WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup '17: Scotland Bracket

WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup

From March 23, 2017

WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup
This time, the whole crowd is singing the national anthem. Awesome.

Hendry vs Williams Tale of the Tape Video - Hendry came off smug and Williams like an underdog. Good stuff from both.

PWWC Scottish Qualifying First Round Match
Joe Hendry vs Kenny Williams - 5.5/10

Good opener to the show. Kenny brings in the speed, Hendry, the power I guess. Match was going back and forward and then suddently, I turned away for less than a minute and the match was over, Kenny reversed an Angle Lock into a roll up for the win. Short match, but that's how roll ups should go. Hendry walked out pissed off.

Coffey vs Thomson Tale of the Tape Video - Good, Coffey was good, but Thomson came off like a generic middle aged dad.

PWWC Scottish Qualifying First Round Match
Joe Coffey vs Liam Thomson - 6/10

This was like a miniature hoss fight, Coffey is the taller heavier one, and he's only 5 ft 11. Coffey really dominated most of the match, he busted Thomson's mouth open. Coffey was great in this match, but Thomson was slow and most of his spots looked choreographed, like he needed Coffey to do the work. Coffey takes the pass via submission in a lackluster finish.

The Mexican Brackets are happening in England. Bullshit, at least do it in Los Angeles or something.

El Ligero vs GRADO - 6/10

Grado's music is edited post-production, that's a good way to make sure he gets over with the live crowd and not pay copyright fees. Ligero is fighting DRAGO in the Mexican qualifier, and tonight GRADO which is an anagram of DRAGO. This was 100% a comedy match about Ligero's lucharific style and Grado's lack of conditioning and agility, and him being depressed for not being able to do the same things that Ligero does. At one point GRADO put on a Generico mask and started doing lucha things, but Ligero unmasked him. Later, GRADO brought in a bag of Doritos and they did thumbtacks spots for the finish. Comedy was good if you like slapstick comedy.

Striker on commentary has been insufferable all night, but that last match was the tipping point.

Gunn vs Girvan Tale of the Tape Video - Ok, nothing special. Gunn was the better of the two.

PWWC Scottish Qualifying First Round Match
BT Gunn vs Lewis Girvan - 6.5/10

Big thing coming in to this match is that Garvin has 5 victories over Gunn, who has never defeated Garvin. Good wrestling but a but boring match, Garvin mostly worked submissions and Gunn the power spots. Gunn at the end finally takes the win and doesn't feel as big as it should have if those 5 loses meant anything.

Galloway vs Coffey (the other Coffey) Tale of the Tape Video - ok too, it really feels like everyone says the same thing by now.

PWWC Scottish Qualifying First Round Match
Drew Galloway vs Mark Coffey - 7/10

Coffey is giving in size, age, and experience over Galloway, so the match was mostly Galloway dominating the match and Coffey not giving in and finding little flurries of offense in himself. Probably the best match of the first round.

Striker straight up insulted all fans that throw streamers to the ring saying they're not Japanese and they're smarks. Fuck Striker.

Martin Kirby vs Travis Banks - 6/10

You know what sucks about large stables? Every match we have to hear the same song over and over again. Match was going great until the stupid finish with Kirby playing possum after the Zoidberg Elbow, Banks falling for it. I still don't know why people like Kirby, he's a good wrestler and all, but aside from that i have no idea.


Joe Hendry Segment - Because we haven't heard The Prestige's song all night, why not have one more segment with them. He is crying about losing his tournament match until Gabriel Kidd comes out. He just runs down Hendry on how he has been losing and losing on all the chances he's had. As whiny as he was, Hendry came out looking as the babyface after the run down that Kidd gave him. Hendry kicks Kidds as until Matt Striker gets in the ring and now I'm definitely rooting for Hendry. Striker defends a little kid (19 yr old, Bate is the UK champ at 19 btw), he cuts a good promo ending in challenging Hendry to a match. He should really consider going back to wrestling full time, he's more bearable.

PWWC Scottish Qualifying Final Match
Kevin Williams vs Joe Coffey - 6.5/10

Hey! it's that song again! Kill Me! Striker kinda sold that after Hendry losing to Williams in the first round and what just happened, Prestige is coming in harder than ever against Williams, so most of the match was controlled by a hard hitting Coffey until he managed to submit Williams. Post match he kept kicking William's ass.

PWWC Scottish Qualifying Final Match
BT Gunn vs Drew Galloway - 6.5/10

The song...The fucking song....Anyway, Gunn jumps Drew right from the get go with a superkick, Galloway recovers fast enough and the back and forward starts. Gunn worked Drew's back, Drew in return kept it to big power moves. Galloway puts Gunn down after Future Shock DDT. Galloway advances to the summer finals, hopefully he doesn't sign with some other company before then, that would be terrible.

Will Ospreay w/Bea Priestley vs Marty Scurll vs Matt Riddle - 7.5/10

It's Bea's birthday tonight, Will wants the crowd to sing, crowd boos instead, fucking dicks. Ospreay and Scurll gang up Riddle first until Ospreay out-villains the Villain himself, and attacks Scurll. After that it was all on their own, tons of kicks coming from each guy. At one point Scurll did the finger break spot but on Riddler's toes, it was extra sick. Finish saw Scurll steal the win from Riddle as Matt hits the Bro to Sleep on Ospreay, but Scurll locks the Chickenwing for the submission win.


A better show than the England bracket in both terms of wrestling and booking, but at the same time, this show dragged on a lot more after the first set of tournament matches, I honestly blame that we kept hearing the same entrance song over and over again, at one point I guess it did feel like I was watching the same thing over and over again. Aside from that, definitely a better show. Striker was insufferable all night except for his little angle vs Hendry, but the amount of shit he talked was too much.

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