PWG All Star Weekend XI Night 1

PWG All Star Weekend XI Night 1

From December 11, 2015

PWG All Star Weekend XI Night 1

Chuck Taylor vs Mark Andrews - 6.5/10

Good comedy opener. Chuck dominated all the match with some big man offense over the smaller Andrews. Not even in the Best Friends days or the F.I.S.T. days can I remember Chuck Taylor being this dominant in a match. Andrews did have some flurries of offense, but nothing Chucky's revival.

Ricochet vs 'The Villian' Marty Scurll - 8/10

Marty Scurll hates xmas, maybe he just celebrates something else. Ricochet is wearing Prince Puma tights, Marty tried to unmask Puma, but the fans 'love kayfabe' . There was a lot of these guys trying to 1-up each other. Marty doing a lot of heel tactics and working the arm for the chicken wing, Ricochet was just Ricochet just going for as many kicks and splashes as possible. There was a great near tap with Marty catching Ricochet in the Chicken Wing after a leap.

American Wolves vs The Unbreakable F'n Machines - 7/10

2014 dream match! Richards vs Elgin! Ok, i'm actually excited. I don't want to say the Wolves are working heel, but they had to pull a bunch of tactics to overcome how overpowered they are in this match, which looks weird because Eddie is actually taller than everyone in the match, eventually The Wolves were able to even out with double team work.

Drew Gulak vs 'The Callihan Death Machine' Sami Callihan - 6/10

CALLIHAN!!! ...and we have a brawl, they're are throwing each other all over the Hall on top of people and what not. According to Excalibur, this is a rematch 7 yrs in the making. The match eventually made it back to the ring and Gulak was able to have more offense. It's been 2 and half years, but it really doesn't feel like Sami has been gone at all, it's like Crowe never happened, which is not far from the truth considering WWE never did anything with him.

Trevor Lee vs Will Ospreay - 8.5/10

Trevor Lee has turned heelish, more like a mean streak, Excalibur says that the fights with Super Dragon has brought out this in him, this brought back some memories of Steen vs Super Dragon, and if SD wasn't that broken, I'd love to see something similar with Lee. Lee dominated all the start of the match, but as soon as Ospreay released his arsenal, things got awesome.

There was a 'Fuck TNA' chant in thsi match and Victoria (Tara) got super excited chanting. She is a great fan, watch her front and right during this match, she can't stop marking out.

"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega - 8.5/10

Granted he is fighting a young wrestler, but Kenny looks and feels like a superstar in this match, This match became chaos so fast, they have left the ring and they're not brawling with weapons outside the ring. Omega, among shenanigans, worked Bailey's left leg. Speedball worked his usual kick arsenal. There was an actual chainsaw in the match. Excalibur made a cool point that Omega could be trying to take out Speedball in this match to help his Bullet Club friends The Bucks since tomorrow night, Bailey is in the Guerrilla Warfare vs Mt. Rushmore 2.0. Great finish.

The Young Bucks vs Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano - 5/10

"The NXT Cocky Pricks" is what Nick suggest we call these geeks. I really disliked this match, between the dumb WWE spot and all this butthole poking, the NXT side of the match sucked hard. Tommaso's butt comedy sucks, no wonder why WWE likes him, he was funny when he was hugging people, but not anymore. Bucks were awesome like always, Gargano was ok, but that was it.

PWG World Title Match
Roderick Strong (C) vs 'Reborn' Matt Sydal - 7.5/10

Great back and forward match, Roddy worked Sydal's back and torso, Sydal kept going for as many moves and pins as possible. There were some great nearfalls towards the end of the match, including one that was definitely a 3.

Post-Match - AWESOME! The Bucks come out and attack Sydal, which brings out Candice, Joey, and Speedball to help. Lights go out and we have Super Dragon!....wait, a much skinnier Super Dragon. Grabs the mic and says "SUCK MY DICK!!" IS ADAM COLE BAYBAY!!!

Mt Rushmore 2.5 Promo - Roddy is not happy with Cole joining Mt Rushmore, he doesn't trust Cole, and I can totally understand why he wouldn't.


Great show, good wrestling top to bottom, it's was an interesting change, the show felt like a combination of 2013 and 2015 since we have a bunch of returns, but at the same time we still had guys like Scurll or Ospreay bring in the new style. Ending of the show got me super excited for night 2.

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