RevPro v NJPW Global Wars UK 2016: Night 1

RevPro v NJPW Global Wars UK 2016: Night 1

From November 10, 2016

RevPro v NJPW Global Wars UK 2016: Night 1

"The Villain" Marty Scurll vs Jushin "Thunder" Liger - 6.5/10

Marty came out with his own version of the Liger mask, with a little mustache and glasses. Match started with Marty taunting Liger constantly and Liger getting a bit technical on Scurll. Eventually MArty got the upper hand outside the ring and started working on Liger's arm, setting up for the Chicken Wing; meanwhile, Liger went for his greatest hits. At one point Scurll did an Eye Poke and Eye Rake on a masked wrestler, and it worked. Scurll kicked out of a Liger Bomb and tapped Liger out, he HAS to be back in No 1 contendership for the title if you ask me.

Tomoaki Honma vs Sha Samuels - 5/10

Honma is super over with the crowd, but at the end of night, it was the same Honma match as always, as he tries to go for the Kokeshi and he just can't. He actually hit it in the third try, then there was a highly unnecessary ref bump to get Castle out there and double team Honma and he could overcome the odds. Sha Samuels was great, even in defeat.

"Blue Justice" Yuji Nagata vs "Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne - 8.5/10

Nagata has been wrestling for one year more than Dunne has been alive. Dunne has been reminding me a lot of heel Bryan Danielson, kinda like if he had a kid with Old School Dave Taylor. The match from the get go was highly technical, the kind that looks really painful. Dunne worked Nagata's arms, eyes, and knees. Nagata was just beating down Pete however he could. Both guys were amazing in this match.

"The Stone Pitbull" Tomohiro Ishii vs "The KO Artist" Chris Hero - 9.25/10

Well that had to be one of the best match starts I've seen in a while, not many men can make Ishii look like an underdog, and not to critic Hero's size, but Ishii hitting a brainbuster was super impressive. This match is seriously awesome, worthy of being called a dream match, I was being cocky thinking that nothing would out do Nagata vs Dunne, but this was great. Super hard hitting, fighting spirit spots were well done, and you just felt everything building up. Worth checking out. I need a rematch, hopefully in NJPW.

Post Match - Hero tries to put Ishii over, Ishii won't have it.

BUSHI vs "The Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay - 7/10

Obviously Ospreay was super over. They're really playing the whole CHAOS vs Ingobernables de Japon feud here. Match was fast paced as expected, except for the small time BUSHI was getting heat. There was a huge need in this match to make Ospreay look strong, taking a green mist, low blow, Canadian Destroyer, and still kicking out at 2. Awesome ending sequence.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Naito, EVIL, Sanada) vs Mustache Mountain (Star, Bates, and Seven) - 7.5/10

Evil got single's entrance, but Naito and Sanada came in as a tag team, I found that weird. Say what you will, the comedy in this match was awesome. Mustache Mountain really held their own against LIJ, their double team work is just spot on. As a tag team, MM definitely looked better than LIJ, but LIJ are super over tonight and there was no way they weren't going over.

Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship Match
Katsuyori Shibata vs "The Technical Wizard" Zack Sabre Jr (C) - 8/10

Mixed reaction for Sabre Jr, I've been hearing a lot of people hate on him after he did the CWC, but this being his house, I wonder if they're turning on him, or they just love Shibata that much more. As you can imagine, this match started really technical, really really technical, eventually it went more strong style. Last shows, Zack Sabre had been acting more heelish, this match he was definitely the heel. Shibata had his shoulder taped, so obviously, Sabre worked the arm and shoulder towards the armbar; Shibata on the other hand, started working the arms, but then got all kicky and started working Sabre's chest and head. Finish kinda felt out of nowhere, but it feels like it was the right thing to do.

Post-Match - Shibata offers to shake Sabre's hand, Sabre is thinking about it but before he can, Scurll comes out and takes Sabre away. Chris Hero then came out to face off with Shibata. Hero vs Shibata is Night 2 for the title!


Just a great show from both companies, some finishes were surprising to me, but I'm glad it just wasn't a 'put NJPW over' show. Found it really interesting that Shibata took the title, since I wonder if he'll do more Rev Pro shows, or will he drop it to Hero tomorrow. Same with Sabre, will he go full blown heel after losing the title?

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