Lucha Underground S02E24: Ultima Lucha II Pt. 2

Lucha Underground S02E24: Ultima Lucha II Pt. 2

By Big Red Machine
From July 13, 2016

Lucha Underground S02E24: Ultima Lucha II Pt. 2

Ultima Lucha DOS - Pt. 2

ELIMINATION MATCH FOR THE VACANT LUCHA UNDERGROUND GIFT OF THE GODS TITLE: Night Claw vs. Daga vs. Sinestro de la Muerte vs. Mariposa vs. Sexy Star vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Killshot- 7/10
Marty rubbed Killshot’s dogtags on his junk, so Killshot started the match by going after Marty. Sexy Star and Mariposa went after each other right away, too. Sexy Star got the best of that, but then she got kicked in the head by Daga, which greatly pleased the watching Kobra Moon. The four people who already had issues with each other all fought on the outside while Daga, Sinestro de la Muerte, and Night Claw fought on the inside.
For a long time, the match seemed to about showing everyone how totally awesome this new Night Claw guy was… and he was totally awesome. He got the first two eliminations, but then was eliminated by Killshot and my interest in this match stated to wane. It then waned even more when Killshot was eliminated and it became clear that the match was all about having Jane Cena overcome the odds. Yeah there’s some bookending here, but did we really need this? Why not try to elevate someone else, like any of the newer, less established guys? Daga and especially Sinestro del la Muerte need wins to not look like jokes, Night Claw winning this match with a bunch of eliminations would have established him as a top guy, and Mariposa needed this even more than anyone else. She’s supposed to be the most fearsome warrior of the Moth Tribe, but pretty much since her second or third match she’s been nothing but Sexy Star’s personal jobber. I really hope she loses the title to someone else because if I have to sit through another round of Matt Striker talking her nebulous backstory and yet never giving any details, I’m going to throw something. Yeah, the match was pretty great (mostly due to Night Claw and Killshot), but from an editorial standpoint, I didn’t like it.

MR. CISQO IS HESITANT ABOUT WEARING A WIRE- Joey Ryan is the bad cop, Ricky Reyes is the good cop. Finally, something I’m interested in.

DEATH MATCH: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)- 8/10
That is some escalating violence right there. The one thing I didn’t like was the uniformed paramedics at the end. This is The Temple! Having people in official uniforms just doesn’t feel right.


MR. CISQO TALKS TO DARIO- Dario figures out he’s wearing a wire and BEATS HIM TO DEATH WITH THE RED BULL STATUETTE! Then he picks up the red phone on his desk (and we can clearly see the blood on his hands) and tells the person on the other end “it’s time.”


Now THIS was Ultima f*cking Lucha!

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