, wrestling wasn't a joke for the most part, and most importantly, none of the wrestlers left you feeling sad.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match
Brian Cage w/Melissa Santos vs Johnny Mundo w/Taya - 7/10

The battle of the LU hook-ups! Introductions for this match were pretty good. Match started with some chair spots, then ladder spots, and finally, they brought in the tables, which interestingly enough, were broken when Cage put Taya through one, and Mundo spearing Melissa Santos on the other one. I can't really say there was anything innovative and it wasn't their best match.

The Broken Hardys vs Lucha Brothers - 6/10

Thinking about it, Cero Miedo and DELETE had to be the most over indie chants of 2016, now they're dueling chants in this match. Match was unfortunately short and underwhelming considering the talent, this was like a dream match, but it was pretty much all Hardy's offense and the Luchas barely had a chance to get their stuff in. Not sure why they couldn't put the young up and coming team over if they're selling their souls to the devil by the end of the weekend.

Post-Match - Matt Hardy cuts a promo thanking the fans saying that it's events like this that have the best wrestling. He puts over Penta and Fenix over. He puts over all the younger teams out there saying that they'll become obsolete, but great tag teams will keep the sport going.


This show definitely peaked around the middle and it unfortunately came down. Overall it's definitely a show worth checking out, especially the 10-man match. There was a big mix of fans here, I imagine they were drunk because some front row fans were really obnoxious, but the chants and reactions were great, so there was a good atmosphere.

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