RevPro v NJPW Global Wars UK 2016: Night 2

RevPro v NJPW Global Wars UK 2016: Night 2

From November 11, 2016

RevPro v NJPW Global Wars UK 2016: Night 2

Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & BUSHI) vs Redman and Garrett - 6.5/10

EVIL has perfected the LIJ so much that I really do believe he hates wrestling. This was a good heel vs face dynamic match, LIJ got the heat for a long while on Redman, Garrett had a great hot tag and then the match just went everywhere. Ref was terrible at keeping control, but at least he called for the DQ properly. Good opener, but nothing much, I think you could had pinned BUSHI if R&G were gonna win anyway. I still can't believe WWE would let Joel Redman go.

Drew Galloway Promo - Good, addressed his injury and he promises to come back to Rev Pro.

Tomoaki Honma vs Josh Bodom - 5.5/10

During his entrance, Bodom got in Galloway's face. Tomoaki Honma, same shit, different night, I could literally write the same review as for Night 1 and it would still apply, at least this time there wasn't a need to put Honma over, even tough he did win because of a lowblow.

"Blue Justice" Yuji Nagata vs Trent Seven - 6.5/10

Nagata is not impressed by Seven's entrance. This was a bit of a comedy and stiff shots combination of a match, there was a lot of chops, Seven's in particular were really loud. Nagata worked Seven's hand toward the submission win. Seven looked good, this match felt really old school, as in this was slower and methodical in contrast to the previous two matches.

Post-Match - Dave Mastiff made his return to Rev Pro and took out Seven.

"The Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay vs Jushin "Thunder" Liger - 7/10

People will never stop popping for Liger. Ospreay came out wearing C.T.U. Liger, I never realize how much I need a Liger/Tiger Mask W vs Tiger The Dark/C.T.U. Liger match until now, especially if Ibushi and Ospreay are under the masks. This was for the most part a comedy match, Ospreay did assume almost all of Liger's arsenal, including taking the win using Liger's own innovated move, the Shooting Star Press. This was a great match between two guys that really had no reason to hate each other, so it did its job perfectly. Liger's hair was a mess the whole match, it was really distracting. Post match Liger and Ospreay kinda put each other over.

"Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne vs "The Stone Pitbull" Tomohiro Ishii - 5/10

I really didn't like that they basically portrayed Ishii to be leagues ahead of Dunne, but at did like the small dynamic that even though Ishii had the upper hand against hits and quick moves, Dunne had Ishii's number when it came to submissions and those painful stretches we all love and enjoy. Hated the finish, it was the third match with low blows, but at least Ospreay and Ishii do belong to the same stable and Ospreay and Dunne do hate each other. This could had been an awesome match if they sold us that Dunne was at the same level as Ishii as last night with Hero.

The Leaders of the New School vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Naito & Sanada) - 8/10

Babyface in peril Zack Sabre Jr tags in babyface Marty Scurll for the hot tag, just not the kind of thing you get to write during 2016. Everyone was over in this match, LIJ were working the heel side. I was a bit disappointed that you didn't really see anything different in Sabre after he lost the title last night. There were more low blows in this match. Sabre put Naito over clean.

Post-Match - Scurll is cutting a promo saying he has signed with ROH and this is the end of the Leaders of the New School, he cuts the usual 'Thank you' promo. He and Sabre embrace in the middle of the ring and at this point you know a betrayal is coming, but it's taking too long! Annnnndddd there it is. Scurll low blows Sabre and leaves him in the middle of the ring. Unfortunately, I wasn't clear if the goodbye thing was still relevant after the turn, and after this, I also don't know what this means for Sabre's heel turn that had been building up, surely losing the title last night was reason enough to do it, but now he's tag parted betrayed him, so you would imagine he won't turn. I just hope this means we get intense Zack Sabre Jr after this.

Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship Match
"The KO Artist" Chris Hero vs Katsuyori Shibata (C) - 8.5/10

Just what I had hoped for in a Shibata vs Hero match, lots of stiff hits and concussions. There wasn't a lot of Shibata's no selling as usual, so the match was a lot better than expected, Hero is a great counterpart for Shibata's style. At one point I totally believed that I could see a title change this soon. Good match, worth checking out if you're a fan of either.


Good show, but personally, I liked night 1 slightly more. With Shibata retaining, I take it he'll be coming over quite often, I find it interesting to see who'll get the next title shot, I'd love to see Galloway or Cobb take on Shibata, just for the clash of styles, yet, in the same vain, I really don't wanna see Scurll be the next challenger, I feel totally serious Shibata would kill off the awesomeness of Scurll. Show is worth checking out if your queue is empty.

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