Lucha Underground S03E05: The Prince and The Monster

Lucha Underground S03E05: The Prince and The Monster

By Big Red Machine
From October 05, 2016

Lucha Underground S03E05: The Prince and The Monster

The Prince and The Monster

DARIO’S DIAL OF DOOM- this week’s title shot goes to… PRINCE PUMA!

IVELISSE vs. MARIPOSA (w/Marty “The Moth” Martinez)- 3.75/10
Short match. Ivelisse wins, further spaying supposedly the greatest warrior of the Moth Tribe. Marty attacked Ivelisse after the match, and Mariposa joined him for a wacky-looking double-team move.

Dario’s is talking on the phone with someone. He assures this person that “yes, I know all about Prince Puma’s bloodline, but Matanza is a god. He will not be defeated tonight.” Hmmmm.
Then Johnny Mundo showed up and demanded a title shot yet again. Dario f*cked with him some more, and this resulted in Dario giving Jack Evans a shot at the Gift of the Gods Championship next week because Jack pinned Sexy Star in last week’s match.

FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT- Matrix reference. Also, “they’ll be here soon.” Like New Japan’s “Time Bomb,” and NXT’s “Sanity” I am just going to assume that this Minoru Suzuki until proven otherwise because everything is better with Minoru Suzuki in it.

Cage wins in another short match.

IVELISSE’S NEW OBNOXIOUS BOYFRIEND IS SAMI CALIHAN JEREMIAH- this was a very good character-establishing segment.

LUCHA UNDERGROUND TITLE MATCH: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto(c) (w/Dario Cueto) vs. Prince Puma- 8/10
An awesome match despite the finish. If I were booking this, I would have just let it be a DQ so you have more of a reason to give Prince Puma another title shot once this Mil Muertes feud is over. Also, I hated it when a referee is forced to overlook something, essentially changing the rules in the middle of the match.

JOEY RYAN GIVES KILLSHOT AN EVELOPE- Joey got it from a dude outside who asked him to give it to Killshot. It turns out to be a burnt piece of paper that says “you left me for dead,” so I guess one of Killshot’s old squadmates is coming after him.

A great show from LU.

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