Lucha Underground S03E16: The Battle of the Bulls

Lucha Underground S03E16: The Battle of the Bulls

By Big Red Machine
From December 21, 2016

Lucha Underground S03E16: The Battle of the Bulls

The Battle of the Bulls

The Mack vs. P.J. Black vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. Cage- 7.25/10

During Crane's entrance, Vampiro threw an impressive amount of words together in a way that felt like it flowed from one point to the next but it made absolutely zero sense.

They did this spot intended to set up Mack doing a standing moonsault onto two guys, but to set it up they had one guy lying on his back on the mat and the other guy face down on top of him. The referee was right there, so why wasn't he counting a pin? This is the sort of thing that really annoys me. "But it will look so cool" is never a reason to ignore logic.

Striker keeps talking about "The Mack's Story" and saying that "the Believers know The Mack's Story" and I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about. That short sequence that began with the attempted Doomsday Device Crossbody was awesome!

El Texano Jr. running in on Cage to cost him the match felt very forced to me. I never saw this as that kind of heated feud at all.
The match felt like it got less and less exciting as people got eliminated, and doing the finish the way they did and right after that commercial break was extremely anti-climactic.

AEROSTAR & FENIX OPEN ALL OF THE STALLS IN THE BATHROOM - Once I realized what they were doing I laughed my ass of at it. Why didn't they just shout "Hey, Drago! Are you in here?"

Kobra Moon showed up and told them that Drago had returned to her tribe. Aerostar said that Drago would never return to the Reptile Tribe after having made a vow a thousand years ago. Kobra Moon said that Lord Pindar and Vibora would now break them, so we got a crazy fight in the bathroom with Fenix and a dude with a 1970's Iron Man repulsor ray on his chest taking on Kobra Moon, LORD PINDAR and The UnderSnaker.
Only in Lucha Underground. In fact, this whole segment is something that could only make sense in Lucha Underground.

SEXY STAR & THE MACK BACKSTAGE - Very good segment.
Also, there was a spider crawling around backstage.

Crane walks into Dario's office, removes a ceiling tile, and pulls down some sort of tablet hidden in the ceiling, telling Dario "I put this here when I was a kid."

JEREMIAH CRANE & CATRINA BACKSTAGE - the plot thickens even more!
The thing he pulled down from the ceiling in Dario's office is an Ouija board. The first thing he says to her is "remember when we used to play with this." Crane has a match with Mil Muertes next week. Also, he knows Mil's real name!

Johnny Mundo(c) vs. Sexy Star- 6.5/10

This was probably a really good match, but for whatever reason I just didn't care about either wrestler. Also, I could have sworn there was a "no rematches" clause on this match, and if there was, there was no reason to protect Sexy Star like that on the finish.
We got a decent post-match bit to build up to next week's title match.

DRAGO IMPRISONED BY THE REPTILE TRIBE - Kobra Moon showed up to taunt him. He breathed fire.

Well... Jeremiah Crane became interesting in one night, so that cool. Other than that, I really didn't care for this show. It wasn't "bad" per se, but I just really didn't care.


1. Matt Stirker- "Superior Athleticism. Conceited. These are just two words that come to mind when that man appears on your screen."
Actually that's three words. Kind of like how "can't do math" are three words that come to mind whenever Matt Striker appears on my screen. Other three word phrases that come to mind when Striker appears on my screen include "you are terrible," "just shut up," and "go f*ck yourself."

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