WWE Night of Champions 2015

WWE Night of Champions 2015

By Big Red Machine
From September 20, 2015

WWE Night of Champions 2015
WWE Night of Champions 2015 (9/20/2015)- Houston, TX

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Ryback(c) vs. Kevin Owens- 4.75/10
Owens worked over Ryback’s shoulder, but it never affected Ryback at all. Owens win by eye-raking out of a Shell-Shock attempt and rolling him up, which sets them up with several possible stories for their rematch.

BROCK VS. TAKER ANNOUNCED FOR HELL IN A CELL- okay. With the way the finish was, it makes more sense to do this match sooner rather than later. Also, this opens things up for Sting vs. Taker in Mania.

AN INTERVIEWER INTERVIEWS RUSEV- the real point of this was for the interviewer to point out to us that Summer is wearing the earrings that Dolph gave her.

DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. RUSEV (w/Summer Rae)- 6.75/10
Dolph had Lana’s face on the crotch of his tights. The finish saw Summer get ejected from ringside, so she threw her shoe at the ref but the ref ducked and it hit Rusev instead, letting Dolph roll Rusev up. A good finish.

THE NEW DAY WASTE TIME WITH A STUPID PROMO- whoever thought of this whole “save the tables” thing should have been flogged for suggesting it.

WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The New Day(c) (w/Xavier Woods) vs. The Dudley Boys- 6.5/10
A good match that ended in a disappointing DQ caused by Xavier when the Dudleys were about to pin Kofi after a 3-D. It’s a fine finish, but that’s assuming they don’t do any DQs in other matches (looking at you, Rollins).

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- New Day try to put the Dudleys through a table but the Dudleys make a comeback and put Xavier through a table. This was a waste of an angle that would have been perfectly fine for an episode of Raw. Instead we’ll probably get the same sh*t we always get from every WWE feud every week on Raw and Smackdown eight shows in a row to “build up” to the rematch.

WWE DIVAS TITLE MATCH IN WHICH THE TITLE CAN CHANGE HANDS ON A COUNT-OUT OR DQ: Nikki Bella(c) (w/Brie Bella & Alicia Fox) vs. Charlotte (w/Becky Lynch, & Paige)- 6.75/10
The match was pretty great. Nikki worked the knee and Charlotte sold it well. I just wish that they had let Charlotte get more offense in so it didn’t feel like she spent the entirety of the match getting her ass kicked before winning. I think the Figure Eight was the very first move that she used that targeted Nikki’s legs.

KEVIN OWENS PROMO- I missed this because, ironically, I really did have to pee during the Divas match, so I headed to the bathroom as soon as I saw the Florida Georgia Line commercial and wound up missing this.

CHARLOTTE CELEBRATES WITH HER DAD AND HER FRIENDS- the stuff with just RIc and Charlotte was fantastic. The rest of it felt like an excuse to get Flair catchphrases on TV.

The match was what you would expect. I’m pleasantly surprised that they went with the correct finish here. Jericho walked off angrily afterwards, purposely bumping into Dean and Roman. Hopefully this will actually lead to something.

SEGMENT THAT TEASES SHEAMUS CASHING IN MONEY IN THE BANK- if you are actually going to do this, why would you spoil it like this? If you aren’t going to do it, why would you waste time on this when all it will do is disappoint people?

WWE UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Seth Rollins(c) vs. John Cena- 7.5/10
A great match, but it basically makes this whole “champion vs. champion” thing and Rollins’ US Title reign entirely pointless. Seth wanted to leave his match with Sting, but Cena stopped it by giving him an FU on the outside. This just makes things seem more unfair to Seth.

WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Seth Rollins(c) vs. Sting- 6.75/10
Well… now Sting looks like a chump for not being able to beat a guy who already wrestled a long, grueling match tonight. I thought the doctor spot was particularly bad because the fact that Rollins had been wrestling for thirty-five minutes but it was STING who needed medical help after only about ten.
One of the major problems with this match for me was that because of the whole two matches thing and the AA on the floor after the previous match, I really felt bad for Rollins as the completely fresh Sting just started to pummel him. At least in ROH Nigel warned Lethal that he might have to defend both titles in the same night and Lethal accepted that possibility, making the situation a result of his own hubris. In WWE, the babyfaces used some rules lawyering to force poor Seth to defend twice.

POST-MATCH STUFF- Sheamus tries to cash in but Kane makes his return to stop him. Then Kane chokeslams Seth. Then Sheamus tries to get Kane to give him another, so Kane chokeslams Sheamus. Then Kane gave Seth a Tombstone Piledriver. Well… that was all random and convoluted.

A bad show from WWE. It was a lot of decent matches, but only one that was great. Not acceptable for a PPV. The booking regarding Rollins was particularly bad, IMO. In its own way, it was just as bad as ROH’s terrible booking in their PPV two nights ago where they did the same double champion defending twice deal.

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