Lucha Underground S02E18: Enter the Mundo

Lucha Underground S02E18: Enter the Mundo

By Big Red Machine
From May 25, 2016

Lucha Underground S02E18: Enter the Mundo

Enter the Mundo

VAMPIRO & PENTAGON JR. IN VAMPIRO’S LAIR- Pentagon Jr. says he is ready. Vamp disagree. They have a brief confrontation after which Vamp agrees to let Pentagon Jr. return to The Temple but warns him that he is not yet ready to face Matanza.

JOEY RYAN vs. MASCARITA SAGRADA (w/Famous B & Brenda)- decent comedy match.
Good stuff on the outside by both Famous B and Brenda.

Everyone in LU gets their own video package of them getting into fights with random dudes in lucha masks in wacky places. The action in this one wasn’t as good as most of the others. It felt like it was all in slow motion. They might have been hampered by her wearing a dress (and presumably heels), but if that is the case, they should have found something more mobile for her to wear or choreographed the fight in such a way as to minimize this issue. The words in the background were good, though.

On the wall he has Captain Solo frozen in carbonite!
Oh. Wait. That’ just Mil Muertes. He appears to be in some sort of hibernation. Is that what happens when Mil loses a Grave Consequences match?
King Cuerno got a good promo on him.

LUCHA UNDERGROUND GIFT OF THE GODS TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero Jr.(c) vs. Cage- 6.75/10
Very entertaining, although Chavo’s decision to start doing Eddie spots in the middle of a match where he was supposed to be a heel was quite baffling. Striker was pretty bad here, miscalling moves and doing everything he could to beat it into our heads that last week’s angle totally made sense (which it did… but they explained it to us why last week right after it happened and refreshed it for us during tonight’s opening. We don’t need Striker explaining it three times in four minutes).
Cage wins the title, as expected. Then he cut a promo saying he wants his title shot next week.

HEELS BACKSTAGE- Apparently Johnny Mundo beat the sh*t out of Fenix so he will take Fenix’s place teaming with Jack Evans & P.J. Black. I shall dub them the Best Heels Ever. Then they played air guitar while we got the sound effects of real guitar music. That was horrible.

JOEY RYAN IS RIFFLING THROUGH DARIO’S STUFF- He is looking for the evidence that Captain Vasquez wants. Ricky Reyes/Cortez Castro points out that what he is doing is illegal. Joey says he doesn’t care, and Ricky eventually agrees that this is the best chance they’ll have to look for something incriminating because, as Joey had put it “Dario and his hot ninja both aren’t here.”
Joey finds stacks and stacks of hundreds in Dario’s desk drawer. Ricky points out that this doesn’t actually prove anything. Joey starts to steal the money. Then Mr. Cisqo walks in on them. He is unhappy that they didn’t include him what he thinks in a plan to rob Dario, so he decides that he is going to tell Dario what they are doing.
He bolts but Ricky manages to tackle him and they arrest him. I was greatly surprised that Mr. Cisqo didn’t wind up with his brains splattered all over the hallway.

LUCHA UNDERGROND TRIOS TITLE MATCH: Dragon Azteca Jr., Rey Mysterio Jr., & Prince Puma vs. Jack Evans, P.J. Black, & Johnny Mundo (w/Taya)- 7.25/10
Melissa Santos lost her accent in the middle of Rey’s name.
Why are these guys getting a title shot?
Mega-faces vs. Mega-heels. That’s what this match was. And it was GREAT!

A very good show from Lucha Underground. I wonder where Dario and Black Lotus were…

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