TNA Bound For Glory 2016

TNA Bound For Glory 2016TNA Bound For Glory 2016

From October 02, 2016

X Division Title Match
DJ Z (C) vs Trevor Lee - 6.5/10

There was nothing wrong with this match, it was actually pretty good, but as the opener to the PPV, it was a bit meh, TV quality match. They were gonna have limited time, but why not add a third person and make it a bit more all over the place. There was a point where Trevor did an unnecessary backflip to set up a dead-lift German, it looked cool and all, but why? why? Finish sequence was nice.

Drew Galloway promo - good, he is talking smack because he got pushed out of the Grand Championship match and they won't postpone it. He hinted that Corgan is buying TNA.

Bound for the Gold Gauntlet Match
Eli Drake def Jesse Godderz, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud, Grado, Robbie E, Basile Baraka, Shera, Baron Dax, and Braxton Sutter - 3.5/10

It was as good as a 10-man gauntlet match with no surprises or main eventers can get. Quick eliminations, small little stories here and there, but nothing worth reporting. Personally, the Rockstar Spud/Braxton Sutter stuff had me most excited and that lasted like 1 minute.

Moose vs Mike Bennett - 7/10

It was a perfectly good match. I was trying to remember if these guys ever fought one on one in ROH, but it was only on multi-men matches apparently. Moose had a special entrance that in paper probably looked great, but in execution, it looked awkward, maybe i just don't know shit about football to understand what they went for. I really wanna see these guys go for some titles now.

Aron Rex Promo - Terrible, he looked like bum too.

Grand Championship Tournament Finals
Eddie Edwards vs Aron Rex - 4.5/10

Let me start off by saying, I do like the rounds concept, it offers a lot of possibilities, having said that, they did a terrible job with those possibilities in this match. The story was pretty much that Eddie dominated one round, Aron the next, and the third was supposed to be close to a tie, but for some reason the match kinda became a brawl and the announcing kinda failed at making us wonder who would win. If the really want this title to work, they really need to push either the storytelling or making it as 'shooty' as possible. It's weird to say this, but Aron Rex only works when he is NOT himself, this guy needs a gimmick.

Gail Kim Hall of Fame Induction - Good.

It was a nice thing, nice video package, Taryn Terrell and Not-So-Awesome Kong where out there. Gail's promo was fantastic, you could tell it came from the heart and it meant a lot to her. In hindsight, Kim vs Kong did showed that women could do more than just be eye candy wrestling, and later on Kim vs Terrell again showed that pretty and tough are not mutually exclusive, that was a really 'Divas Revolution'. Having said that, Gail failed to thank Stephanie McMahon for all she has done for women in America, Gail wouldn't be voting in this coming election if it weren't for Stephanie McMahon.

and now....the greatest thing in the world...

THE GREAT WAR - TNA Tag Team Titles Match
The Decay (C) w/Rosemary vs The Broken Hardys w/Reby Hardy and Vanguard-1 - 8.5/10

In wrestling standards, this was about an 8.5, but overall this was like a 12.5/10. AMAZING use of the whole Hardy cinematic style that they have created, I had been wondering if this match would work with just a match in the ring, but they manage to introduce a 'backstage' fight like nothing we had seen since Goldust vs Roddy Piper's car chase. Match started with two awesome entrances, Decay's entrance really gave me goosebumps, that such a gimmicky stable seemed like such a credible threat. Not since 2013 Wyatts has a team seemed so threatening, but these guys actually win titles. Decay quickly incapacitated Reby Hardy, so that she didn't need to get involved most of the match and thus hide her lack of experience. Match didn't last long for them to go to the back where we saw, among other things, a really weird Jeff Hardy character, Vanguard-1 getting his vendetta, smashing pumpkins, Willow, actual fireballs from a pyromancer Matt Hardy, a fight in the back of a truck, and the death of Janice. Match went back to the ring to turn into a TLC match and the complete decimation of the Decay. This was seriously something worth seeing if you have enjoyed the awesomeness that Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero has been.

Bobby Lashley promo - meh

TNA Knockout's Title Match
Maria (C) w/Allie and Mike Bennett vs Gail Kim - 5/10

They told a story it needed to tell, we know Maria is not a technician in the ring, so a bunch of interference and running away ensued. This match was all about Gail finally getting her hands on Maria and taking the title in her feel good moment night.

Post-Match - Bennett cuts a promo that things are not the way they like them and they're shutting down BFG, if it hadn't been for all the 'this is the last TNA show ever' rumors going around, this promo wouldn't had worked as it did. Bennett in typical heel form says that no one can stop him....which obviously prompts for...

Cody and Brandi Rhodes Segment - Nice, the moment both of them stood in the ramp, they looked like superstars, even Brandi wearing her white attire, they looked like a power couple that we know they aren't. They got to the ring, got in Bennett and Maria's face and Brandi took out Maria with terrible offence (c'mon, we all know she just started wrestling), Rhodes took out Bennett and then celebrated in the ring. No Promo.

TNA World Title Match
Lashley (C) vs Ethan Carter III - 6.5/10

This was not the best match these guys have had, I don't know why, they weren't connecting tonight. It's like ECIII was going a mile a second and Lashley was a mile per hour. The story itself was great, Lashley took out ECIII with a spear during the introductions and so all match we knew ECIII was going in a bit hurt, and would have to face those odds. Later in the match both Lashley and ECIII started kicking out of their moves which didn't feel overdone for this feud, ECIII pulled some moves from their older opponents including the ECIII Splash or whatever it's called, multiple German suplexes, and even a spear. Lashley took the pin after a sick looking top rope spear where he almost DDTd himself. A bit underwhelming for the main event, and I don't think that anyone saw Lashley retaining the title cleanly in this show. Lashley is still the destroyer and at this point, he should never lose the title.


As their biggest show and PPV in the year, it was an ok show, delivered some great feel-good moments, The Great War was an awesome spectacle; however, considering all the real life news going around this show, I felt really underwhelmed at the end, I wanted to know how owns TNA, I wanted that big "I'm in charge now" angle at the end, I wanted surprise entrants in the gauntlet, I wanted Eddie to win the Grand Championship and for Davey Richards to return and challenge him, I wanted SeƱor Benjamin to throw Abyss off a ladder into thumbtacks and fire ants, you get what I'm saying. I'm cutting TNA slack in the money part of the show, understandably they couldn't bring a lot of people in, I just wish they had left me talking and rumoring more.

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