ECW Holiday Hell 95

ECW Holiday Hell 95

By Big Red Machine
From December 29, 1995

ECW Holiday Hell 95
ECW Holiday Hell 95 (12/29/1995)- Queens, NY

OPENING SEGMENT- Stevie & The Meanie come out and get heat, then Joey Styles spots Missy Hyatt in the crowd, leading to the infamous Missy-Stevie kiss. An eh segment, but it lead to some important stuff later on in ECW history.

TAZ (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. KOJI NAKAGAWA- AWESOME squash! Good post-match promo by Taz.

J.T. SMITH vs. HACK MEYERS- 4/10, mostly on the crowd making it fun. This was my first experience with the famous "SHAH!" "SH*T!" exchanges that were the forerunners of my beloved "YAY!" "BOO!" exchanges, and damn was that fun!

MATCH FOR BOTH THE ECW TV TITLE AND THE ECW TAG TEAM TITLES: 2 Cold Scorpio(c)(c) vs. Mikey Whipwreck- 5/10. The finish hurt it, and the psychology wasn't good. Scorpio wants to get heat by beating Mikey down and prolonging the match... but he is prolonging the match just so he can use ridiculously over top-rope moves, which get pops.

THE ELIMINATORS (w/Jason Knight) vs. THE PIT BULLS (w/Francine)- 7/10... but the camera COMPLETELY MISSED THE PINFALL!

WINNER GETS AN ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE LATER TONIGHT: Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven (w/Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, & Beulah McGillicutty)- 6.5/10. I loved the opening to this match (the part that was more a segment than a match... you'll immediately understand what I'm talking about if you watch the show), but hated a lot of the rest of it. Tommy must of given Raven at least 5 DDT's in this match (including a spot where Raven and Stevie would each eat a DDT, then immediately get up and eat and then another other) plus a piledriver... but Raven always kicks out (even though either Meanie or Stevie were right there and could have broken up the pin)... but it only takes one Raven Effect (on to a plastic chair, but it is still just one) to put Tommy down for the count?
One thing I did like is that (with hindsight), you can see how Raven's willingness to sacrifice his entourage seems to make Beulah rethink things, and at the next show (or one of the next shows), she becomes a babyface and joins up with Tommy.

BRUISER MASTINO vs. EL PUERTO RIQUEÑO- Great psychology in this glorified squash.

AFTERMATH- GREAT! Mastino continues the beatdown, but 911 makes the save, then chokeslams the 400 pound Mastino! No crappy gimmick escapes the vengeance of 911, even if it isn't in use anymore... especially if the gimmick in question is something as terrible as Mantaur... then it got awesome as Fonzie comes out and yells at 911 for using the chokeslam (which Fonzie claims to have banned). Todd Gordon comes out and starts brawling with Fonzie until Taz comes to save Fonzie... then 911 saves Todd, leaving us with a staredown between Taz and 911, which ends with the lockerroom pulling them apart.


ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: The Sandman(c) (w/Woman) vs. Raven (w/Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, & Beulah McGillicutty)- 6.5/10. Random violence, not much story.


SABU vs. CACTUS JACK- 7/10 with a finish that absolutely defies common sense and wrestling psychology.

An okay show from ECW, but nothing too good. Definitely skippable.

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