NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

From August 22, 2015

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn
This is a mixture of the Takeover special and following wednesday, I kinda mixed in things how they would have logically happen.

Enzo Amore, Colin Cassidy, and The Hype Bros vs Dash and Dawson, and Jason Jordan and Chad Gable - 4.5/10

That Enzo and Cass pop! The match was as expected, Enzo in peril, Cass hot tag, Hype Bros doing a bunch of moves really fast. I wish i would have seen more Jordan and Gable, but oh well...

Emma Promo - from last year.

Charlotte and Becky Backstage Segment - they've completely killed these girls for me outside the ring.

Becky Lynch promo - awesome, it reminded me of the good ol' times before Becky was all goofy and talking about dinosaurs and shit.

"Nature Girl" Eva Marie vs Carmella - 3/10

Eva Marie, i like the song, i like the entrance. Carmella, i hate the song and i hate the entrance. These girls are 100x better than the first time i saw them, having said that, they're still green as fuck, but can at least have a full match that looks credible enough. When Eva was learning the slice bread move, i don't think she considered that girls are not as strong to lift her as Kendrick is, it's gonna be Trish Stratus botched finishers all over again.

Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage segment - good for what it was, Emma still looks awkward when she talks.

Dana Brooke promo - Awesome! Can't wait for Dana to take the title from Bayley

'The Drifter' Elias Samsom vs Bull Dempsey - 4/10

Mariachi Hipster Jeff Jarrett takes on "definitely not in shape' Bull Dempsey. Dempsey is a waste of my time, I hate to say it, but I rather watch Rawley. Samson has potential if he changes his attire, it looks terrible.

Charlotte Promo - meh, it all sounds like more Divas Revolution crap

Charlotte vs Emma vs Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch - 6.5/10

That had to be a botched finish

Post-Match - Charlotte is such a sore loser that she attacked Emma and got a fake pin on her.

Tyler Breeze vs Jushin 'Thunder' Liger - 6/10

Fucking Sexy Buildings. Liger's graphics were pretty cool, liked the fire floor. Good match, but nothing to call home about. It's so weird to see Liger in a WWE ring that it feels like watching Hunico Sin Cara while Mistico was still with the company.

Tyler Breeze post-match promo - great. interesting what he has in plan.

Some old timers doing the Bullet Club 'Too Sweet'

Nia Jax vignette - ok, doubt she can disarm with a smile.

NXT Tag Team Title Match
BAMF (C) vs The Vaudevillians w/Blue Pants - 5/10

Gotch and English came out with attires that make no sense to their gimmick, there's no reason why a strongman would have a coat and top hat. So Blue Pants is the equalizer for the challengers, talk about disappointing. So the match was 90% babyface in peril spot and Alexa's interference wasn't as bad as to really need Blue Pants out there, but I like English and Gotch, so good for them.

BAMF Post-Match Interview - Awesome! and would be completely ok if Alexa retires today and only becomes a manager, she's great!

Neville and Balor arrive, NIGEL MCGUINNESS!!! oh wait, it's just Cesaro....

"The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger vs Apollo Crews - 5/10

Tye is way to good to be losing to a debuting Crews, but oh well...It was a good showing for Crews, but he won with a standing moonsault, talk about lacklusting.

Apollo Crews Post-Match Interview - Great, he sounded really humble and down to earth, the type of thing that NXT will appreciate.

Regal announces the 'Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic' tournament, he also announces the next Takeover date for October 7.

Corbin vs Joe build up promo - So, Corbin is the embodiment of the WWE mark, he who knows nothing about other promotions other than WWE. Now that is some heel heat.

Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin - 6.5/10

This was by far the best match that Corbin has had in WWE and maybe just maybe, the best Joe match too. A straight up ass beating these guys gave each other, hopefully this graduates Corbin out of the squash matches into more competitive matches, or at least let this feud continue. Corbin faded out at the end and it pisses me off that refs don't do the 3X arm lift.

Samoa Joe Post Match Interview - good, nothing special

Kanna, Flair, and Slaughter - so Kanna with two n's is here and she definitely doesn't seem happy to be on TV, and I'm hoping she wasn't Flair's date. Announcers act like they know who she is.

Stephanie McMahon segment - I hate to hate on Steph for being the face of the Divas Revolution, but she does sounds quite sincere.

Banks vs Bailey build up promo - pretty good, except for that kid.

NXT Women's Title Match
Sasha Banks (C) vs Bayley - 7.5/10

Good match. Sasha was perfect, Bayley was good. Sasha worked Bayley's hand, but not that it mattered much in affecting Bayley's offense. While it's supposed to be a huge moment and the build up was decent, i still don't think Bayley should get the title, but i'm biased, i don't like her.

Post-Match stuff - a nice send off and feel good moment. Ref probably felt really awkward being there and not getting hugs.

Bayley Post-Match Interview - I couldn't care less.

Balor vs Owens build up promo - Felt really outdated, Owens is not the destroyer they're selling me here.

NXT Title Ladder Match
Finn Balor (C) vs Kevin Owens - 8/10

"This is awesome" chants and the match hasn't even started. sigh. There are matches that are awesome before the start, this is not one of them. No matter what happens, i'll never like Demon Balor's predator hair and crawling. The match was really good, but i didn't like that it was mostly Owens taking bumps, and the angle on the final Coup de grĂ¢ce was bad, since you could see Balor was already clear to take the title.

Balor Post Match Interview - not that good.
Kevin Owens Post Match Interview - Great, but sad.


Good overall show, but definitely not the best Takeover. matchwise, this show was saved the main event and sasha vs bayley.

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