PROGRESS Chapter 39: The Graps Of Wrath

PROGRESS Chapter 39: The Graps Of Wrath

From November 27, 2016

PROGRESS Chapter 39: The Graps Of Wrath
Show starts with Haskins addressing why he vacated the title, he is injured and he has to take some time off if he ever wants to wrestle again.

Jim Smallman Intro - He announces that all the winners of tonight get into a 7-thread match to crown a new champion. The rest was irrelevant to the show. You can tell Jim has been to a PWG show, and Don't Be A Dick!

PROGRESS Championship Qualifying Match
F.S.U. vs The South Pacific Power Trip w/Dahlia Black - 6/10

Apparently, in addition to qualifying to the main event, this is also a PROGRESS Tag Team No.1 Contendership match. I don't know if at any point they announce this was Texas Tornado match because I never saw a tag. Match was all over the place really, just a bunch of spots right after the other. Decent opener. Andrews continues his losing streak while SPPT continue their winning one.

PROGRESS Championship Qualifying Match
Joe Coffey vs Pastor William Eaver - 6/10

Someone should tell Coffey to change his hair do, he just looks like a bigger version of Scurll. Sebastian came out right before the match was about to start, Eaver looks depressed. The match itself was really balanced, back and forward, Coffey worked the back toward the Boston Crab. Sebastian being out there pretty much telegraphed what would happen, Eaver would win, but I didn't see him doing it the way he did, I think it's a bit too soon to be pulling dirty tactics aside from Sebastian getting involved. Actually, unless he legit turns heel, the Pastor should not be corruptible for the whole storyline, his moral compass will be tested, but he has to stay in the right path while enduring the punishment.

Post-Match - To the surprise of no one, Eaver's win means Sebastian goes to the main event.

Jim Smallman Talks - Anyone needed their time wasted? Jim's got you covered.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match AND PROGRESS Championship Qualifying Match
London Riots vs British Strong Style (C) - 7.5/10

Rob Lynch is wearing a face mask because of his face still being broken. Even though there were two funny spots in the beginning, match started really hot with all four guys brawling in the floor. Then order was set and we had a really good tag match.

PROGRESS Championship Qualifying Match
"The Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay vs Matt Riddle - 7.5/10

I'm sure he loves his AC cosplay, but Ospreay looks like he's wearing a black plastic trash bag. Good American Riddle attacks Ospreay during the introductions....Bro... chill out. I'm not sure if it was by design, but this is the first match that they have talked about doing things quick because if you win, you still have another match later tonight. In the words of JR, these guys need to slow down, they started 0 to 60, and ended at 100 mph. Ospreay needs to stop hanging out with Ishii, these fighting spirit spots are gonna kill him. Surprisingly, Riddle wins his debut and makes Ospreay tap out, Ospreay continues his 2016 losing streak. Finish came too quick and out of nowhere in my opinion. it was great for the time it got, but this could have been much better if it had been a bit slower and more time, bit underwhelming if you ask me.

PROGRESS Championship Qualifying Match
"The Villain" Marty Scurll vs Jimmy Havok - 6.5/10

They started with the Lesnar vs Goldberg match from Survivor Series, thank god Scurll did kick out. Match was going really good until Jimmy pulled an Eddie Guerrero and got Scurll DQ'd, so it was quite underwhelming for a match up months in the making. Now, it wouldn't have been so bad if the commentary had mentioned something like "Havok got out of the match early because he needs to be good for the main event".

Jim Smallman wastes your time some more.

Natural Progression Series IV, First Round Match
Nixon Newell vs Katey Harvey - 5.5/10

How wrestling has changed, this was the most technical match of the night. These girls have been watching some Io Shirai matches, they're stiffing the fuck out of each other. Newell was kinda botchy at times, but the match was pretty good, pretty like Katey Harvey. Finish was good. I think i'm in love with Katey Harvey.

Jim Smallman - I finally get it, PROGRESS is designed for beer drinkers, and he talks between each match for those that broke the seal early and have to take a piss after each beer.

7-Way Elimination Match for the PROGRESS Championship
Pete Dunne vs Trent Seven vs Jimmy Havok vs Sebastian vs Matt Riddle vs TK Cooper vs Travis Banks - 7/10

Dahlia Black is out here with the STTP, William Eaver is out with Sebastian. During the intros, we got the tag champs and the no1 contenders face off, we got Dunne and Riddle face off, all of it was great. Scurll took out Havok during his entrance, Scurll now needs to buy a new umbrella, so does this mean that it's a fight with only heels and Riddle? I really don't like this, these match from the start felt like a Dunne vs Havok match, because as credible as Seven and Riddle are, you just do see them taking the title right now. Sebastian should have waited until the last minute to take Eaver's spot since Eaver at least is a former champ. STTP are awesome as a tag team, but on singles going for the title feel like they don't belong, again, at least Andrews is a former champ and STTP ended up being eliminated first anyway.

Now for the Match. Everyone leaves Sebastian with Riddle alone in the ring and he takes him out, and then quickly enough Riddle puts everyone in a submission, one by one. After this, the whole match was all over the place. Riddle eventually eliminated Cooper first. Sexsmith came out for some reason to hit Sebastian with Cocko, total waste of time, but after this Havok came out to no pop because Sexsmith was doing shit in the ring. Havok eliminates Sebastian, Seven eliminates Banks. Finally we're rid of the non-credible contenders. BSS double team Riddle to eliminate him. Now it's Havok handicapped vs BSS. After a bunch of double teams, Havok makes a comeback and eliminates Seven. It's down to Dunne vs Havok. here were a LOT of shenanigans in the final match up, but it's something worth checking out, some awesome near falls, Tyler Bates returned and turned heel and Pete Dunne is crowned!


There were special circumstances coming in to this show, but due to them, all matches tonight felt extra important, and everything kept building towards the really important main event; however, I can't really say there is a match worth going out of your way to watch, if you're a fan of Dunne, by all means watch his matches, but that's it.

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