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From February 12, 2016

PWG Bowie

Dalton Castle vs Chuck Taylor - 6.5/10

That pop for Dalton Castle! Chuck Taylor is working heel tonight, understandable since he's fighting one of the most over guys in the indies. The match wasn't exactly a technical masterpiece, but it was great, because regardless of Castle's antics, he is incredibly agile and strong. I hope Castle returns often and we get to see him mix it up with more serious competitors that can bring out a better match without hurting the comedy.

Chris Hero vs Trent? - 7.5/10

This was a really hard match to rate, 90% of it was a squash match, but then at one point Trent made a comeback and the match got awesome, you could totally believe that Trent could win it

This was the first time in a long time that I heard a entrance theme in a PWG show.

Jack Evans vs Sami Callihan - 7/10

Jack Evans promo! He doesn't believe in God anymore. Kisses, Beer shug match, vomit, Necro Butcher sitdown spot, drunken Kung Fu, One Inch Punch, a Phoenix Splash from the second rope, and Jack almost killing himself. I'm not going to describe this match, you need to watch it to appreciate it.

Adam Cole vs Andrew Everett - 7/10

Let's see if Everett can follow Jack Evans. Match was good, but nothing amazing, I'm just not that big of a fan of Andrew Everett to care about his matches, not even one with Adam Cole, who was great in this match. A crazy looking shooting star press to the outside and some decent near falls towards the end.

Trevor Lee vs Zack Sabre, Jr - 8.5/10

Awesome match with a great story. Sabre is completely dominating Lee in the mat, which forces Lee to transition into a brawling mode in order to gain some advantage, this obviously causes Zack to change his game, after this the match got really hard hitting

"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Evil Uno - 9/10

Interesting that as soon as Evil Uno was allowed back in the United States, Mike Bailey is now banned from the country. Evil Uno looks so considerably different from the last time Player Uno was in PWG. This was fucking great! Because of their gimmicks and how they act, this feels like Mike Bailey has reached the final boss of his video game. This match you got to go out of your way to watch, it was awesome!

PWG World Title Match
Roderick Strong (C) vs Drew Galloway - 9/10

Once again, Roddy throws Knox out of the match and brings in Justin. Drew Galloway is towering over Roddy, he looks awesome. Excalibur explains that Roddy has been refusing to fight Zack Sabre, and so the board of directors gives him matches 'he can't refuse' instead, thus Roddy defending against all these heavy hitters in every show. Now about the match, we got ourselves a brawl! These guys are beating the shit out of each other both out and in the ring. In my review for Lemmy I said that as good as Hero is, Roddy was just wrestling all over him, I can say that again in this match, Galloway is awesome, but seeing Roddy running all over the place and handling him is even better.

Post-match - Cole once again comes out and they double team Galloway, until Zack Sabre makes the save, and then Cole makes another save. Roddy says that All Star Weekend Night 1, the match is on!


Awesome show capped off with two fantastic matches, after Lemmy I felt that these shows were going to be more filler-ish, after watching them, I couldn't have asked for better build up to Sabre vs Strong. I'd say the last three matches are worth checking out, but definitely the show itself was great.

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