Lucha Underground S02E21: Six To Survive

Lucha Underground S02E21: Six To Survive

By Big Red Machine
From June 15, 2016

Lucha Underground S02E21: Six To Survive

Six To Survive

SIX TO SURVIVE MATCH FOR A SHOT AT THE LUCHA UNDERGROUND TITLE AT ULTIMA LUCHA II: Johnny Mundo vs. Taya vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Ivelisse vs. King Cuerno vs. Fenix- 8.5/10

Johnny and Taya worked as a team. As everyone predicted, Mil Muertes returned to take out King Cuerno (who was then eliminated by Johnny Mundo), and they got that out of the way early. After that we had Taya eliminate Ivelisse, which really shocked me. I assumed they were doing Mundo/Jack/P.J. vs. Son of Havoc/Ivelisse/Angelico at Ultima Lucha II so I expected Ivelisse to eliminate Taya, then for Johnny to go after her for this but quickly get caught in a small package, then for them both to assault her so someone else could eliminate her.

Pentagon Jr. (I think) eliminated Taya, then we got a long final three before both Pentagon Jr. & Fenix eliminated Mundo. Then we got a final two that went on for WAY too long. There was a good seven or eight minutes where it felt like it was just “hit a crazy move, then we’ll both sell for two minutes.” Pentagon Jr. eventually won.

I also really disliked that spot they did with Fenix and Ivelisse where she was hitting him but he was being chivalrous and not hitting her. For her part, there is no honor in attacking someone who you know won’t fight back. For his part, we’ve been told throughout this series that fighting the women as if they are men is what you are supposed to do and it’s a sign of respect… so what he is doing is, in essence, disrespecting her. It made me dislike both of them.

PENTAGON JR. PROMO- he threatened to break all of the bones of both Cueto’s and somehow came off as mostly a babyface. I think Pentagon Jr. in Lucha Underground might well be the closest thing pro wrestling has had to Steve Austin in a long time (well… the closest thing they had intentionally, anyway. I’d say Kevin Steen in ROH during his feud with Cornette was there, but he was supposed to be a heel).

A pretty great show from LU.

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