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From May 20, 2016

PWG Prince

Dalton Castle vs Adam Cole - 5.5/10

You have to imagine that one or both of these guys may have to leave early because this could be a main event anywhere else in the country. At one point Castle was going for a top rope move and slipped, it was a bit awkward after this. Then they went for a weird count out thing where Cole thought he had won and left to the back, but he unceremoniously came back around 5 so there wasn't even a tease of anything. The wrestling was good, but the overall match seemed to have been improvised, nothing was building to anything, Cole even hit the Last Shot 3 times.

Michael Elgin vs Kamaitachi - 6/10

Elgin is so short that he makes Kamaitachi look huge. Apparently this is his US debut, and this was supposed to be Elgin vs Sabre for the title, but Sabre was injured at the moment. Geez, yet another match with no chemistry, either that or Kamaitachi was just off tonight, his flips were half assed and his sentons were not landing. Kamaitachi worked Big Mike's legs, Elgin himself just punched and kicked him a lot. Match did get better towards the end, but you can tell Kamaitachi doesn't work that well when he can't jump around as much to the outside. Finish was botched, but it ended up better when Elgin countered a Meteora into an Alabama Slam.

Mark Andrews vs "The Villain" Marty Scurll - 7/10

arty is such a great heel, my new favorite dream match is Scurll vs old school Flair, I wanna see them out-villain each other. Scrull even eye-poked a fan tonight, he did the old Dragon Romero Special spot, but instead of the dragon sleeper at the end, he was just rubbing his balls all over Andrew's head. Mark Andrews was just there. Just kidding, the match was good, started slow,

Andrew Everett vs Trevor Lee - 7/10

Former tag champs and Helm's Dynasty collide! Lee is doing the 'TNA superstars' thing that the Bucks did long time ago. This is the third match in a row with a high flyer vs a more grounded guy, spots are starting to feel repetitive, it's the ground guys that kinda change the flavor. Trevor got a 'Dixie's Fuckboy'. Everett is really getting on my nerves in this match, his offense is amazing, but his selling is so exaggerated that just takes you out of the match. Aside from that little pet peeve, match was great, unfortunately the finish was really lackluster.

Jeff Cobb vs Chris Hero - 7.5/10

This may be the most athletic hoss fight I've seen, this is also the first and last time I see someone manhandle Hero like if he was a cruiserweight...well, this only lasted a bit, towards the end of the match, you could tell both guys were getting tired and slower. In typical fashion, Hero was going for the KO with elbows and kicks, Cobb was working Hero's back with all the slams you can think of.

Drew Galloway Promo - Brian Cage no showed and Drew shot at him. Called out anyone in the back for a fight, out came Big Mike for this second match of the night. Galloway was stupid enough to piss off Elgin by calling him 'Big Fucking Pussy'

Michael Elgin vs Drew Galloway - 7/10

Match started off like a brawl inside the ring, then spilling outside. Not sure if intentional, but Galloway was working Elgin's legs, continuing the damage that Kamaitachi started in their match. Galloway stole the match in a really lackluster finish.

Roderick Strong vs Sami Callihan - 8/10

Apparently Roddy came out to Zack Sabre's music tonight. First show after Zack won the title and he is not here, Roddy is talking trash at him. I also guess Roddy is cool with Knox calling his match again. Match was the best of the night, Roddy and Sami were not phased out by the heat of the Legion Hall, Roddy worked Sami's back and Sami worked towards the Stretch Muffler. At one point Cole and Castle came out and broke up clear pins for each guy, this built towards a really hot finish.

Post- Match - Cole and Roddy double team Callihan, Castle makes the save. Castle and Callihan kiss in the middle of the ring.


I can't imagine this show being hotter (temperature wise) than the BOLA weekend, but everyone seemed way slower and off tonight, like even the fans were not reacting as hot (excitement wise) as they usually do. Add to that a card that aside from Cobb vs Hero, was half improvised half not dreamy. Hate to say this, but a skippable show, I guess PWG is not that big of a Prince fan as they are of Bowie and Motorhead.

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