IWC Proving Grounds 5

IWC Proving Grounds 5IWC Proving Grounds 5

From February 26, 2016

Keith Haught vs Chris LeRusso w/BJ Steele - 3/10

Not sure what to say about Keith, his nickname is 'Bearcat' and he only has a hoodie with cat ears, and he dances. LeRusso was even able to pick him up for the slam, so he doesn't even have his weight to get him over. LeRusso at one point grabs the mic and calls out IWC because Keith was the best they could get him, which unfortunately led to Keith making a comeback and not a replacement. Match was bad and all because of Keith, he's bad, like Cameron levels of bad.

Post Match - LeRusso puts Palace's shirt on Keith and kicks his ass. Remy Lavey came out to help.

Noctus vs Toryn Flight vs Super Hentai - 4/10

Toryn Flight must have one of the worst wrestling t-shirts I've ever seen; on the other hand, Noctus has one of the worst masks I've ever seen. The match is super sloopy, primarily between Noctus and Toryn, Hentai missed half of the match on the outside. Noticed that the handheld camera wouldn't move from one corner, even when the ref was blocking. It got on my nerves.

IWC Tag Team Title Match
The Fraternity (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) (c) vs. The Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Sagaris) - 6/10

Decker, because his team is The Fraternity, comes out with a shot glass necklace. He cut a promo before the match saying that they're gonna make, he for some reason name drops PWG, he must have dreams of wrestling there, and the calls out a fan and the announcers come up with the cheese line that 'he bought his ticket' UGH. The BCS tried to use the F'n Machine's spot where they switch the stalling suplex, except they dropped the guy. This was also the second match so far with a Bionic Elbow, just because you're fat doesn't mean you need to have it in your arsenal. Match itself wasn't bad, typical good vs bad match with babyface in peril and hot tag spots.

I also noticed that the tag titles are black plates on black leather, so you really can't see anything.

Jack Sheridan vs Dennis Gregory - 4/10

This Sheridan guy is supposed to be a former college football player, but he comes out dressed as Jim Cornette with a golf club, was this supposed to be a cosplay show? it just looked like a terrible gimmick for someone that could have a good gimmick. Match was ok, nothing special, almost an extended squash.

Planet Bulk (Andrew Palace, Bulk Nasty, Remy Lavey & Santana Diamonds) vs. The Sexy Talented Dudes (Brian McDowell, Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic) & Wardlow - 4/10

So just because, this is a 5-on-4 match. At the start of the match, Wardlow (accidentally) snapped the top rope, announcers tried to sell it as his strength, so sure, why not. So I guess we should cut them some slack since they were missing the top rope, but the things I didn't like were not because of a missing rope. The match started really slow, then they all started doing moves on each other, then they started doing finishers on each other and eventually one of them lost. Was Planet Bulk named like that just because of one guy? sucks for the rest, right?

Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) vs. The Gambino Brothers (Marshall Gambino & Mickey Gambino) - 5/10

This was pretty much a comedy match that dragged on way too much , there was a point where they could have ended the match but it kept going and going and joking and joking. Some of the jokes were really out of character for the Gambinos, it was kinda annoying. It's funny how in 2016, wrestling gay jokes are still a thing. They made us sit through a 15 minute match just to end in a DQ when the Founding Fathers interrupted. UGH. 3rd Dusty Rhodes Elbow in this match, it's not even that cool of a move!

Post-match - They kept brawling, they went for a really bad table spot where one dude would drop because he got kissed by another dude. Table didn't break, so let's go for an extra splash. Table still didn't break. Why are people still using unbreakable tables in 2016?

Dylan Bostic (w/Ray Lyn) vs. Shane InYaFace - 6.5/10

Dylan cut a bad promo before the match. From all the debuts tonight, Shane is the first that I see that has the most charisma and wrestler look, I could see some future for him, he's like the baby brother of ROH's Ray Rowe. Shane had a clear win over Dylan, but Lyn interrupted the ref, and they did this twice, one for a near fall and one for the win. Shane was definitely protected in his loss, but I think that from all the new talent, he should have won, even if it meant Bostic taking a loss.

Post-Match - Britt Baker came out, and for the millionth time, she called out Lyn for a match. Lyn's promo was somewhat better. She has someone to fight her instead, this leads to...

Morgan Rockafeller vs Britt Baker - 4/10

Match was basic, it kinda killed the fans.

Shane InYaFace challenged Dylan to another match.

IWC World Heavyweight Title Match
Jimmy Nutts (c) vs. Darin Dinero - 6.5/10

babyface vs babyface match, crowd gave me the feeling that they wanted Dinero to win. Dinero started working the mid-section of Nutts's body, but then completely stopped doing it, so i'm not sure it was on purpose. Finish came in a moment were I felt the momentum was coming down.


The idea of the theme is that a bunch of new guys come in to prove they deserve to be in the roster, problem is that if you fill out most of your card with new guys, some of them are going to be really green guys, and thus some of your matches will suffer, like a lot. I believe the next show is the anniversary show, so it makes it a bad idea to debut all these people when you're heading to a big show, this should have set up more than the title shots.

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