NXT TakeOver: Dallas

NXT TakeOver: Dallas

From April 01, 2016

NXT TakeOver: Dallas

NXT Tag Team Titles Match
The Revival (C) vs American Alpha - 8/10

Huge pop for American Alpha. Announcers said that Dash and Dawson grew up together and stuff, and no more than 5 minutes later said that they barely started tagging in July, so which one is it? The match was great, it started out like a squash and i got worried, but as soon as Revival got the upper hand the match got awesome, the babyface in peril segment was awesome. They did the reversing pins spot towards the end of the match and weirdly enough it worked as we got a whole lot of near falls. Finish was crazy. Good start to the show, Jordan is crying.

They showed Kota Ibushi on screen and Graves says "Ibushi is in Dallas!?" Yeah you moron, you're not the only wrestling show in town tonight. Fuck I hate WWE commentary.

Aries vs Corbin Build-Up Video - meh, it just reminded me that Corbin should be in the main event

Baron Corbin vs Austin Aries - 4.5/10

Corbin is dressed as Wez from Mad Max: The Road Warrior. Aries is back to vest and short tights. The match started good, a lot of potential, all over the place, then Corbin locked in a claw on Aries' shoulder and stayed there for what it felt 10 minutes, and then he just taunted him for another 5 minutes, and eventually Aries did make a comeback. I have said before that Corbin is best when he wrestles smaller guys, but also when he fights at a faster pace. The finish was terrible, just terrible, doesn't do anything for anyone. I'm also not a fan of Aries' wrestling style, it felt different and not in a good way.

Zayn vs Nakamura Build-Up Video - ok, they showed Nakamura footage, and it sucks that they couldn't show something from NJPW were Nakamura was actually a God, it almost made him seem like just another indie guy, but I guess it's appropriate for NXT.

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura - 8/10

Weirdly enough, Sami Zayn's entrance attire looks more like the Vaudevillains, than English or Gotch themselves. Nakamura's new song is nowhere close as awesome as the NJPW one, they HAD to add that fucking Japanese flavor because WWE. Tom Phillips talked about Zayn's Helluva Kick and then asked 'what does Nakamura bring to the table?" Do you fucking homework you fucking geek! GOD! And apparently they renamed the Bom Ba Ye to some other crappy name. The match was good, but I expected so much more from these guys, a lot of it was just crappy hitting each other and not even at a NJPW level. Nakamura is still himself, which is good, but we'll see how long until he becomes just another guy in the roster. Also, what WWE calls 'Strong Style' is a joke.

Bayley vs Asuka Build-Up Video - They made Asuka seem dangerous, Bayley like a nerd. And i realized that Regal says the same thing for each of the new 'big' signees.

NXT Women's Title Match
Bayley (C) vs Asuka - 6.5/10

Asuka looks awesome tonight. This match is really exposing how huge is Asuka, she looks like a real fighter while Bayley seems like girl wrestler from WWE, because nothing against Bayley or her abilities, but Asuka is wrestling circles around her. Hated the finish, Tate vs Holms is still to fresh and I hate that WWE are so pussy about having their faces tap or get pinned. Oh, and no footage of Izzy crying, terrible production.

Balor vs Joe Build-Up Video - Aside from the song, awesome. They made Joe seem unstoppable, like Balor is actually in trouble.

Bobby Roode is in the NXT crowd, we all kinda expect it. Graves is really annoying every time he has to hype "the hottest free agent in the world"

NXT Title Match
Finn Balor (C) vs Samoa Joe - 8/10

Holy shit, Balor stole Ambrose's chainsaw, now what the hell is he gonna do against Lesnar, by the way, this seriously has to be to stupidest entrance I've ever seen. STUPIDEST. All that build up video did and the cartoon entrance just killed the seriousness of this feud. Dang, Joe is bleeding in the first minutes of the match and he is pouring, they also killed a security member in the crowd, he looked dead. Fans boo when the ref tries to clean Joe, then Joe pushes him away and the fans cheer, fans love blood, let it be. Joe is amazing. PG Sucks chants. Let them bleed chants. They should call an audible and make all these medic interference the story of the match and the reason why Joe loses. Also hated the finish, do we really need another Balor vs Joe match?

Finn Balor can play makeup as much as he likes, Samoa Joe is the real demon.


It was a great show for NXT wrestling wise, but the WWE hand kept creeping in and it was really annoying. In a show with guys like Nakamura, Balor, Aries, Asuka, and Zayn, Samoa Joe was really the MVP. Good to see that all matches were able to deliver considering the terrible build up ALL matches had for the last 4 months.

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