ROH Straight Shootin' with The Blue Meanie

ROH Straight ShootinROH Straight Shootin

By Big Red Machine
From September 22, 2005

Meanie talks about the incident with JBL, Hulk Hogan's reaction to the bWo, ideas that he, Stevie Richards, and Nova came up with for bWo parodies in 2005, the founding of 3PW, the hardships of being a promoter/booker, the importance of a promotion having a street team, his thoughts on the Philadelphia "indy wars," why everyone hates XPW, the dirty tricks XPW tried to pull (Gabe says that XPW payed Bougalou $900 to no-show an ROH show, and Meanie tells a similar story about a much more respected wrestler) and how Jasmine St. Claire made it impossible to run 3PW, Joey Matthews, Sandman, Jerry Lawler, CZW, and the death of 3PW.

There were some nice nuggets of promoting knowledge in here, like how the weather affects attendance (it is easier to draw in the winter than in the summer, and why), but overall, it wasn't that interesting. Definitely worth picking up if you are a big fan of either the Blue Meanie or 3PW.

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