RF Video's Shoot Interview with Team 3-D

RF VideoRF Video

By Big Red Machine
From November 30, -0001

Bubba & Devon discuss their training, ECW, their admiration for Spike Dudley, their thoughts on the original "Dudley" gimmick, Mass Transit, Big Dick Dudley, their heat with The Public Enemy and chasing them out of ECW, the origins of the Acolyte Test, New Jack (& his bullsh*t), Paul Heyman, working with the various tag teams in ECW, The Sandman, the state of the business nowadays, the atmosphere in the ECW locker room, TLC, Bubba's incident with Sylvain Grenier, Johnny Swinger, their split in 2002, Batista, Bubba's scariest injury moment, why WWE nixed the Bubba vs. Triple H feud, Dave Lagana, Brian Gewirtz, their feud with Taker in 2004, The Rock, Stone Cold, Hardcore Homecoming, Eddie Guerrero, & more.

Overall, this was a very good shoot interview. It felt comprehensive, was easy to listen to, told you things that you wouldn't otherwise know, and had some great stories.

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