Lucha Underground S03E19: Gods Among Men

Lucha Underground S03E19: Gods Among Men

By Big Red Machine
From January 11, 2017

Lucha Underground S03E19: Gods Among Men

Gods Among Men

DARIO & COUNCILMAN DELGADO & DARIO'S OFFICE - we're going to get to see Cage wrestle tonight while using his gauntlet, so we'll finally get to see their power! Dario says that "he doesn't realize that it's the power that is consuming him," which seems to confirm by theory that the gauntlet is cursed or possessed or something.

The rest of the conversation went like this:
Delgado: You know, soon we will be nothing more than men amongst gods.
Dario: Gods who owe us a great deal of gratitude.
Delgado: I'll drink to that.


From here we got the segment that they put up on YouTube earlier in the day, with Dragon Azteca Jr. wanting to face Matanza in a deathmatch tonight and Dario okaying it, ending with Dario picking up the red phone to inform Batman that "we have a new main event."

They used Striker's usual show-opening hype segment as a set-up for Vampiro getting the chance to cut an awesome promo on Mil Muertes (and the fact that I'm calling it "awesome" shows you just how fantastic Vamp's delivery was because in terms of content, all he really said was "I'll get my revenge on you at some point, Mil!"). In addition to being an awesome promo, it was a very clever way to set this up, while still letting Vamp maintain the position of an announcer throughout- never leaving the desk and not being given "promo time" the way a wrestler would be.

EL TEXANO JR. vs. JOEY RYAN- 4.25/10

But seriously... watch this one for Famous B and Brenda's antics. Fantastic stuff.
Also, I like the way they're turning Texano heel without actually putting him with Famous B (yet?).

Mack looked like a badass and Johnny Mundo was just plain awesome. Those security guys, though... I think that was the most un-Lucha Underground thing ever.

CAGE vs. VENENO - no rating... bad segment.

This didn't feel new or different in any way. We didn't see any real change in Cage since winning his magical gauntlet. He threatened a referee afterwards. So what?

I don't think Veneno should have gotten any offense in at all and Cage should have won in, like, forty-five seconds.

SEXY STAR ATTACKS VENENO - she thinks the spider-themed jobber has been sending her the tarantulas. I thought this was a really clever way to get Sexy Star on the show in a way that shows us that this is driving her a bit crazy.


El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. "The Monster" Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) - NO rating, crazy segment.

I don't know how to rate this. It was a few really scary spots, then Matanza won the Deathmatch when he made his opponent suffer of a case of what might well be death with a chokeslam through... either part of the bleachers or possibly just the floor.
Rey Mysterio Jr. came out to continue the brawl. More scary spots happened until Matanza got back body dropped through the roof of that storeroom across from Dario's office. Dario then ordered all of the fans to evacuate The Temple. While I was watching all of this, I was legit afraid that someone would get seriously hurt.

MARTY THE MOTH IS STALKING MELISSA SANTOS... BUT HE GETS KNOCKED OUT AND KIDNAPPED BY MARISPOSA - she says some stuff about him finally seeing the light, then hits him. Marty laughs at all of this.

A great show from Lucha Underground.

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