AAA Triplemania XXIII

AAA Triplemania XXIII

From August 09, 2015

AAA Triplemania XXIII

Relevos Atomicos
Goya Kong, Pimpinela Escarlata, Drago, and Dinastia vs Sexy Star, Daga, Mamba, and Mini Psycho Clown - 4.5/10

Holy shit Drago's attire tonight! Ever since she debuted, I thought Mamba was an actual woman. The match was what it was, the typical 4 on 4 where we get to see combinations of all, everyone gets to put on some of their spots and jumps. Drago, Dinastia, Sexy Star, and Daga were particularly good. Goya Kong is not bad, but can't really move that much compared to the speed that most guys have in the match.

Pepe "Tropicasas" Retirement - The legendary referee is 87 yrs old and barely retiring. He refereed the first AAA show.

Guerra de Dinastias
Los Villanos (III, IV, V) vs Psycho Circus (Psycho, Murder, and Monster Clown) - 4/10

Villano V does explain that the Mexican Lucha Commission allowed Villano III and V to wear their masks for this match, but must unmask after the match. Striker does explain the reason why there is so much heat between the Mendoza vs Alvarado families, going back to The Villanos unmasking Los Brazos, who are the family of Psycho Clown. This match is bad booking in the sense that you're doing a retirement match for III, but you put them against one of the most over teams in Mexico. That would be ok on a tecnico vs tecnico match, but then these guys started ripping each other's mask and going full blood feud. The wrestling itself wasn't bad when you consider all Villanos are at least 50 yrs old. I definitely do not agree with the finish, Villanos don't need a win.

Post-Match - now everyone is cool with each other for the Pepe Casas/Villano III ceremony, so why the fuck the whole blood feud!? That match would had worked out perfectly as a technical match between two families with a history. Overall, it's a terrible idea to do both III and Tropicasas retirements here, one cannot take the deserved ovation that he deserves because of the other.

Triple Threat Trios Cage Match For the Trios Titles
Los Hell Brothers (Averno, Cibernetico, and Chessman) (C) vs Los Gueros del Aire (Angelico and Jack Evans) and Fenix vs La Sociedad (Pentagon Jr, El Hijo del Fantasma, and Texano Jr.) - 4.5/10

Ok, so this is a match inside a cage, but the titles are hanged at a cross on top of the cage, luchadors can exit the cage, and the winning team is that which gets at least 1 title belt off. Think of it as a TNA Ultimate X match with a surrounding cage, this is such a unique match, that the announcers are barely deciding what to call this match. Angelico is wrestling with a go-pro on his chest, should be interesting to see the footage and Striker just referenced Julius Smokes. The match was a lot of brawling inside the ring and falls from top of the cage, for most of the match Hell Brothers and La Sociedad were working together, but Striker failed to mention it. The match was really short, and at the end, it felt like no one got a chance to shine because of that.

Blue Demon Jr. and La Parka vs Holocausto (Electroshock and El Mesias) - 6/10

Mesias came out wearing Dracula's battle armor. Standard tecnicos vs rudos match, not much about it other than showcasing Blue Demon Jr. and give him a win on a big show. Wrestling was good, old school moves, slow pace. Striker was kinda selling it like it was a retirement match.

AAA Hall of Fame Inductions for Hector Garza and Perro Aguayo Jr. - Heartfelt and awesome videos on them. Made me realize how awesome it would be for AAA to put out Bio DVDs on some guys. During this segment, Savinovich tried to translate everything, and it was terrible, if anyone ever wondered how he used to translate in WWE, just watch this segment, he was always as bad as that.

Hair vs Hair Match
Alberto El Patron w/Fenix vs Brian Cage w/HIjo del Fantasma - 7/10

Cage has a 'Vote Trump" t-shirt, heel heat over 9000! Alberto came out with Mariachi and traditional folk dancing, mariachi played the intro of the WWE theme. Best match of the night so far, Alberto was busted open quickly, and between Cage and Fantasma, they took out Fenix leaving Alberto pretty much on a 3-on-1 since the ref was El Hijo del Tirantes. Alberto has a great tecnico fending off the rudos and managing to overcome the odds and take the win.

Post-Match - After being shaved, Cage attacks Alberto, but he dodges, hits a powerbomb and then lays the Mexican flag over Cage's body. Cage had been doing this to Alberto during the build up with the US flag, so it was a bit of a big payoff for the tecnico.

Rey Mysterio Jr vs Myzteziz - 8/10

Myzteziz was lowered from the rafters. Rey rey came out with an awesome looking mask and steel wings. Myzteziz went rudo pretty much from the get go. The match was great, a match that you probably didn't thing Rey still had in him, it was like seeing Rey from 5-10 yrs back. I don't like that Myzteziz went rudo in the first match, I think this could had been a great tecnico vs tecnico match, full of athleticism, and you can work the turns and feuds later on, because i definitely wanna see these two go again and again. Myzteziz connected Rey with the 619 and Rey Mysterio made Myzteziz tap out to the Mistica, again a bit to soon for that type of thing.

Post-Match - La Sociedad attack Myzteziz and Rey makes the save, they both get beat up until they manage to fight them off. Rey takes the mic trying to talk sense into Myzteziz, but he spits water on Rey and officially turns rudo cutting a rudo promo challenging to a mask vs mask match (not likely happening). Konnan comes out and invites Myzteziz to La Sociedad. The feed was cut off at this point, but reports say he did put on a Perros del mal t-shirt. Not 100% sure on that.


The show itself wasn't bad per say, but the technical problems that the delivery had did hurt it a lot. The two main events were great and somewhat made the show worth watching, since the rest of the show was definitely skippable. It feels like AAA put so much work into the main events that the lower card was throwaway, or better said, they relied on the nostalgia factor to much for their lower card and relied too much on older guys. AAA wasted what could had been a huge show for the promotion.

A note about the Audio and Commentary: Yes, the english broadcast had A LOT of audio difficulties during the show, we pretty much lost Hugo for most of the show, we heard a lot of noise, and sometimes, Striker was really low; furthermore, I don't think Striker could realize that Hugo was off because he wasn't doing solo commentary, but leaving a lot of silent spaces. Having said that, the real problem was how terrible the commentary actually was. I'm not sure if Striker and Hugo didn't have monitors, because they were reacting really weirdly to what was happening in the ring. You could tell Striker did his research on the history and storylines, but he didn't really know the wrestlers themselves as much. Savinovich on the other hand, was having some really fake sounding reactions. I just don't think this was a good natural team.

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